Packing challenge

So this weekend I’m off to Manchester for the first time since moving down to London last year. I can’t wait! 

I decided that I want to travel light like I used to in the old days so I picked one of my old shoulder bags that has been long neglected. 

Challenge accepted. 

For 3 days, 4 outfits are needed as I’m going out on Saturday night. One outfit I will be wearing there, so no need to pack it. 

The easiest thing to do is to centre the majority of your outfits around one flexible item. I chose my pair of black jeggings. They go with everything!


Outfit 1 – Travel outfit
Forever 21 top, Dorothy Perkins jeggings & New Look leather jacket. Necklace made at Pinned it made it on Tues (will blog about that soon!)


Outfit 2
Asos dress over above jeggings. New look cardigan & belt. Handmade necklace from the workshop I did on Sunday.


Outfit 3
H&M blouse with Primark vest underneath, paired with jeggings and New Look belt from above. 


Outfit 4 – For Saturday night
Charlotte Russe dress, New Look leather jacket & belt from above and USC necklace. 

 My footwear options are definitely my River Island ankle boots for when it will probably rain. I’ll wear those travelling. My optimistic option for if it happens to be sunny are these sandals from Primark! These will fit in the bag easily.


As well as the outfits, you will also need the basics like socks, underwear, toiletries etc. Oh and a night out handbag. 


I use a posh airline toiletries bag my dad got me from one of his many trips (seriously he lives on a plane). This fits all the essentials for 2 days. 


My other bag holds my makeup.


All full!


Then I always have to have a separate handbag when travelling as who wants to be accidentally throwing their knickers out when reaching for their purse? Not me!


Remember this bag I got from the vintage kilo sale? It is ideal. It fits my purse, train tickets, glasses case, book and iPad. 
Now if only the next 24 hours will speed by. I’m coming Manchester!
What are your packing tips?

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