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These days, I listen to a lot of podcasts. They’re ideal for when your hands are busy but your brain is not. Cleaning particularly. Here’s what I’ve been listening to recently:

Go Bayside


After seeing this discovery by Caramel Latte Kiss’s blog – I had to take a listen for myself. If you watched Saved by the Bell as a kid, you will love it. April Richardson along with a different guest each week watch an episode of Saved by the Bell then discuss it in meticulous detail. It’s hilarious – and Zach is a sociopath.

DIS unplugged

The times that I am not in Disney World, I wish I was there. Obsessed? Yes, I will whole-heartedly admit it. This podcast gives me my weekly dose of the parks. I’m finding it useful for tips that I can use when Topher, the crew and I go in October (can’t wait!). There’s also a spin off for Universal. *Geek*Raise your hand. Say yes.


I only discovered this podcast last week thanks to The Laughing Medusa’s blog post but I’m already in love with it. For those who love to be creative and aspire to make it their full time job, this podcast is inspirational.


This appears to be a new podcast though the concept itself is not. There’s a whole website dedicated to their books, stage performances and tv spot interviews. Basically people get up on stage and read out things they wrote as teenagers. Things like diary entries, love letters etc. It’s pretty hilarious. I was hooked from the first episode. Good for a laugh.No such thing as a fish


If you like random facts then there’s no program better than QI. This podcast is done by the “elves” behind the program and is ideal for learning something new. I used to listen to this on the train when I was commuting.

The High Tea Cast


For women who don’t give a… After attending a talk by the lovely ladies of this podcast last year at Blognix, I have looked forward to every episode. If you’re looking for a podcast that makes you feel like you’re listening to a couple of friends chat about life then subscribe now. It’s full of current events, interviews and lots of giggles.

What are your favourite podcasts?


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