Outfit Post: Back in the day

An outfit reminiscent of my old school uniform – the colours at least. Dug out this old button down Dorothy Perkins skirt I got in the sale for £7 forever ago. Still fits (yes!) unlike my old uniform.



White short sleeved shirt – Primark (it’s rare that I rave about the fit of something from Primark but omg I love how this shirt fits – so much that I have bought a few of them)
Jumper – Espirit 
Belt – New Look
Skirt – Dorothy Perkins
Tights – Primark I think? Who cares, I ripped a hole in them so they had to put them in the bin anyway
Shoes….er they were New Look when I was wearing them. Really need to start remembering to take photos before I take off my shoes!
Nails – Models Own – Jade Stone
The maroonyness that is my tights – imagine that colour on a skirt! Maybe one day if I am pestered enough I will dig out a photo of my old school uniform because it truly was a crime to fashion. Boxy red and grey striped blazer…nope no more, the pain is still too fresh!
I now have a side fringe as I am a) too skint and b) too lazy to go get it cut. Soon my poor hair, soon. Think I’ll be chopping the rest of my hair a fair bit shorter too. I prefer it shorter, it bugs me less. 
What was your old school uniform like? Bearable or horrific?
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Top Ten: Week 5

I love doing these! It gives me an excuse to window shop online.


I adore this ice cream print blouse from Topshop. So summery! I’ll just ignore the rain outside, shall I? The zig zag dress had me on the fence a bit because of the shape, but I just love the pattern. Maybe it’s one that would look better on? The bow pumps are on sale from £45. May have to sneak the black and white pair in my basket if they’re still there come payday.
A couple of years ago I had a Dear Sukie wallet and unfortunately lost it (along with everything inside!). It was beautiful and so different to anything on the high street. This one is just as pretty so maybe one day I’ll have another one. 
Have you seen anything nice in the shops recently? Are you already shopping for summer clothes and ignoring the rain like I am?
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My week 14

Really need to get myself out of this twice a week post phase. I feel like all I’m doing is one post, then talking about my week. This needs to change. Today was a great start as I committed myself to spending the day working on my two online shops Random Quirks and Toast Rack (shameless plug! :P). Didn’t get everything done that I wanted, but I did power through a lot of my to do list. I’m feeling inspired. 
Following on from my inspiration post last week, I am up and running with Pinterest and have finally given myself an easy weekly schedule to follow so I can keep up to date with everything. More on that later this week – we’ll see if it works first! 
Anyway, on with the photos of the week:





*My dinner one night this week. Beef tomato pasta with sugar snap peas, baby corn and feta cheese. Nom!
*My lovely tights that are now RIP. I am such a klutz! 
*At work on Good Friday. Not many offices were open, but we were on of them. Got some sugared quail eggs (cool points if you know what I’m on about) and had a laugh at the shoe of the day. It’s a cat! Looked more like a dog to me at first, but I can see it now.
*Went to the Vintage Village in Stockport yesterday to sell my stuff. It was a great day as I sold well and I had the bf and Claire with me 🙂 It was so nice to have company for once. I usually go to these things solo.
Hope everyone has had an amazing easter weekend! Did you get up to much?
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Why is it that inspiration strikes at the wrong time for me? When I didn’t work, inspiration struck whenever I laid my head down to sleep at night. Now, I get ideas at work where I can’t put them into action until I get home. And by the time I get home I’m too tired to do anything particularly useful. So, there’s the problem, now how do I fix it?


I think the trick is finding a way to inspire yourself when you’re feeling the opposite. Surround yourself with inspiration. Ask yourself what inspires you and put it all in once place, maybe a notebook, so you can flip through whenever you want to get something done. You could do it with anything that needs work to get done. 


For me, it’s a combination of my blog and my two online shops that I need to work on more. So I want to gather together things to inspire me. I’m a very visual person, so my inspiration notebook will be filled with photos of fashion, craft rooms etc, articles about successful businesses and inspiring quotes. 


More of a digital person? Do it online. Pinterest looks like a great way to gather inspiring things together in one place. I just got my invitation today after a few weeks of being on the waiting list so I can’t wait to get started. We’ll see how it goes.
What inspires you? How do you inspire yourself when you feel lazy?
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My week 13

Ok, serious lack of photos from during the week. I was not well at all on tuesday and had to stay home from work for the first time with this job. I never take sick days so this was for a good reason. So we will have to make do with what I’ve got.
The bf had the same virus so couldn’t come over to take care of me but my housemates’ cat Rose was my nurse instead. 


Her idea of taking care of me was to head-butt me in my face, walk over my stomach (ouch) and stick her nose, then her paw in my ear. 
She was also very sweet and curled up next to my head and a bit underneath. Kinda like a furry pillow. I am so getting my own cat one day 🙂
I had to take some photos of her, even though I look as awful as I felt, since she looked so cute. Covered it up ok with a filter though, ha ha.
On Sunday, I went to a car boot sale and got:


A teapot shaped like a carousel! – £1
2 Harry Potter board games in perfect condition – £2
A tea set where the tea cups have feet! So cute! – £1 for 4 teacups and saucers
2 films – 30p and 50p I think.
How was your week?


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