Reeves Show Your Colours Event

This is one of those times where I thought I took more photos then I did at Reeves Show Your Colours event.

I guess I was having too much fun? Pretty sure my camera has eaten some of them but oh well. Here’s what I did get shots of at the Reeves Show your Colours event back in September.

Reeves Show Your Colours - the event

So the reason for this event is that Reeves have rebranded themselves to appeal to a wider audience. And their new packaging is fantastic. I love the simplicity of it and it just looks fun and also timeless.

I was super surprised to find out that not many people had heard of Reeves as I myself was definitely aware of them. But I was a total art nerd at school. I remember pretending I was injured to get out of PE so I could spend time in the art studio instead and I always remember having Reeves materials as part of my collection.

Reeves Show Your Colours - making a mess

There were a few activities that were going on while I was there but I personally took part in the postcard colouring and the plant pot painting. The plant pots even came with their own little succulent. So now I’m a cliche blogger who owns a succulent. Fingers crossed I can keep it alive.

Reeves Show Your Colours - i heart manchester

I discovered that I’m good at colouring in but completely suck at painting plant pots. Maybe due to a lack of patience? I think I spent so much time on the colouring and chatting away to my fellow bloggers that I ran out of time. Rush job on the pot alert.

Reeves Show Your Colours - painting plant pot

The event was really fun and the Reeves crew had even brought in pizza from Crazy Pedro’s. Delicious! It was so nice to just have fun with art supplies, get messy and catch up with some lovely blog friends.

As we left, we were handed a (massive) goody bag.

Reeves Show Your Colours - goody bag

The goody bag was full of Reeves products – everything from painting and colouring to drawing and pastels. I’ve already made use of some of the products and I can’t wait to try out the pastels as that was a firm favourite of mine back at school.

Reeves Show Your Colours - box interior

Reeves Show Your Colours - box contents

Thanks to this box of treats, I’ve rediscovered my love of painting. As I said in my weekly roundup a few weeks back – I still can’t abstract paint for toffee but I am still good at watercolours! It’s so nice to have a hobby that doesn’t involve a screen.

Reeves Show Your Colours - everything

Also, one month later and my succulent is surprisingly thriving and is quickly outgrowing its pot. I had no idea that they grew that quickly! I’ll have to get a new one and paint that properly with the acrylics I got in my goody bag!

Thanks Reeves for putting on such a fun event and for reigniting my love of art.



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Color Factory San Francisco

On our last morning in San Francisco, Topher and I spent our time at Color Factory.

As someone who spends a lot of time on Instagram, I found a lot of the colourful American’s that I follow were posting a lot of photos from something called Color Factory in LA. Curious, I took a look and it was an art installation created by Oh Happy Day that looked amazing! Unfortunately it was a ticketed only place that was all sold out.

Then all of a sudden, I noticed that it was so successful that they decided to open another one in San Francisco during September when we happened to be there on honeymoon. I signed up to the mailing list and when tickets went on sale I pounced like the colour hungry blogger that I am and scored two tickets.

One for me and one for my black metal loving, colour hating husband. Evil laughter ensued.

Topher was willing to come as it was something that was important to me but he was convinced that he wouldn’t enjoy it.

I knew I would love the place as soon as I stepped foot on these rainbow stairs. 

color factory - rainbow stairs

color factory - wall

Had we not just stuffed ourselves with beignets at Brenda’s an hour before, I would have been all over the free cookie you got when you entered. Damn delicious beignets!

color factory - monochrome

The first few rooms were more of a wander round and take pictures and selfies kind of deal and not so interactive. Unless you count the orange cheezeits I walked through while filming. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

color factory - orange

color factory - blue bubbles

color factory - disco room

This room is where the fun truly began. Giant felt tip pens. As you can see, the people before really really can’t stay inside the lines!

color factory - colouring room

I now know what feels like being a Borrower.

color factory - colouring

We both really enjoyed this ribbon installation. It just looked like a curtain on Instagram but in fact it was a giant square of ribbons that you could walk through.

color factory - ribbon wall

It was so dark in the middle that I had to turn on my flash!

color factory - lost in ribbons

color factory - neon smily

color factory - polaroid room

Topher loves confetti.

color factory - topher confetti

color factory - diane confetti

Topher actually had a great time in the confetti room making confetti angels. I learned that you shouldn’t make confetti angels without zipping up your cross body bag. Let’s say I may have accidentally brought some confetti home with me…and also dropped a little in all 3 hotels we visited afterwards! Oops.

color factory - topher and diane confetti

The giant yellow ball pit was by far our favourite room. And it was the last room too. I lost track of how long we spent in here – so many silly photos and videos. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in a ball pit.

color factory - yellow ball pit

color factory - topher stuck

color factory - diane jump

color factory - topher jump

Afterwards we were given tiny ice creams and sent on our way.

color factory - ice cream

I had an amazing time – it was so fun!

I also picked up a pamphlet that explained that they had done mini installations throughout San Francisco as part of the Color Factory. We then realised that we had already seen one in Chinatown a couple of days before and had no idea there was a connection. Look below.

color factory - chinatown

I wish we’d known that before coming as it was our last day and we would have looked out for them. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll be online somewhere.

So after picking up our suitcases from the hotel, we headed back to the airport to pick up our rental car so we could head South. Stay tuned for the next chapter of our honeymoon!

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