Oasis Spring Summer 2012

I bought Company High-Street Edit for the first time this weekend and was engrossed with all the gorgeous clothes for the season. 


The one that stood out to me was Oasis. I love walking into an Oasis store but the clothes tend to be a bit out of my price range. Still, I can drool over their S/S 2012 collection.


This dress is adorable! Makes me think of picnics, holidays and sunshine. Shame I couldn’t trust me and my clumsy ways wearing this much white.


Love these outfits – so 50s-esque!


Oasis is the temple of prints. Even though I can’t wear some of the colours, they are so pretty I would frame them and put them on my wall. 

Screen Shot 2012-03-21 at 21.42.12

I love this blouse and pray to Oasis that they have a dress version. It would be an amazing statement piece. Still, the blouse and skirt (below) are beautiful. If I had to pick one to invest in, it would be the skirt just because I could see it fitting into my wardrobe better. Will be keeping an eye out for that on the website.


Company High Street Edit also had a feature about how Oasis get their design ideas. In a nutshell, they look to the streets and markets around the world for vintage print inspiration. That sounds like my ideal job! I do that kind of thing for my small vintage business, but it would be amazing to create something original out of it.


It’s a nice change from all the pastels I’m seeing, which I like but aren’t very wearable for me. I feel like I could actually wear a good chunk of this collection. Love it! 
Which Spring/Summer collection is your favourite this year?
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My week 11

I’m back, it’s been a fun weekend. Did something a little different for Claire’s birthday. Me, her and the bf took a road trip to Barnsley (exotic yeah?) for something called Scary Tales in a town nearby. It was like a haunted house type thing where you walk through different themed rooms with actors there to scare you. I have to say I was really impressed with it, and it was a right laugh (and scream!). It was nice to do something different for the weekend. Anyway, here is what I got up to in photos:

myweek copy 2

*Went to town on Saturday with the bf to get costumes for sports relief and may have bought a star trek mug. I’m such a nerd but I love it!*
*Closeup of a jumper I wore to work*
*Went to a cafe in the Northern Quarter and had BBQ chicken pancakes and a ginger and lemon ice tea. Yum!*
*Paid my first visit to Hey Little Cupcake in Manchester to pick up Claire a cupcake for her birthday. And me and the bf might have got one each as well!*
*I hand made a card for Claire with a little doodle of a cupcake with legs – the idea just popped into my head.*
*The outside of the theatre that Scary Tales was in. Didn’t get any pictures inside for obvious reasons – was too busy screaming and being followed by a possessed gingerbread man among other things!*
*Another Flux card game – this time the Monty Python version. We played this in the hotel room accompanied by alcohol and a chinese takeaway – We are a classy bunch.*
It was all about the weekend this week. And I have officially set up a webpage for me and the bf’s sports relief run. We are going as Gromit (as in Wallace and Gromit) and Garfield. He’s Gromit and I’m Garfield. I saw a Sylvester costume but no Tweety which was a shame as the bf actually said he would have been Tweety. Anyway, check out our page here. How do you like our team photo?


In other news, I’m going to the Manchester Fashion Networks Fiona McIntosh (the founding editor of Grazia Magazine) talk tomorrow. I’m quite excited as I’m really interested in what she has to say, but I’m also quite nervous as I’m going by myself. The fun of not knowing any fashion people, but I’m really proud of myself for having the courage to go alone as there is no way that I would have been able to a year or two ago.  Woop!
How was your week?


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The adventures of Charles the unimpressed robot

Just a quick one today. A couple of my doodles recently.


Charles made a friend.


Lot’s of friends!
Drawing is very therapeutic for me at the moment, especially with work being hectic. I missed drawing, I used to always be doodling while I was at school (usually during lessons!).
What is your therapy? 
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Purse a little bit emptier but look!

I didn’t go overboard at the shops this weekend like I thought I would. I was rather sensible and got a shirt and dress for work and a shirt for both work and when I’m free. I even got 20% off the shirt and dress from Dorothy Perkins. Coupons are my friend. I got it from Vouchercodes.co.uk right here. Anyway, enough of my rambling, you’d rather take a look at the clothes in person wouldn’t you? I won’t judge.



Again, my apologies for the dark and yellowy photos. I can’t wait for the summer so I can have more room and more light.


I love this blouse! As I said here, I was afraid this would make me look like I was wearing a tent but it didn’t.! Yay! It skims my curves without hiding them so it was a definite must. 


For those with very good memories, this dress may look familiar. I first showed it a fair while ago here, where they had a long sleeve version. I loved it, but it just did not fit right. My arms are not fat, but they’re not skinny either, so the sleeves were way too tight. So thank you Dorothy Perkins for making a short sleeved version!
And I showed this shirt in my last post (I just had to wear it straight away) but here it is in more detail. 




Yes it is a bit of a tent, but it’s meant to be a tent and so I belted it. Plus, I love the print and how good does it look with my velvet blazer? The lace tie at the collar is the perfect finishing touch. It’s still a bit chilly to wear by itself so I just layered it over a long sleeve top. Can’t wait for summer :).
Have you bought anything nice recently?
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My week 10

A much better week I’m glad to say.


*Went to Sheffield on Saturday to see my mum and do some shopping at Meadowhall. May have bought a couple of things including a certain blouse I blogged about the other day. 
*We went to Rice for lunch which was really fun. I’ve never been before and my mums always up for trying new food so we went. 
*I had the mongolian lamb with ginger, rice and veggies. Was very tasty!
*Axl stretching out across my bed. He’s a grumpy man but can be very cuddly at times.
*My mum got to meet my baby (my Alexa).
*My outfit I wore (new shirt bought yesterday) to the cinema today to see Safe House. I rather liked it. Was a man film with shooting but also actually had a plot. 
*Rose giving me the “Who you taking photos, just pet me woman!” look.
I also booked my plans for next weekend for Claire’s birthday. Looking forward to it – a mini road trip, a travelodge and paying to get scared in the woods (yes seriously!).
How was your week?
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