Outfit post: You can’t wear skulls to work!

Oh but I do anyway. This is not one of my parent’s favourite shirts on me but I love it.


Shirt: Zara
Cardigan: New Look
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Tights: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Hairband: Primark
I like how I can mix and match different bits in my work wardrobe so I don’t get bored which I think can be quite easy when working in an office. I like to look smart, but I love fun outfits. This isn’t massively colourful but I think it’s a keeper. I got this leather midi skirt from Miss Selfridge in the sale – reduced from £50 to £22! It was out of my comfort zone but I thought it was a classic shape so definitely worth the money.
I was boring and just paired it with my black cardigan (why is it still cold?), black tights and my favourite black lace up heels. Yeah that is a lot of black, but the tan skirt helps me escape from the goth look.


Finally managed to get my hair cut last weekend. I just told them to keep chopping as you can see. Still feeling a bit doll-esque but I like having shorter hair again. My hair grows ridiculously fast anyway so it’ll be long again in no time. The only thing I miss about my long hair is my swishy ponytail. I think I’ll live.
Do you stick to the same/similar hairstyle or do you randomly chop off a load of your hair like I do?

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