2017 in Review: Adventures and all of the Weddings

So what can I say about 2017? For me personally it was a year of highs and lows. The lows were really low but the highs were the best days ever so I feel grateful for this year. Topher and I did a whole bunch of decorating in the house, went to a huge amount of weddings, got hitched ourselves and went on the most amazing honeymoon ever. I did also struggle a lot with my mental health in the second half of this year but I got through it and that’s all that matters. So without further delay, here is my 2017 in review.

2017 in Review

You can see my previous years in review here: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, & 2016.


2017 in review - JAN

I started the year strong, launching Begin.Create, setting up a new bullet journal and making a start on our wedding DIYs. This was also the month that I attended my first WeBlogNorth event. I’m so thankful for finding this community this year as it’s been a great year meeting new people and attending great events and workshops. I also did my first recipe post in awhile and it went down well – I love this chicken biryani and still make it now.


2017 in review - FEB

So many restaurant visits in February! Topher and I had a date night for Valentines day where we had dinner and went to the cinema at the Printworks. We saw La La Land and didn’t like it (sorry, not sorry). I wrote a wedding post on how to stay zen during the planning (this came in handy in the lead up to the big day). And finally, we put up floating shelves in our bedroom. 10 months on and we are looking forward to taking them down! They don’t work with our walls at all and have been threatening to fall down ever since (one of the ones on Topher’s side went pretty much immediately). I think we’ll replace them with something that involves brackets in the new year.


2017 in review - MAR

This was an awesome month as two of our best friends got married! Claire and Steve had a hand fasting in front of family and friends after doing a quickie legal registry office wedding the day before. Topher was a witness and I was the ride/camerawoman. I also went to Nottingham to visit my brother for a weekend which was nice – it’s been years since I’ve been to the city. There was more experimenting in the kitchen – I made yoghurt bark! And I also attended another WeBlogNorth workshop where we worked on our photography skills. So many photos of this cake on my phone. There may have also been another home decor project that I started.


2017 in review - APR

April started off with another wedding – family friends were getting their vows renewed. Topher’s mum turned 50 so we got her a massive rainbow cake. I discovered that calligraphy is hard at the Viking Arty Party. As well as redecorating my office, Topher and I also spotted a great deal on wood flooring so decided to move up our living room plans and get it done. It was also an excellent excuse to finally get rid of the wallpaper I hated in there. Topher also wrote about wedding planning from the grooms point of view.


2017 in review - MAY

So many wedding crafts this month! Wedding planning was going full steam ahead; I had a hair and makeup trial, had my first  dress fitting, wrote a post about the good and bad things about wedding planning and we worked on the seating plan together (Pickles and Luna tried to “help”). We visited Lucardo which is an escape room in Manchester and is awesome. Looking forward to going back even more now that they have a Harry Potter inspired one. I also did some more experimenting in the kitchen and we visited a few restaurants – nom.


2017 in review - JUN

Such a busy month! We had two weddings to attend, I attended the IWOOT Fathers Day event, Topher had his stag do, I went to London for Blogtacular which included spending a day in our capital by myself, Emma and I went to the Ideal Home Show and Food and Drink festival, I turned 29, we got a new sofa, and Emma voted for the first time. All this and I was still doing a tonne of wedding DIYS. This is the point where I burned out so decided to take a blogging break until after the wedding.


2017 in review - JUL

Another busy one but as I said before, I was on a blogging break so didn’t write about this at the time. I had my hen party which included Crystal Maze, Afternoon tea and all the cocktails at a sleepover at my house. Then Topher and I had to fly to Jordan for my cousin’s wedding the week before ours. Then we got married! I wrote about the day itself, the DIYs and details and shared our wedding video. Afterwards we had a mini moon at the Mere hotel in Cheshire. The rest of the month was spent recovering!


2017 in review - AUG

A quiet month indeed but it was definitely needed. I blogged mainly about the wedding but in real life I chilled with my new husband while we got excited for our upcoming honeymoon the next month. I dyed my hair black and we attended our final wedding of the year.


2017 in review - SEPT - Honeymoon

Honeymoon time! We visited New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and it was the best holiday ever. I wrote about New York and what we ate there, San Francisco and what we ate there, The Color Factory, our road trip and the Madonna Inn, Los Angeles and what we ate, Universal Studios and Disneyland.

2017 in review - SEPT

Also in September we celebrated a friend’s 30th, saw Fluffy/Gabriel Iglesias at Manchester Apollo and I attended the In Colourful Company Manchester Colour Walk as well as the Reeves Show Your Colours Event.


2017 in review - OCT

At this point, my scheduling was all out of whack so though I posted about things in November, they actually happened in October, so bear with me! In October I had some great blogger opportunities including World Pasta Day with Vapiano, Thai Taste Tour at Tampopo and Sky High Tea with Roberts Bakery. The latter was my favourite as how many people can say they’ve had afternoon tea 100ft in the air hanging from a crane?


2017 in review - NOV

In November I visited home and went to an Instagram workshop held by Katya. Both were fun and were the highlights of my month. Otherwise, this was where my mental health took a nosedive and I spent a lot of the time not leaving the house if I could help it. The clocks changing definitely didn’t help!


2017 in review - DEC

Christmas time! I’m happy to say that even though my mental health wasn’t much better, I definitely got myself out of the house this month. I did some work at the Christmas markets for an illustrator and I went to a lot of Christmas events. Once again I find myself having so many more Christmas do’s now that I’m freelance. I did some festive crafts and hope to do loads more next year when I’m feeling better.

Topher and I had a nice meal at his mums on the 23rd before grabbing the cats and spending Christmas at my parents. It was so nice to see everyone. When we got home, it was Emma’s birthday so we went ice skating (I didn’t fall!) followed by dinner at Dimitri’s. As for New Years Eve, we’ll be spending it with friends at a flat party (anyone else not like going out out?).

So that was my 2017. How was yours?



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New Bullet Journal Set Up – 2017

It’s new bullet journal set up time! I’m excited and don’t care how sad it is. See my previous bullet journal posts here and here.

I know this isn’t a traditional bullet journal but it’s my way and I like it. I bought this Paperchase notebook back in August and have been itching to use it. I added a ribbon I got randomly at the restaurant Cabana for a bookmark. It’s nice to finally have a use for it as I was just about to get rid of it.

So here’s what I’ve done. Firstly and most importantly, is 2017 at a glance. I kinda messed up the formatting in my old bullet journal so the last couple of months of the year had no room for notes. Silly girl. So this one was definitely thought out beforehand.

New bullet journal set up 2

Next is goals for 2017. I wanted this page to be both pretty and functional. Unlike my old goal list, this one has a lot more room to tick off the smaller milestones on the way to my actual goals which I think will be a great motivator.

New bullet journal set up 3

After seeing birthday trackers on Pinterest boards I wanted one for my own journal. I’m loving the colour theme going on this page – so tropical!

New bullet journal set up 4

This bill tracker is a similar layout to one I saw on Pinterest. I thought it would be an improvement on my old one which had no place to actually track when they had been paid. Very silly.

New bullet journal set up 5

Honeymoon savings!

New bullet journal set up 6

This is pretty much taken straight from my old journal minus the things I’ve already done.

New bullet journal set up 7

I saw this again on Pinterest and I really liked it as a way of keeping track of things I don’t do as often like changing toothbrushes, washing the car etc. Hopefully it will help me keep on top of things better.

New bullet journal set up 8

A weight tracker of course. I totally messed up my old one as the measurements were completely out of whack but this one is perfect!

New bullet journal set up 9

January goals!

New bullet journal set up 10

Level 10 life. I found one of my old compass’s at my parent’s house so now I can finally draw perfect circles. It’s really the little things.

New bullet journal set up 11

And finally, here’s my January habit tracker. As much as I enjoyed colouring in my old one, this will be a lot less time consuming!

New bullet journal set up 12

So that’s my 2017 bullet journal. Have you got one?


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2017 Goals

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a good one. Ours was the perfect night in with friends. So it’s back to business as usual here. I’ve done a couple of updates around the blog including my profile photo and my logo. Notice anything different? I figured since I’m not really seeking a home anymore that it was appropriate to cross out the “Seeks”. Now it’s all about making the best life for myself and the people around me in our new home. 2017 goals time.

So since it’s January, it’s time for some goals for 2017 to be shared! So here they are. I’ve split them into categories this year.



Target Weight

This is it. It’s happening. I’ve got a deadline of May 2017 to finish getting to my target. I’m 1 stone, 6 and a half pounds away.

So far since I joined Slimming World in October 2013, I’ve lost 2 stone and 1 pound overall and I’m not stopping. The reason for the specification of May is that this is when I’ll be having my first wedding dress fitting.

I don’t want to be fretting about fitting into a dress before our wedding so I figure that target is a good place to be so I can just focus on staying there until July.

Of course when we go on our honeymoon in September all hell is going to break loose when it comes to food but I’m happy to put on weight during that time and just sort it out when we get back. You’ve got to enjoy yourself.

So in order to get to my target I need to lose at least 1 pound a week, which is super doable and I’m going to do that by going to Slimming World every week no matter what. I also want to keep trying new recipes because I love it and it motivates me to keep to the Slimming World plan. So let’s do it!


Be more active

Nice and vague right? So as I mentioned, Topher and I got FitBits* for Christmas. I want to get more walking into my life and having the fitbit has been really helpful so far. I want to get as many steps in as possible.

So I’m going to set a target. We’re recommended to get 10,000 steps in per day but with me working from home I find it really hard, so I set my original target to 8,000 per day. This is still difficult on a daily basis but more doable.

I’ve noticed so far that when I’m home all day I seem to be hovering around the 5,000 step mark when I push myself and walk to the shop or something so this is going to be my mini target. Considering that I used to do barely 1000 steps a day at some points last year (I had an app on my phone), this is a big improvement already.

So doing the maths, 5,000 steps a day for all of 2017 is 1,825,000 steps. Almost 2 million! So that’s my target. By December 31st 2017 I want to have walked 1,825,000 steps. I’m going to track this and we’ll see how it goes!



De-clutter & Organise

It is getting done this year. I’m getting rid of the crap and keeping all the good stuff. I want everything in our home to be useful, fun or beautiful. And everything must have a place.

For now I’ll be spending a lot of time on eBay and then when car boot season kicks in I’ll be out there! Not only do I want to get rid of stuff but I also want to make a bit of profit to put towards Topher and I’s honeymoon.

In terms of organising I want to go through paperwork and get rid or archive it into a box for the attic. The same goes for personal paperwork and old diaries etc. It’s stuff I want to keep but it just needs to take up less space!



As much as I would love to decorate the entire house, there’s not enough time and not enough money. So my priorities this year are my office, continuing on with my gallery wall on the landing and planning out the living room makeover.

We want to get a new sofa for the living room so that’s going to get done in the Boxing Day sales so we’ll also be saving for that throughout the year. I’m hoping to paint in either November or December and that will include getting rid of the wallpaper I hate. Three cheers to that!


Nomad Seeks Home 

I usually have ambitious plans for this blog every year but this year is a bit different. I do want to get my head around monetizing with affiliates etc but I just need to push myself to keep on top of it too.

But apart from that I just want to feel like myself and actually enjoy having this space. That’s a big reason why I went down to just 3 posts a week instead of 4. I found I was just posting for the sake of it and I wasn’t writing about my life anymore. So that’s also why I brought back the “my week posts” in the second half of last year too.

I want to stop giving a damn about what other people are achieving and just focus on myself. But at the same time I want to get more involved in the community and go to more events. But only ones that excite me. There was one point last year where I was signing up for events that I wasn’t totally up for so I ended up missing a couple of them because I made myself anxious about them. I haven’t got time for that kind of crap in 2017 so I want to attend more events that I’m excited to go to.



Now this is a leap of faith. The website is up and my services page has launched now so I’m hoping it all works out. My main objective is to get enough clients so that I can match my previous income (practically minimum wage). This is going to take a lot of hard work and hustling but I’m ready.

I want to help people one on one, I want to launch an e-course, I want to have a talk at a conference or workshop. And it would be a dream come true if I could even be a guest on a podcast. These are big dreams but I’ve got my to do list and I’m going to do the work. Here’s to jumping off the cliff!



Make a project life scrapbook for the year

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and it’s something I’d love to do every year. I miss having physical photo albums and this would be a great creative outlet that celebrates the every day.

The biggest hurdle is getting my photos printed out in the first place. I have all the other supplies at my fingertips. Wish me luck.


Wear the damn skirt

I bought this awesome skirt a year and half ago. And I haven’t worn it once. Partly because I don’t think I have anything to wear with it and partly because it’s a pretty dramatic piece of clothing.

This shit has to stop. I’m picking out an outfit and I’m wearing the damn skirt.


Take care of myself and ask for help once in awhile

My parents say when I was a toddler that one of my favourite phrases was “do it myself”. Well it’s about 26 years later and nothing has changed. I like to do everything myself and it is so tiring! And it’s my own fault.

It got so bad this year that I wrapped my own Christmas presents from Topher. Yes you read that right. Topher isn’t the best gift wrapper in the world but that’s a poor fucking excuse to not let him wrap his presents to me. I need to let other people help me and not do everything myself. I definitely need to remember this when it comes to doing DIY’s for the wedding!


Save money for the honeymoon

For the first time in my adult life, I want to have a holiday where I’m not on a tight budget. So saving for the honeymoon is a big one for Topher and I this year. I want to get to a place where we have it all saved up by the time we go.

Instead of wedding presents, we’ve asked for contributions to our honeymoon so that would be extra money on top of what we’ve saved – taking us out of our reasonably tight budget.

I’m going to keep a track of it in my bullet journal so fingers crossed!

And those are my goals. I’m feeling really confident and can’t wait to get started. Happy New Year!

What are your 2017 goals?

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