An Anniversary Trip to Anglesey

An Anniversary Trip to Anglesey

If you read my last post then you’ll know that I recently had a weekend away to Anglesey with Topher for our 1 year wedding anniversary. We stayed in an awesome treehouse which you can read all about here and spent Saturday driving around the island. Here’s what we got up to.


Since Topher finished work at 3 and myself at 5, Topher would meet me at my work and we would drive over. It usually takes about 2 hours from Manchester but with the Friday rush hour traffic, it took us just under three. We arrived at 8pm and were greeted by our Airbnb hosts.

Anglesey - chinese

After getting a tour and dropping off our stuff, we headed to the Tesco Extra we’d seen back on the mainland to get supplies. We had planned to get fish and chips from the local but unfortunately discovered that they close early. No harm done as the local Chinese was still open. Beef chow mein please. We enjoyed our meal in the grounds that surround the treehouse, watching out for the local wildlife.


Starting the day with pastries we’d got from Tesco, along with a big mug of coffee we set off to explore Anglesey.

South Stack was our first port of call as it was the furthest away from the treehouse. Only half an hour though! Everything is easily drivable on the island. South Stack is a lighthouse which is the furthest west you can go on Anglesey. If it was a clearer day maybe we could have even seen Ireland.

Anglesey - south stack

You can actually pay to go inside the lighthouse but we had plenty of other places to go. So we took a few selfies before hopping back in the car.

Anglesey - selfie

The next place we tried to visit was Borth Wen beach. Word of warning – not a place to just randomly show up to late in the morning on a sunny Saturday in the summer. It was rammed. There was nowhere to park and the single lane windy road to get to it almost left us trapped in the car park. If you’ve got your heart set on it, definitely get there early!

By this point we were hungry for some lunch. Fancying some afternoon tea, I’d read about Giddy Aunt Tea Room which is south east on the island.

Anglesey - giddy aunt's tearoom

A pretty cottage in the middle of nowhere which had another cat (yay!), Topher and I wandered inside to be greeted by the owners who were lovely. The afternoon tea was delicious but I had my usual problem of being finished off by the scone and unable to eat the cakes. Of course I’m not one to waste cake so the owners were kind enough to box them up for me. Treehouse snack!

Anglesey - afternoon tea

How cute is this tea cozy?

Anglesey - tea cosy

Our next stop was the point that I realised I had in fact been to Anglesey before. Around the time I started this blog actually! It was a flying visit but I remembered it well. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch definitely has the longest name I’ve ever seen. Just typing that was a challenge let alone trying to say it.

Anglesey - train station

We also managed to find a scenic spot to pull the car over and get some photos of the Menai bridge. How lucky were we with this weather?!

Anglesey - Menai Bridge

Finally we arrived at Beaumaris, a pretty village full of pastel houses and cute shops as well as a castle.

Anglesey - beaumaris

Anglesey - colourful houses

Though neither of us are beach people, Topher and I really enjoyed walking along the boardwalk and the pier. The weather definitely helped.

Anglesey - more beach

Anglesey - sea

Anglesey - pier

After our walk, we had a wander around the shops before heading back to the car and setting off to find dinner. We tried a place called Dylan’s but it’s definitely not a just show up kind of place. At least not on a Saturday. We ended up at the Anglesey Arms where Topher had fish and chips and I had a delicious haddock chowder. Nom.

Anglesey - beach

We finished the day playing Scrabble that we’d brought from home in the treehouse. Guess who won?

Anglesey - scrabble


As this was our actual anniversary, we exchanged gifts and cards as well as watching our wedding video. After breakfast we packed up our stuff and headed home.

I had a great time in Anglesey and would definitely go again.

Have you ever been to Anglesey?

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Sky High Tea with Roberts #embracethenew

I love a good Afternoon Tea but I’ve never been on a Sky High Tea before

So when I got an invitation to join Robert’s Bakery and try out some of their new products at a Sky High Tea, I couldn’t say no. Did someone say baked goods? The bakery aisle has always been my favourite. Roberts is a northern bakery that has been around since 1887 and is currently embracing the new with some awesome new products.

What is a Sky High Tea you ask? It’s afternoon tea…on a table that’s suspended 100ft in the air. Not one for the faint hearted!

sky high tea - ticket

A few weeks ago on a particularly wet day, myself and some fellow lovely ladies from We Blog North headed over to the Etihad Stadium to meet with the brand.

sky high tea - eithiad

I wasn’t sure what to expect but the Robert’s team were absolutely lovely and explained away all our fears. I’m actually afraid of heights myself but luckily not enough to stop myself doing things like this! We were perfectly safe as each chair came with seat belts and no handbags were allowed to come with us. We were also protected from the rain with a cover so that was very reassuring.

sky high tea - rain

sky high tea - we blog north

If you have a spare half hour you should definitely check out the other’s blogs: Jacinta, Kirsten, Laura, Holly, Kat and Asma. So once we were all individually strapped into our seats (which can spin 360 degrees btw!), we were off!

sky high tea - table

The table rose a hell of a lot faster than I was expected and before I knew it, we were 100ft up. It actually didn’t feel that high at all…until you looked down of course!

sky high tea - diane and asma

sky high tea - view

sky high tea - stadium

sky high tea - long way down

Once we were all used to the height, it was time to get down to business. Afternoon tea time. Here was the menu:

sky high tea - afternoon tea

Bottom tier:

Stilton, Walnuts and oh-so-sweet Pear, on Seriously Seeded Bloomer

Creamy Wild Mushroom Crispy Bacon on Mightily Malted Bloomer

Chorizo, Fabulous Feta and Rocket on Wondrous White Bloomer

Peri-Peri Chicken on Fiery Corn Ready-to Rolls

sky high tea - sandwiches

I could only eat the chicken and the mushroom sandwiches as I don’t eat pork but I can confirm that they were both delicious. My favourite was definitely the chicken as I loved the combo of the peri peri with the fire corn roll.

sky high tea - chicken

The middle tier:

Fresh Courgette, Mushroom and Turmeric Mini Loaf

Marbled Red Pesto and Pink Peppercorn Mini Loaf with Creamy Goats Cheese centre

and a special surprise of Bijou White Bread roll with a centre of Camembert and Rose Jelly.

sky high tea - bread

The latter was my favourite as I’m a massive fan of camembert. The goats cheese roll was my least favourite as although I love goats cheese, I’ve discovered that I’m not a fan of pink peppercorn. It was just a tad overpowering for me. The courgette was also very tasty but the camembert was a clear winner.

Top tier:

Sticky Toffee Scones with Soft Fudge and Dates

Lemon and Orange Scones made with zest and squeezed juices then mixed with candied citrus

Both served with clotted cream

sky high tea - scone

I loved the citrus scone but I could have eaten the sticky toffee one all day and every day. Still dreaming about it now! I’ve never had a flavoured scone before (unless you count cheese) so this was a lovely change from regular scones.

Finally, we were all given a taste of Robert’s gin and tonic fun buns.

sky high tea - buns

I was a bit apprehensive as I’m really not a fan of gin (probably comes from my rebellious teenage self taking a swig of a bottle from my parents liquor cabinet and instantly regretting it…) but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by these. They have the sweetness that you’d want from something that’s called a fun bun but then they have that kick of gin at the end. The kick isn’t too overpowering for someone like myself that doesn’t like it. But it’s enough of a kick that gin fans will love it. Apparently things that are supposedly gin flavoured are usually way too subtle so this definitely hits the mark for all you gin lovers out there.

sky high tea - g&t bun

sky high tea - staff

After a lovely afternoon tea, we headed back down to earth where we were sent on our way with some goody bags. I was really happy to find that one of the items was the gin buns. Also, Topher got to try the firey corn rolls which were definitely up his street!

sky high tea - goody bag

Thanks Robert’s for a great experience that certainly livened up what would have probably been a dull Thursday lunchtime!


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Mini-moon at The Mere

Topher and I spent our wedding night and remaining weekend at The Mere Resort

Topher’s mum very generously gifted us a two night stay at The Mere; a gorgeous hotel in the Cheshire countryside. We arrived about 2 in the morning and in our room we were surrounded by just married decorations! I’ll say now that my photos in this post are pretty terrible so sorry in advance!

The Mere - hotel room

The next morning we got up early to partake in the breakfast buffet. Have I mentioned how much I love hotel breakfast buffets? They are the best and this one was no exception! Afterwards we headed back to the room to open up all our cards, presents and read the guest book. I definitely recommend bringing all this stuff to the hotel with you as it is such a great way to start your marriage – knowing how loved you are by your friends and family.

The Mere - rings

Btw how cool is this key holder Topher’s auntie and uncle gave us?!

The Mere - presents

I had grand plans of using The Mere’s spa facilities but I’ll be honest and say we slept a good chunk of the day! The combo of dancing all night and adrenaline rush from the day equaled a hangover like feeling even though I barely drank anything all day. In fact, after the wedding breakfast I was downing water all night. So the sleep was much appreciated.

The Mere - outside

How gorgeous is this hotel? I love the combo of the old building with the newer extensions. Lots of exposed brick is something I’m a fan of. The Mere is a golf and spa resort which has two restaurants and beautiful grounds.

The Mere - lobby

The Mere - glass roof

I booked an afternoon tea at Browns on groupon which was delicious. It was the perfect amount of cakes and I liked that they did mini scones as the regular sized ones tend to finish me off.

The Mere - prosecco

The orange cake on the right tasted just like a solero!

The Mere - afternoon tea

So serious!

The Mere - topher

Cue awkward holding of my glass so I could show off my rings!

The Mere - diane

Then it was back to the room for another sleep and we also watched a film on the TV. Zoolander 2 if you must know.

The Mere - corridor

The Mere - hallway

Then we had dinner at The Club Lounge so we could take advantage of the lake view. We had baked camembert to start and then Topher had fish and chips and I had a smoked haddock pasta dish. It was nice but very filling!

The Mere - dinner

Afterwards we headed outside to take some photos.

The Mere - lake

The Mere - golf course

The Mere - outside back


The Mere - topher & diane

Then back to the room for MOAR sleep. All our families were meeting up on the Sunday but we decided to spend our first day of marriage together just the two of us. I’m so glad we did. Especially since we had to get up early on the Monday to get Topher back to work.

Here’s hoping we get to revisit The Mere one day and spend the majority of our time actually being conscious. I want to try out the spa!

If you haven’t seen it, here’s my post on our wedding day and the video.


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My Week #44 – Painting, Cake and Conferences

*A sneak peek at my redecorated office *Afternoon tea at Annie’s

*WeBlogMcr conference *Yoghurt bark

What a busy week!

It all started with Claire’s birthday/hen party on Saturday. We had an awesome afternoon tea at Annie’s in Manchester. I’d never been before and I’d definitely go again. The food was great and the staff were so nice. They even decorated the table for the occasion.

I attended the WeBlogMcr conference. 

Once again it was awesome. I learned lots, met some nice people and we also all worked on our photography skills. What do you think of my efforts?

my week #44 - cake

If you’re ever able to get to Manchester, I would definitely recommend going to a WeBlogMcr event. Everyone is so nice!

Straight after the conference I headed over to Ashton to see Beauty and the Beast. It was awesome! I certainly didn’t mind going again to see it with Topher on Tuesday. If you haven’t seen it yet then get yourself to the cinema!

I put on a pound at Slimming World.

Unsurprisingly after all the food I consumed this week I put on weight. I definitely deserve it but I really really need to get my ass in gear now. I’ve been hovering around the same weight for the last few months and it’s really bothering me now. I’m running out of time and I’m on it for this week.

Yes I did have a lot on this last week but there were plenty of places where I could make better choices and I also let the bad habits slip in at home too. So even though I’ve got a wedding and two meals out this week, I’m going to make sure I stay to plan the rest of the time. They’re only 3 meals out of 21 after all!

I finished painting at the weekend.

Now I’ve just got to arrange to pick up my new bookshelves and I can start moving all my stuff back into the office. Exciting! I can’t wait to sit at a desk again, my back has not been enjoying the combo of the dining room table, the sofa and our bed. Here’s hoping it’s all sorted by the end of the month.

I went to a wedding this morning!

My friends, Claire and Steve are getting married tomorrow but they had to do a legal ceremony at the registry office today. There were only 5 of us and we were dressed super casual so must have looked very interesting to the staff there! It was short, sweet and so them. Topher and I are super happy for them both. I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow!

How was your week?

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My Week #26 – Halloween & Afternoon Tea

*My Halloween Costume *Spider Cake

*Afternoon Tea *Luna being somewhere she shouldn’t

Cold is almost gone now – woo hoo! Well Halloween has come and gone and our party was a success. Everyone made an effort with costumes and the food went down a treat. The only problem was that there was way too much of it. Resulting in me spending the week trying to finish up all the leftovers and forgetting what fruit and vegetables look like. Therefore I put on 1 and 1/2lbs at Slimming World. Oops! Oh well, fun times.

My parents came over to see the wedding dress that I fell in love with and they liked it too so we put down the deposit for it. Woo hoo I have a wedding dress! So excited now. Afterwards, we went to Sugar Junction in Altrincham for afternoon tea that my mum especially was really looking forward to after our last visit. I didn’t enjoy it as much as last time but that’s definitely down to the amount of junk I’d consumed in the week so wasn’t really feeling up to too many more sweet things. On the bright side, the lovely folks at Sugar Junction let you take home a doggy bag so nothing gets wasted and you can enjoy things later on.

In other news, I’ve been hard at work and trying to get some healthy food in me again. How I missed you fruit! At Slimming World I was nominated for Miss Slinky which was so lovely! I didn’t win but was really happy just to be nominated. As part of it I had to bring along some photos of myself at the beginning of my journey which was a great reminder on how far I’ve come. Those pictures are now on my fridge. I’m determined to lose the weight I put on this week and a little bit more because I’m so close to achieving my Club 10 award. It’s for when you’ve lost 10% of your body weight which is a big deal when you’re trying to improve your health.

How was your week?

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