March in Photos – Family, Friends and Food

Hello April and hello Spring.

I thought since I’ve been a bit MIA recently, especially with the “My Week” posts that I’d do a little catchup. I only posted six times during March and they were mainly travel posts so here are all the in between bits.

March in Photos - blue sky

Mental Health

It’s been all over the place this month. One minute I’m feeling fine and getting stuff done and the next I can’t get out of bed. The clocks changed which I’m hoping is going to improve my mood generally and those down points will get fewer and far between. I’ve been beating myself up less about not being active though so that’s a positive.

Friends & Family

We saw our friends a few times this month which was nice – a board game night at Claire and Steve’s, a birthday party for Topher’s mum and a leaving party for our other friends who are off to live in Japan for a year. Topher and I also babysat our friend’s 7 month old baby for a few hours which was a learning experience! Big respect to all the parents. The most I’d come into contact with a small human prior to this was holding one for about 30 seconds so it was interesting.

March in Photos - articulate

My parents came to stay with us too which saw the usual flurry of activity of food and doing bits around the house. Which brings me to…


We have a new bed in the guest room. The king size one we had in there before was uncomfortable and was probably about as old as I am. I always felt bad for our guests having to sleep on it but now I don’t have to. My parents gave us their old guest room bed which is only a double so there is SO much more space in the room now. You can actually walk around the bed. Of course this meant new bedding was needed. This Mexican inspired rainbow cat bedding is from Asda a few months ago. How cute is it?! Sombrero kitties for the win.

March in Photos - new bed

March in Photos -rainbow bedding

We also finally replaced our old cat tree which has been on it’s last legs for a long time now. This new one is amazing. It’s from Amazon* and is super tall. Perfect for our big cats. I actually adapted it slightly by not putting on the hammocks as Pickles especially is far too big for them and they’ll just break! Plus it just means more uninterrupted climbing for them both.

March in Photos - cat tree

Car fun

And speaking of new things I got a new car. Well, new to me anyway. It’s an automatic and has a few more bells and whistles than my old car so I’m pretty excited about it. I’m going to be selling my Clio this month once it’s finished being fixed after it got rear ended in February so hopefully I can rest easy with car stuff for awhile. Now please can all the bad drivers stay away from my new car so I can drive in peace?


Topher and I really need to get to the cinema more this month as we only went once during March. We saw Game Night which I really enjoyed. It’s been so long since I saw a comedy at the cinema where I was laughing out loud the whole way through. Definitely recommend.


I didn’t cook anything new this month as I wasn’t up to it but we did go out for two meals. The first was Bem Brasil with my parents which was nice. I didn’t take any photos as a) I was too busy eating meat and b) who wants to look at pictures of slivers of meat on a plate? The second place we went was just Topher and I to Wasabi in Chinatown. We’ve been before but we were really craving Japanese food so we nipped in before the leaving party at the weekend.

I bloody love ramen.

March in Photos - ramen

Easter came and went

Topher and I had only planned on having one egg each but we ended up with 2 each as his family got us some. Oh well, more chocolate for us. Now that that’s all over, I’m going to try and get back to my healthy eating. I’m not feeling particularly comfortable at the moment with my weight as it’s close to my heaviest so that’s gotta go. Back to the happy weight please.

March in Photos - easter

And finally, the cats

They’ve been their usual adorable selves. Pickles is being better at night as there was a point where he would keep us up for half of it. I put it down to the clocks changing. Luna has been extra cuddly recently – climbing on both our chests and attacking our faces with head bops – especially to Topher. She purrs super loud and is so intense it’s funny. Pickles has also found some toys to play with on his own which is great. Half of them were under the bed when we got the new one! We play with them both but it’s nice that they can amuse themselves too when we’re busy. Luna has always been fine with that but Pickles used to be extra work. So yay for that.

March in Photos - Pickles

As for April, I hope to get out to a car boot if it ever stops raining, get my decluttering on and get this blog back up to regular scheduling amongst other goals. Wish me luck!

How was your March?

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My Week #66 – Facing my fears

my week #66 - 2

*Painting *Dinner at Vapiano

*Facing my fears 100ft high up! *Pickles getting cozy in my dressing gown

*Engagement party for Topher’s school friend *Who needs a teddy when you have Pickles?

*Yep, you read that right – candy cane flavoured crisps *Pizza at Mackie Mayor

So my week #66 is actually a fortnight edition since I missed it last week.

I’ve been all over the place the last couple of weeks. Week one was a busy one full of blogger stuff. Topher and I went to Vapiano’s to celebrate #WorldPastaDay and then later on in the week I met up with some of the lovely ladies from WeBlogNorth to have afternoon tea 100ft in the air even though I’m afraid of heights (as you do!). I’ll be blogging about the latter soon! Then on Friday we attended the engagement party of one of Topher’s school friends which was a nice evening.

It was a great week overall and in my spare time I got some more painting done and had lots of kitty cuddles with the furbabies.

This past week however has been cack. Just ick.

Topher got sick at the beginning of the week (thank god it was half term!). So bad in fact that we had to make a trip to the walk in centre on Wednesday. Luckily by Thursday morning he was feeling so much better. Which was a relief because then I got sick. Wednesday night to Friday morning I felt like death warmed up and then cooled down (and then warmed up again). Bleh. On the bright side, we weren’t ill at the same time so we could take care of each other. And we got to spend Friday together when we were both well again.

We went into town on Friday so I could go to Freelance Friday

But we also got some shopping done. We paid a visit to the Harry Potter section in Primark where we are both now proud owners of house jumpers (him Slytherin and me Hufflepuff of course). And while I was at Ziferblat, Topher may have got me a few more tsum tsums for my collection! Good husband.

And that was our fortnight! Here’s to a healthier one next week.

How was your week?


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Pickles and Luna: 2 Years On

I cannot believe that my babies have now been in my life for 2 years now! This time in 2015 I had only owned Pickles and Luna for a few days but Topher and I were already smitten. It feels like we’ve had them forever. Here’s when we got them and my update last year on their one year anniversary.



Pickles Loves

  • His food…and Luna’s food and anything that involves food
  • Olives – this totally confused us when we got some green olives in one day but it turns out that there’s something in them that is pretty much the same as catnip!
  • Morning and evening cuddles under the covers – but only with me. Such a mummy’s boy!
  • Luna – anywhere she’s sleeping he’ll squeeze himself in and cuddle up to her.
  • Locking himself in the bathroom by jumping up against the door.

pickles sleeping

Pickles Hates

  • Loud noises – the vacuum is his nemesis!
  • When anyone knocks at the door
  • When Topher and I go to sleep at night – he seems to like demanding attention at all hours.


Luna Loves

  • Head bops
  • Screaming upstairs by herself for no reason
  • Playing with anything – whether it’s moving or not
  • Casually clawing my legs when she wants to sit on my lap
  • Pickles. Even though he annoys her sometimes, she’ll happily wash his head when he’s curled up next to her.
  • Sitting outside the bathroom door while Pickles is locked inside
  • Sitting on the Playstation because it is made of warm. She’s even figured out how to turn it on!

Luna cape

Luna Hates

  • Being picked up unless she’s on her side and you immediately start kissing her head
  • New people – she will hide for at least an hour until curiosity gets the better of her
  • Closed doors – which was fun when I was redecorating. So much meowing!


I love them both so much! Such a cat lady. Here’s to another year of love, fluff and laughs!

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My Week #30 – Christmas time

*Ordering a grown up coffee *Luna loves my bullet journal

*Advent calendar *Our alternative Christmas tree

It’s December! I’m so excited about Christmas this year. We put up our decorations (the tree – seriously need more!) yesterday and it’s all good. After last year’s disaster of the cats eating the tree, we went out and got an alternative one from Hobby Craft. I was a bit anxious putting it up but it turned out great. The cats had a good old sniff but after that they left it alone. Yay! We can have a Christmas tree this year.

Topher managed to score 2 free advent calendars from work so that was great. They’re both Malteaser ones which I’ve never had before. It’s nice to have a guaranteed daily dose of chocolate. This time of year is awesome. I’ve almost got everyone figured out when it comes to Christmas present shopping.

On the Slimming World front, I lost half a pound this week. A little disappointing but I’d really been craving chocolate the past week. On the bright side, I’m still going in the right direction. I’m only 5 and a half pounds away from my lightest weight I was when I did Slimming World the first time so I’m excited to get back to that point as I felt great at that point. Topher made me feel better by showing me how far I’d come. He looked on the NHS website at their BMI chart and compared our weights now and when we first started. 3 years ago I was in the obese section! Now I’m 3 pounds away from being in the healthy section. Woop! Fingers crossed I get there by Christmas.

So not much else going on this week. I had a couple of meetings, one in which I discovered that I’m a complete child when it comes to coffee shops. If theres no fancy red-cup-esque flavours then I have no idea what to order. The photo above was my latte. I’m such a dork! Also, Topher and I went to the cinema (3 times in a week – record!) to see A Street Cat Named Bob. See my review here.

So how was your week? Do you have your Christmas decs up yet?

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My Week #23 – Cooking and Halloween Prep

my week #23 - 2

*Experimenting with my breakfast – Carrot cake porridge. * The Refuge, Manchester.

*Luna loves the paper flowers I made. *Topher and I went to Pho

*Colder nights make for a snuggly Pickles *Preparation for our Halloween party

*Making an old Slimming World favourite *Freelance Friday

So how are you? I can see the light at the end of the tunnel myself. After my sick day last week which then led to me feeling quite down this week, I’m feeling a lot more positive for next week. We’re settling back into routines after being in and out of the house and I can finally start cooking properly again. I didn’t feel like I’d taken many photos the last couple of weeks but apparently I took enough for a post!

After seeing something similar on Pinterest (oh how I love thee) I decided to try an adapted version of “carrot cake porridge”. It actually went pretty well even though I probably should have cooked the grated carrot a little before adding it to the porridge! I think I’ll stick with my banana cinnamon porridge for now. That’s one of the little things I love about winter, switching from Weetabix to porridge and having lots of hot drinks. I just love seasons! And now I’ve given my winter coat a whirl for the first time this season. Soon the gloves and bobble hat will be out.

Another great thing about this time of year is how much more snuggly the cats seem to get. It’s not morning if Pickles hasn’t come for his cuddle in between us and Luna even came and sat on my chest when I was on the sofa the other day. Just like she used to do when she was a kitten. So cute!

Topher decided that since it was a year since he proposed that we should go out and celebrate so we had lunch at Pho in the Corn Exchange in Manchester. Yum! We both had noodle soup bowls with beef – his was steak and mine was brisket. They came with plates full of herbs like coriander, basil and lemongrass that you could add into your soup yourself. Such a great idea. It was delicious and very filling. We’ll definitely be returning one day.

On the Slimming World front, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks since we’ve been unable to do a proper food shop and I miss fruit so much! Luckily it didn’t really affect the scales and I lost half a pound last week and maintained this week. I’m feeling super motivated for the coming weeks and Topher and I have bought countdowns (where you pay for 12 weeks up front and get a couple of weeks free) so it’s nice to know it’s all paid for until the end of the year. You also get a free Christmas recipe book which I can’t wait to receive next week. I’ve started a new journal for it and want to lose 16lbs before Christmas. Lets see if I can do it. I really want to get back down to the healthier weight I was when we moved back to Manchester 2 years ago.

Here’s to the next week! How was your fortnight?


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