One Line A Day Journal – One Year On

In December 2014, I decided to treat myself and buy a one line a day journal. It’s pretty self explanatory: every day you write one sentence about the day. The book gives you room for 5 years which are displayed side by side. So you can see what you were doing every June 20th for 5 years. Pretty cool right?

My worry was that I would never be able to keep it up, but after doing a 365 project that year, I wanted a new more long term challenge. When I was a teen I used to keep a diary and so now I have a nice memento of when I was 13 to 16 years old. Though I now have this blog, I don’t put everything on here and my memory is pretty bad so I really wanted somewhere to document the little (and big) things going on in my life. I was 26 and a half when I began this journal and I will finish when I am 31 and a half. It’s quite an important part of my life where there is going to be a lot of change so I can’t wait to read this thing when it’s finished.
One Line a Day Journal

Now that I have completed one year, I can start the second year and already begin comparing what I was doing this time last year. For example, on the 7th January last year Topher and I were landing back in England on the way home from Florida and freezing our asses off at Kings Cross station waiting for our train which I booked a lot later than I should have done. Onwards and upwards.
One Line a Day Journal

Now that I’ve made it one year, I can’t stop now. This will give me the motivation to keep going and document every day. I keep it by my bedside so every evening before I turn out the light, I write in it. That has become part of my nightly routine so it always gets done. So here’s to another year of the one line a day journal.

Have you ever kept one of these journals?

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