Call me grandma

But I find a lot of skirts too short. Now I’m not talking about skirts on other people, I’m talking about for me. Bold as it may be, it has to be stated: I have a bum. Not those flat bony things that I see on most waifs wearing micro minis that I would honestly class as a belt. I mean an actual bottom. I say it’s definitely my Middle Eastern side!
In a pair of jeans, it looks great (not being overly confident – just stating something I’ve been told by both men and women). But get me near a skirt and I have all sorts of problems. I tend to live in midi’s and maxi’s as anything just above the knee or higher tends to feel too short for me. 


Short skirt is short. 
I figured out the source of this problem a few years back. It’s got to be about the bum. It makes shorter skirts ride up. I think the science is; flat bum = mini skirts skim over it, as oppose to; round bum = extra length is needed to go over the curve and therefore mini skirts appear shorter. That make sense? 
Unconsciously, I am a modest dresser. Again, I’m putting the blame on my Arab side here. Wearing a short skirt, I always felt self conscious that I was going to flash people. But even now I’m older and more confident, I still cannot wear a shorter skirt without tights or leggings. I have come to accept that I’m just not that girl. But it does make me sad when I see amazing skirts online, only to find out when I see them in store that they’re way too short. 
For example, remember this Oasis collection I was raving about a while back? You can see that post here.  I had decided to get the skirt when the collection hit the stores but when I was shopping last week I found it was too short (and a tad bit see through if I remember correctly). It would only take a gentle breeze for this baby to fly up and give me a chance to work on my Marilyn impression. 


But isn’t it pretty? I think I’ll just have to buy the scarves book that is also in store instead and drool over the prints.  
Do you wear short skirts or do you have the same problem I do? 
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Top picks: week 10

In honour of the heatwave that has hit the UK for the week, I decided to concentrate on sandals for my top picks this week. I actually decided to do sandals for this week just under a week ago not knowing a thing about the coming weather. Psychic no?


So after the demise of my tan sandals last year, I need a new pair to live in this summer. I already have a black pair that survived, but I need something lighter that will go with more. As much as I loved my tan sandals last year, I must try and avoid full on gladiators as when I went on holiday to Portugal I came back with “tiger feet”. Pretty funny, but not so much two years in a row!
Yes I know the Aldo ones won’t go with everything but aren’t they pretty? I just adore the contrasting colours. I’ve been seeing them everywhere the last 6 months and the only two things that were stopping me were the price (though they are on sale now!) and the fact that the style may be too simple for my size 7 man feet. Ah well, I’ll just look and sigh.
I had to pick the Miss Selfridge ones even though they’re technically more of a pump then a sandal – I just love the detail. They look so classic and the colour would go with all my summer dresses. I literally live in sundresses all summer.
The winner for me is definitely the ASOS leather sandals. They just tick all the boxes. The colour, the style and the fact that they look just like a flat version of a pair of wedges I have. My feet are kinda wide though and since it’s ASOS I would have to take a gamble and hope they fit properly. I guess I could always return them, right?
What is your “go to” sandal style?
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My week: 20

Overall an average week but I did get a nice weekend and a nice evening out with friends.


Image copy-2


*Had a curry at Spicy Hut in Rusholme. The chicken was delicious! (hee hee)
*Axl curling up. Look he’s smiling!
*Blue Lagoon and Purple Rain pitchers. Love!
*My bf’s garden seems to have suddenly grown. I do like dandelions though.
*Boo to you! Yes I know it’s no where near Halloween.
*Decor at the pub. Wallpaper on the ceiling, why not?
On Thursday we went for drinks and a curry in Rusholme. Be warned, if you ever go to Spicy Hut – they like their pranks! I may have squealed when our “free bread” turned out to be a rubber chicken. In my defence, Claire lifted the lid slow so the rubber leg just shot out. I enjoyed the meal and it was great to see people again. Since most of my friends are still students I feel like I miss out on seeing them since I work. But I need to make more of an effort, and it will start when I move in just over a month!
Yesterday I spent a lovely day with the bf shopping for presents for my 12 cousins as I’m travelling to see my family in July. I can’t wait. Even though he grumbled, I think the bf did pretty well on a busy Saturday in Manchester city centre.
Today I started tidying my room and attempting to downsize my stuff. Think I’m going to have to do a massive car boot. And I’m clearing out my wardrobe. There’s actually a few nice things in there that either don’t fit or I don’t wear so I don’t know whether to try and sell them here on my blog or just ebay them. Would you be interested? They’re about a size 14 or 12.
I’m also trying to get organised for the week ahead with this blog and my shops so I can have a bit more downtime. That and I’ve started reading Game of Thrones! Can’t believe how late it is already, I’d better get to bed since I’ve got to be up at 6am. Don’t you just love Mondays, ha ha.
How was your week? 
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Dreams etc.

If you can’t do this at work, then compromise for now and put this into practise in your life outside of work.

Right, I’m going to get a bit serious on you. No no, don’t run away. I’m also going to distract you with pretty pictures (I love Pinterest).

So, I find it hard to understand why so many people these days are telling me that it’s ok to be in a career that you hate. Thanks to the economy at the moment, I see people giving up on their dreams in order to survive. Which in these times is quite necessary, but I remain optimistic for the long run. It’s just convincing other people that they don’t have to give up and remain in a job they hate forever. 
Now I’m not saying that you should go and quit your day job in order to find your perfect one because that’s just unrealistic. And you really need to eat. I’m talking about having the faith in yourself to work towards your dream career whatever it may be. 
As a university graduate, it is realistic to go and get any job to start off in the working world and get some money in the kitty. This is coming from a girl who after completing her masters, spent a year picking up shoes off the floor in a very busy shoe department. Don’t be a snob. Don’t be afraid to get on your hands and knees to tidy up other peoples messes (but do be afraid of picking up shoes that are still warm from being tried on *shudders*). But the way to keep yourself going is to know that it will get better one day as long as you work hard.


Remember when the shops were full of glittery shoes? This is what my hands looked like during that time. 
Once you have your “any job”, then you have the security to begin building up your experience and searching for something that makes you happy. I see too many people sticking where they are just because they don’t believe in themselves or think that it’s normal to not enjoy your job. That’s why when I was looking for another job, I refused to look in the same sector. Why replace one horrible job for another? I stuck it out at my current one even though I wasn’t happy until something better came along, which it eventually did. 
After a few months of getting on the first step of my chosen career, I quickly realised I was completely wrong. It isn’t for me at all. But I’m sticking it out. Yes, this isn’t what I want to do long term, but I had to make this mistake in order to realise it was a mistake. I’m learning a lot about a different side of the industry which will give me a stronger understanding and will eventually lead me to something that will make me happy. It gave me the courage to start this blog in order to give myself a creative outlet so I’m very thankful for my current job. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


Pretty much sums up how I feel at work at the moment!
Don’t even worry if you don’t know what you want to do, just do what I’m doing: eliminating what I definitely don’t want to do first! All I know is that I want to do something creative, we’ll see what it will be exactly. Just have faith in yourself and be as patient as a saint (or a retail employee). 
Of course, even your dream job will have it’s downsides – but as long it’s something that when looking at the big picture makes you happy then that’s all that counts. No job or career is perfect, you just need to make sure that the positives outweigh the negatives.   
Now that I’ve come full circle, I will end by saying be realistic and get a bill paying job. But don’t forget about your dreams. 


I think this sums it up perfectly.
Rambling over from me and over to you. Tell me, are you happy with your career direction at the moment? Any thoughts on my ramblings?
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Top picks: week 9

This week I’m looking at blazers. Though I do already have one, it’s black velvet so it’s more of a winter jacket. It would be great to have a summer one to just throw on over a dress – especially in the unpredictable weather we’ve been having lately. 


Another layout courtesy of my iPad (I think I’m in love!). 
I love lace but though it’s been in the shops on and off for the last couple of years, I don’t have any item of clothing with it. This cream lace blazer looks ideal to smarten up a dress or even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I’m also smitten with this speech bubble jacket – so kitsch! I wish it came in another colour though – I’m not too much of a pastel pink girl. Mint would be great. 
I may have to actually purchase this leather jacket from Miss Selfridge though. I have never owned a proper leather jacket as I didn’t have the confidence to pull one off. And this one is a very reasonable price. It would definitely toughen up my cutesy floral dresses that’s for sure. I did just get paid so will have to see if I can find it in my size…
Do you have a summer jacket?
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