My Week #33 – New Year’s & French Lunches

*Salt Beef Sandwich at Home Sweet Home *Quiet New Year at Claire and Steve’s

*Sunny! *Went to a mastermind with some lovely freelance ladies

So Happy New Year! It was a nice quiet one for us. We just went round to Claire and Steve’s, played games and ate lots of cheese. The week before was spent mentally preparing for the New Year and Topher and I went for a meal at Home Sweet Home for a treat. My salt beef sandwich was nice but there was a little too much mustard on it for my liking. I like to be able to taste the main ingredient in a sandwich and not just the sauce. Just me?

Since the 1st I’ve been trying to get my head around the new year. I thought I’d hit the ground running but I’ve kinda fallen flat on my face! I have managed to do a little bit of cleaning and get my bullet journal all set up but besides that I’ve been feeling a bit lazy. It’s not the end of the world and I think it’s a bit unrealistic to expect a switch to be flipped on January 1st.

But on the bright side I lost 2 and a half pounds at Slimming World which has eliminated the damage I did at Christmas. And I went to a mastermind with some of the freelance friday ladies where we ate delicious French food and set goals for each other for 2017. Mine is to pitch 10 potential clients before the end of the month. Daunting but I’m going to get it done. Feel the fear and do it anyway and all that jazz.

Topher and I went to the cinema to see Passengers which was really good but there are quite a lot of plot holes. We want to head back soon as we would like to see Why Him? and A Monster Calls. Apart from Beauty and the Beast, I’m not sure what else is out this year so I’ll have to take a look as we plan on continuing to fully use our Cineworld passes.

How was your New Year’s?

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