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Disney’s Boardwalk

Though I’ve been coming to Disney for years, I have never been to Disney’s Boardwalk. It’s a resort area right next to Epcot and has some awesome architecture in the New England, turn of the century style. The promenade is home to shops and restaurants and also a dance hall and piano bar.
Disney's Boardwalk - lake
Disney's Boardwalk - bakery

Since Topher wanted to watch a NFL game, I decided to take him to the ESPN bar on the Boardwalk which gave me a great excuse to walk around afterwards.

Disney's Boardwalk - swan & dolphin
Disney's Boardwalk - Joe's
Disney's Boardwalk - christmas tree
Disney's Boardwalk - Crest o the wave

I loved the pastel colours and the kitsch signage, as well as the Christmas tree which was still up.
Disney's Boardwalk - Atlantic dance hall
Disney's Boardwalk - epcot view
If you’re staying at the Boardwalk Inn, it’s ideal as it’s such a short walk to Epcot. You can walk right up to the gates and you come out between France and the United Kingdom.
Disney's Boardwalk - seagull
Disney's Boardwalk - Topher & Diane
Disney's Boardwalk - beach
It’s a nice walk which I definitely recommend if you’re in the area. 
Disney's Boardwalk - bench
Disney's Boardwalk - Diane outfit
Necklace & Sandals: New Look, Vest: random shop in Falmouth, Shorts: Vintage
Disney's Boardwalk - Topher outfit
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Osborne Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you ever happen to be in Disney World around Christmas time, then I highly recommend paying a visit to Hollywood Studios Osbourne Lights. One street in the park is absolutely covered in lights that are turned on in the evening and are a spectacular sight to see. 

Osborne Lights - banner
Osborne Lights - peace
There are over 5 million lights that dance to your favourite Christmas songs, including “What’s This?” from The Nightmare before Christmas to mine and Topher’s delight. Even though we visited on New Years Eve, it still put me in the Christmas spirit.
Osborne Lights - crowd
Osborne Lights - angels

Osborne Lights - honey I shrunk the kids

It costs nothing as long as you already have your Hollywood Studios park ticket so it’s definitely worth the visit if you were going anyway. Apparently there are people who make a tradition of it every year to go. I’m assuming this is mainly Americans, particularly the ones with annual passes. This was my first trip to Disney at Christmas since I was in nappies so I was pretty excited!
Osborne Lights - building & angels
Osborne Lights - santa
Osborne Lights - topher
Osborne Lights - floating tree
Osborne Lights - christmas tree
Osborne Lights - christmas tree and crowd
They’re usually available to see from November right through to the beginning of January. But plan accordingly, it gets pretty crowded!

Have you ever visited the Osborne Lights?

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