My week 17

More rain yes, but on the bright side – it’s almost May! I spent my weekend enjoying driving my car around, eating and failing at thrifting.

Image-1Image copy-1

*A morning of madness where it was actually sunny and warm outside. Took this on my way to the post office to post my first order ever to Japan!
*Vintage Bally boot on my shoe calendar
*Ate at Giraffe for the first time on Saturday at the Trafford Centre with the bf. We were loving our starter of baba ganoush (nom!), hummus and pitta. 
*My beloved iPad next to my beloved Alexa. I’m feeling rather spoiled this year. It’s great to be able to properly catch up with my blog reading on my lunch break. 
*Macarons! Another first this week. I had never actually tried them before so I thought why not and got them from The English Rose bakery in Selfridges. One word: Delicious!
*My quesadillas at Giraffe
*Went for a sunday lunch at Wetherspoons. 
*The bf’s burger at Giraffe.
I had quite a busy weekend. Went to Ashton on Saturday to look in the charity shops (found nothing but did buy some buttons I’m going to make into earrings) and met up with the bf and his family. The trip to the Trafford centre was spur of the moment on the way home when we were both hungry. I’m glad we stopped.
Sunday, even though it was raining – I dragged the bf to a car boot (indoor) and it was a bit of a bust but I did find a couple of things. We then had sunday lunch with front row window seats to a car getting a ticket for being parked on the double yellows.
Gonna relax with a hot drink now and catch up on my internet rounds (yes this is what I call answering emails, blogging, reading, listing stock etc).
How was your week? Wet?
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Outfit post: You can’t wear skulls to work!

Oh but I do anyway. This is not one of my parent’s favourite shirts on me but I love it.


Shirt: Zara
Cardigan: New Look
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Tights: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Hairband: Primark
I like how I can mix and match different bits in my work wardrobe so I don’t get bored which I think can be quite easy when working in an office. I like to look smart, but I love fun outfits. This isn’t massively colourful but I think it’s a keeper. I got this leather midi skirt from Miss Selfridge in the sale – reduced from £50 to £22! It was out of my comfort zone but I thought it was a classic shape so definitely worth the money.
I was boring and just paired it with my black cardigan (why is it still cold?), black tights and my favourite black lace up heels. Yeah that is a lot of black, but the tan skirt helps me escape from the goth look.


Finally managed to get my hair cut last weekend. I just told them to keep chopping as you can see. Still feeling a bit doll-esque but I like having shorter hair again. My hair grows ridiculously fast anyway so it’ll be long again in no time. The only thing I miss about my long hair is my swishy ponytail. I think I’ll live.
Do you stick to the same/similar hairstyle or do you randomly chop off a load of your hair like I do?
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Top 10: Week 7

It’s that time again. In honour of my iPad which I got on Saturday, I decided to do my top 10 on iPad covers. I like unique things, so I headed to Etsy to see what I could find:


So many pretties. One of them even has the same style as the Apple cover where you can stand your iPad up. My geek side is loving the space invader one but it’s also saying is that laser cut design practical (like there’s loads of holes in the case)?
Paris and Chevron are both from the same shop and I like how they have a little pocket for your iPhone or papers etc. Overall, I think I would prefer to have a cover in the stand style as not only can it turn into a stand, but you can still use the iPad while it is covered and protected. The sleeve styles, though are all very pretty (squeeing over the owl one), are not very practical for my needs. I’m on the go a lot so I need something that is physically attached to my iPad so I can’t loose it!
So, if you are reading this any of the above shops: Please make all these pretty fabric sleeves into stand styles!
Which one is your favourite?

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My week 16

This week appeared to drag a bit didn’t it? Just me? I blame the rain. 

Image copy

*My awesome cloud nails.
*Axl doing the creep. If you don’t know what the creep is then educate yourself. Nicki Minaj makes a cameo in it! 
*1960s shoe on my shoe calendar. Is it a heel or is it a wedge?
*The view on my train journey to Sheffield to see my family.
I had a lovely weekend. I saw my parents, brother and grandma on Saturday which was great as I hadn’t seen my mum for a month and a half and my dad for about 3 months. Went to meadow hall but didn’t really buy anything. But, I did get my early birthday presents. I got my dad’s professional camera that he doesn’t use and an iPad 1 (I love my family’s hand me downs)! My brother also gave me his old bamboo tablet that he doesn’t use so I can get my drawings onto my laptop. Don’t even care that I won’t have anything to open on my birthday which isn’t until June. So excited. I is spoiled.
Today, I planned on hitting 5 car boots to get some vintage stock for my shop. I ended up going to 6 and only 3 of them were open because of all the rain. It’s really hard to find a decent car boot in Manchester. Is it just me? I prefer the ones in the countryside like the one near my family home. I’ve only been there once but I got some amazing things. Particularly the brooches. A cameo, hot air balloon, bicycle and some army style wings. All of those sold straight away and I haven’t been able to find a car boot that great since. Still, I got a few bits today. Take a look:

Image copy 2


Sorry for the bad photos – I just got some quick snaps before I went to the bf’s house. Not a bad haul anyway I think.
How has your week been?
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Don’t Play It Safe

One of my new mottos. You can apply this to any aspect of your life. I am personally talking about my career. I have basically found out that I was downplaying my talents. Instead of going after something I was passionate about and pretty good at, I settled for something else. And now I know that I wasn’t giving myself enough credit. So, don’t play it safe.


Underestimating yourself wastes time that could be spent working towards something you love. But sometimes, you have to do the “wrong” thing to realise that it’s the wrong thing for you. You learn with every step you take and you get closer to finding out what you want.


I personally haven’t got a clue what my next step will be. But I know what I don’t want to do and that’s a start. I want to do something more creative. So that’s what this blog is for. It’s my way of expressing my creativity and a place to be myself. 

Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 20.46.24

I’m not going to play it safe anymore. I’m hoping that by taking a leap and being myself, I’ll find out what I’m here to do. 
Ask yourself.


Do you play it safe?
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