My week: 26

Hi there. Would have posted my week in photos yesterday but I had the most ginormous headache that no amount of pill taking would go away. So instead of doing anything productive, I camped out on the sofa and watched Disney films like the child I am.
Apart from that, my week was mainly full of chilling out, good food and painting.
sexy bear. 
Apologies for the above. The bf’s contribution since he stopped me from typing by tucking his head under my arm….he doesn’t appear to be moving so it looks like I’m going to have to do the rest of this post one handed. And to think I thought I was free to type since we don’t live with any cats now. Anyway, on with my photos from the week:
food and painting
*Starbucks run at work. Lovely.
*Claire made rhubarb crumble from the garden. Yum!
*Ginger and chilli chocolate I got from a market in Chorlton.
*My 25 before 25.
*Claire also made cinnamon “bis-cakes”. Not quite biscuits and not quite cakes, but quite delicious!
*Mexican chilli and chocolate sauce. Asda own brand (oh yes). An interesting taste. Not quite chilli and not quite chocolate. Not sure if I liked it.
* Painting finally. I was in the mood to paint hot air balloons. Probably goes with my current mood at the moment of wanting to travel.
*More hot air balloons in my sketchbook.
I am really getting itchy feet – I want to travel again. I totally blame my family. My parents can’t seem to stay in one place and I get the same feeling from time to time – it’s in my blood. I literally cannot keep track of my parents – I need their calendar synched to mine on my iphone. 
At the moment I simultaneously want to go to Disney World, drive across the USA and for October to hurry up so I can go to India (my holiday that’s actually going to happen!). It’s probably because of the crappy weather here. How British is that for an excuse? I just want to go on an adventure.
Do you ever feel like you just want to get away from it all? Are you going anywhere interesting this “summer”?
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All the ice cream…

…in the world. A print I finished recently.


I sketched it on paper, perfected it on my iPad, then tiled it on photoshop. 
I love it. I can look at it and pretend it’s summer.
Are you pretending it’s still summer or are you planning your A/W wardrobe? 
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25 before 25

That’s right, a month late but I finally finished my 25 before 25 list. I’ve been wanting to make one for ages after seeing them on other people’s blogs. Plus, I can’t resist a good old list. 


Not the best photo – but I decided to map out my goals in my sketchbook. These officially began on the day after my birthday (27th June) so I’ve already started.
1. Visit India – going in October
2. Make a gingerbread house
3. Get to 150 online sales on Random Quirks
4. Be in a happier job
5. Go to The Alchemist bar – in Manchester
6. Get clearer skin
7. Loose weight – be healthier
8. Read 50 books – on my 7th book
9. Paint 25 paintings
10. Dye my hair a random colour
11. Get 100% on both my lego Harry Potter games (geek!)
12. Make sushi
13. Swim regularly – got my membership and have been a couple of times
14. Visit the Manchester Museum
15. Make a rug
16. Go indoor sky diving
17. Watch all 8 Harry Potter films in one weekend
18. Make a scrapbook with all the bits and pieces of memories I’ve been collecting over the years
19. Make a fort in the living room and watch films inside all day
20. Make a 3 course meal all by myself
21. One day, take a photo every hour
22. Take both my businesses to new heights
23. Go to a football game
24. Fill my sketchbook
25. Make a recipe book and cook the recipes inside. 
They range from easy to hard things to achieve and I can’t wait to conquer them all. I’ll set up a page on here tracking my progress just in case you’re interested. 


Bring it on!
Have you ever made one of these birthday goal lists? Link me to yours if you have one! 
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Top picks: Week 16

Pretty dresses I’ve seen this week. Ah the pretties:

top picksA

I love the drum print on this Topshop dress. It’s so summery and I love the shape. And speaking of shapes, the other Topshop dress has a lovely one. It’s not a pattern I would normally pick but it looks so chic and I can’t resist a dress with pockets.
I’m still coveting a black lace dress having finally bought a cream one last month. Black lace is definitely a night fabric and I NEED one. The little lace skirt on the ASOS one is a style I haven’t seen before while the River Island number is more of a classic cut and looks like you could wear it as a day dress as well. Decisions decisions.
Still on the subject of lace dresses, but back to cream – I know I already have one similar, but I actually need this River Island cream lace dress. The length, the detail, the shape. I just want it. It’s another chic number to put in my imaginary grown up wardrobe next to the Topshop dress. Sigh.
What dresses are you currently coveting?

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Mischief Managed

A fair bit overdue but I can finally find the time to show you a few photos from my birthday day out to Harry Potter studios. Only a couple of small spoilers here so if you want to see the entire thing then take a look at the flickr album here.


Me and the bf with our house badges


Bf eating action shot


Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans…Roulette. Always a good way to keep yourself amused on the train.


How tiny are the trio’s hands? Mine were the same as Rupert Grints. The other two were way smaller!


Jumping FAIL!



Flagging down the Knight Bus with lipstick (well whats a girl to do when she hasn’t got her wand on her?)




Have you been to or planning on visiting the studios?
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