Old Film Fashions: Tea For Two

Finally, I finished and got this up. Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to take a different approach than last time. This time I made a collage of the main (and my favourite!) looks.
Tea for Two is set during 1929 during the wall street crash when Doris Day decides to say no to every question asked to her for 48 hours in order to win a bet with her uncle so she can financially back and star in a broadway show. Lots of dancing, pastels and no no no’s of course!


Apart from the bow (which is from Temporary Secretary – it’s sold out at the mo but it’s still available in red so you can look like Doris) you can find all these on the high street. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to know where it’s from. I would list them all here but it’s a big list and I’m tired, ha ha. 
I chose this film – apart from my love of Doris Day and the catchy title tune – for the pastels. And the beading (oh the beading!). Such cute pretty looks that fit in perfectly with the spring trends. I’m still a fan of pleated skirts (they twirl when you move!), maxi, midi whatever and love the pleated skirt and dress above. They are both from Oasis. 
Tea for Two is also full of peter pan collars. I don’t think they really suit me as they tend to be high necked which is hit and miss, but I love looking at them. I may have to take the easy way out and stick to the peter pan collar necklaces like this lovely one here from Accessorize.
If you haven’t seen a Doris Day film then find yourself one. I love them – she has this infectious smile and there’s always a catchy song that will get stuck in your head. I think out of the ones I’ve seen my favourite is Lucky Me. I haven’t seen it in a while but I remember really enjoying it. 
Do you have a favourite Doris Day film?
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The new love of my life

So I finally took the plunge and bought a Mulberry bag! For those of you who have been reading from pretty much the beginning you will remember me declaring my need for Mulberry. It arrived last Thursday and is so beautiful! I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned. It is the Oversized Alexa.

my mulberry

Of course I know what you’re thinking. How the hell did I afford something that’s my months salary? Well first, I may have used the majority of the money I’ve been saving for next year, hell – I can earn more. And second, I didn’t pay the RRP. Thank you eBay! Getting a second hand one for about half the price was the only way I could justify buying one and I was lucky enough to win a real one that had only been lightly used. I did my research and am very happy with the result.
I figured since after I move house next year, I’ll be needing every penny for bills and eventually buying a house of my own, so why not no when I have no financial commitments, cheap rent and can actually spare the cash?
My dad wasn’t very pleased at all with me, and I can definitely see his side. But I have dreamed of owning a Mulberry bag since I was 16 (so we’re talking a good 8 years) and plan on keeping it forever. And it will last forever as long as I take care of it. So definitely no cookies allowed in here!
What do you think? Am I a total nutter for using half my months salary on “a bit of leather to carry stuff around in”?
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My Week 8

A week of pancakes, sketching and a bit of dancing at the end.


*Watched Tea for Two for my upcoming old film style post. Not my favourite Doris Day film, but the style and the title song stuck in my head all week!
*Pancake day was great – I discovered have not lost my superior flipping skills
*Saw a car with the licence plate BFG, had to get a pic.
*Pretty display in a garden centre near my work. Easter is on the way 🙂
*Bit of crappy sketch work but I’m trying to get back into it. I really missed drawing.
*Discovered at work that I should not be allowed near a spreadsheet (lots of crossing out) – shame that is the main focus of my job…damn.
*Little outfit sneak peek. Wearing the necklace I showed here
*This is Charles, my new cartoon. More adventures with him to come up. 
*Discovered a new card game called Flux. This is the Pirate version. Lots of rules, but once you’ve got the hang of them it’s very fun.
*Went out last night and had an awesome time dancing away. Just a pic of us admiring the green light we were stood under.
Also in other news, I just found out that the lovely Sparkly Flamingo has awarded me with the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you so much – I’m very proud! 🙂
So apparently I’m supposed to tell you 7 facts about myself? Here it goes then:
1. I have lived in over 20 houses in my almost 24 years. I think to say that I moved around a lot is an understatement. 
2. My idea of a good night is hanging out with friends playing board games. Yes, I’m that girl. 
3. I’m a huge (and I mean huge) Harry Potter fan and have been since I was 11. Yes, I’m also that girl. 
4. I’m very close to my parents and Skype them pretty much every day I’m home since they live abroad. 
5. Any excuse to wear fancy dress, I will take it.
6. I don’t like airplane food, but rather enjoy opening up all the little boxes and packets.
7. Due to my moving around, I picked up an American accent for a few years. Didn’t even live in America and I’m originally from Yorkshire. *Shakes head*. 
Thank you again Sparkly Flamingo!
So, not sure how many people I’m supposed to award but here are the blogs I think deserve the title:
Sorry for such a long post! 
How was your week?
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Top 10: Week 4

What I’ve been coveting this week.


Let me know what you think of the slight difference in the picture from my usual top 10s – just trying to broaden my horizons in the world of Photoshop. 
A couple of wishful thinking items on there this week. Like I don’t even own an iPad (but it matches my blog!), and it’s still a bit too cold to be wearing some of those but oh well. I’m not usually a fan of jelly shoes but this pair from accessorise look both comfy and cute! Please release these in some other colours Accessorize – the pale pink is way too girly for me. A turquoise would be amazing. 
The necklace and shirt are for my rock chick side – I’ve got a clothing split personality don’t you know! The pale blue bag is mainly for you girlies out there who are craving the pastels. I don’t think I can wear pastels – they don’t really suit me so I just stick to bright turquoise and berry colours for spring. 
What have you been drooling over this week?
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The D word.

Diet. Before working in an office, I was sheltered by having mainly male friends and fellow geeky girl friends. I had no idea how much dieting affects real women. I didn’t realise that women go on about them as much as I had heard about and read in magazines. Kinda naive I know and also I’m not saying all women are like this 😛


Source: Google
Cliché pic no?
Working in a small office, it’s hard not to overhear conversations and I was surprised to hear conversations mainly about diets. What they’ve been eating, what they’ve given up and how many pounds they’ve lost this week. 
The crazy thing is, none of the people I hear talking about dieting are particularly overweight, a couple are even pretty thin. So why is it all they go on about? Why can’t they just eat right, do a bit of exercise and not watch every single thing that goes in their mouths? Easier said than done I suppose. 
Obviously I can see why people diet and fair enough – but there must be something more interesting to talk about. I’m not talking about extreme dieting like anorexia because that’s a condition – I’m talking about everyday people who just talk about diets like they do celebrities. It’s just a topic of conversation. 
I’m not saying I mind, just that it’s unusual to me. Go for it – diet, just don’t judge me and what I eat. When going to get some water today, a woman asked if I was trying to be healthy. I said no, I just like water. Food is very important to me. I need to eat quite regular small snacks otherwise my stomach rumbles and that’s just embarrassing. I feel like I’m being watched whenever I eat which I don’t like. 
I’m not skinny, I’m not fat. I don’t watch everything I eat. I eat what I like and that is a mix of healthy with some unhealthy things thrown in for fun (of course). I don’t own a set of scales and I’m a lot happier now being a size 14 then when I was younger and a size 10. Could I stand to loose a few pounds? Of course I could, but I’ll do it over time at my own pace. I love food way too much to give things up completely.
Don’t judge me.


Stop laughing. 
I didn’t finish it, but I gave it a damn good try!
By the way, this is a completely biased view of dieting – just my honest thoughts on it. If you have an opinion, please share – I’m really interested to find out more 🙂 
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