Southbank Christmas market & Winter Wonderland

This has been a rather christmassy week for me as I have now been to both a Christmas market and Winter Wonderland. 
First, the Christmas market was the Southbank one which I visited with the girls from work one night this week. Mulled wine, food and a carousel ride was on the agenda and I had a great time. I definitely recommend visiting during the week in the evening if you can as it is so much quieter. 




As for Winter Wonferland, if you like to queue for things, then this is the place to be! I had a good time when I visited with the bf, my cousin and brother yesterday but my oh my was it busy. 




Me and my cousin went on one of the roller coasters. We’re the two on the right (haha).


Then the four of us went on the haunted house ride. Halloween Horror Nights at universal studios has definitely made me a lot more tolerant towards scary things so this was a breeze!
Afterwards, it was mulled wine time and then we escaped the crowds and went to an arabic restaurant with my parents. Yum! 
In other news, I’ve almost done my xmas shopping I think yay!
Have you visited any Christmas markets yet?

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