What I Got For Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely day filled with loved ones, laughter, food and gifts. I had a great day with Topher and my family. So here’s what I got for Christmas. Since it was Topher and my first Christmas together as a married couple – we got a couple more things for each other this year. See this post for a couple of things I got him. He got me a Manchester cushion for our living room, Wall-e and Eve plushies and a book (not pictured). As for everything else:

what I got for christmas - all

  • I got cash from a few family members for me to squirrel away for Topher and I’s upcoming Disneyland Paris trip
  • Topher’s mum’s boyfriend got us the Hogwarts cushions. We already have our own house cushions but these will be perfect for the guest room. Topher came up with the awesome idea to switch them up for any guests that stay over so that they have their house cushions on the bed. We’re such nerds but I love it!
  • Emma got me the Minnie Mouse keyring and the cactus lights. Can’t decide whether to put the lights in the bedroom or the living room.

what I got for christmas -useful

  • My parents actually bought us a fridge freezer a couple of months ago so they just gave us little goody bags to open on Christmas. I got some chocolate, a lush bath bomb, a lego mug and some socks. They also got us the Disney calendar* to replace our food pun one from last year.
  • Topher’s grandma is always the winner of most random present but there’s always something useful in her packages. I got some makeup brushes, an appliqué embroidery hoop and some dishcloths.

what I got for christmas - secret santa

  • I joined in the In Colourful Company Secret Santa this year so I got a little bag of goodies from someone. I got a Disney/Cath Kidston reusable bag, 2 notebooks, a Harry Potter mirror and coaster.

what I got for christmas -cushion

  • My brother got me the brush pens – judging by my practice run with them I’m going to need a hell of a lot more practice with them before I get my lettering looking Instagram ready!

what I got for christmas -lush

I’m super thankful for everything I received and it looks like everyone enjoyed the gifts I gave them too so that’s always nice!

For previous years What I got for Christmas – see 2016, 2013 and 2012.

What did you get for Christmas?



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Finding the Perfect Gift with Notonthehighstreet.com

When I was a kid, Christmas was all about getting presents – pretty typical right? I’d start the day tearing open the small packages in my stocking, continue with the gifts under the tree and then spend the rest of the day playing with my new toys.

These days it’s a whole different story.

My favourite part about Christmas now is spending time with my family and also giving them gifts. I love the whole process of thinking hard about what my loved ones would like and picking something out that they’d actually use. Gone are the days of picking something that’s just ‘nice’ from the gift section in any high street store. A good thing considering that those things barely get used.

That’s when notonthehighstreet.com comes in. I’ve bought Christmas (and birthday) presents from them for the last few years and they’ve always gone down a treat. I love that they offer something different and more often than not, allow you to customise the item with your special someone’s name or even a little private joke between the two of you.

So when they got in touch to invite me to take part in their Christmas campaign of finding the perfect gift for a special someone, I couldn’t say no.

It wasn’t difficult to pick the receiver of my gifts. My husband Topher has been by my side for well over 8 years now and as of July this year we finally tied the knot. Since it’s our first Christmas as a married couple I wanted to find the perfect gift.

I chose two items from notonthehighstreet.com and I can’t wait for him to open them on Christmas Day. But of course as my readers, you get a sneak peek! Topher, if you’re reading this – why are you reading this? I told you not to, so stop reading….now.

Here’s what I got him:

Personalised Leather ‘Day You Became My…’ Keyring*

notonthehighstreet.com - luna

notonthehighstreet.com keyring front

notonthehighstreet.com keyring back

It’s crazy but even though we bought our house almost two years ago, Topher’s keys are still bare. No keyrings whatsoever. It’s therefore not surprising that he’s always losing them around the house. I think having a nice keyring will make them a little more visible and it brings a little bit of home with you wherever you go. Plus, bare keys just seem so temporary if that makes any sense.

The great thing about this keyring is that it’s leather so it’s hard wearing and also that it’s flat. Topher has had bulky keyrings in the past that weren’t particularly practical since he tends to keep them in his back pocket! Ouch.

I loved the fact that this keyring celebrates a special day. So of course I had to put our wedding date on it (so he will never forget our anniversary – smart thinking right?).

And of course I had to add a cheeky message on the back. We’re always joking that we’re stuck with each other so this seemed fitting. I hope he likes it!

Personalised Solid Copper Photo Print*



Another funny fact about Topher and I – we don’t have any photos up of family, friends or even ourselves around the house. It’s on the cards but we just haven’t got round to it yet. They need printing out and framing etc. and it will get done…eventually.

That being said, I thought this gift would be a good start. This photo print comes in either copper, brass or stainless steel and allows you to personalise both the front and also add a message to the bottom. I decided to just personalise the front and put our wedding date again since it’s our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. And here’s the photo I chose:


The photo was an easy one to pick. It is definitely my favourite photo of us on the day and it was the one we chose to use on our thank you cards. I know Topher loves this photo as much as I do. We look so happy!

Hopefully having this print around will give us the push to finally get some photos of our loved ones and our memories up around the house in 2018.

So fingers crossed I’ve knocked another Christmas gifting session out of the park!

I can’t thank notonthehighstreet.com enough for these gifts. I’m definitely another step closer to having my Christmas shopping done.

How about you? What do you look for in the perfect gift for your loved ones?

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What I got for Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a great day yesterday whether you celebrate the holiday or not. I personally had a great day. Family, food and presents! So of course I now have to do the obligatory blogger post of what I got for Christmas.

The photo above is clockwise from left: Hang and peg kit, calendar, scrapbook, makeup bag, pjs and books. All my favourite things!

I was really excited to get the hang and peg set from Emma – thinking it will look great in my office. I’ll put up a mix of pretty cards and maybe even some of the polaroids I’ve had lying around waiting for a use!

The calendar is from my parents and is all food related puns. Perfect as this will be going in our kitchen across from the food pun gallery wall we have going on. The makeup bag is from one of my clients and I was so surprised to receive it. Best client ever right?! And of course being the pj queen that I am, Topher got me another set. I definitely needed them since my current pjs are all size 14s and kinda big on me now!

What I got for Christmas 2

The books are The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight* which I’ve heard great things about and The Last Beginning by Lauren James* which is a sequel to a book I read this year called The Next Together*. I enjoyed it a lot so am looking forward to continuing the story.

What I got for Christmas 3

Topher got me a Project Life Scrapbook (similar)* and cards* for it which I have been wanting for ages. 2017 is going to be the year where I start documenting more things in real life and not just digitally. Project Life is a simpler way of scrapbooking where you simply slot photos and pretty cards into plastic wallets. Not the best description but I’ll do a post on it soon so you’ll soon see what I mean!

What I got for Christmas 4

And finally, probably the coolest gift this year has to go to my parents for getting me (and Topher!) a Fitbit*. So excited. I’ve noticed that working from home I don’t move around much. And to be honest, the same goes for previous years when I’ve worked in an office. I want this all to change in 2017 and with Topher having one too, there’s nothing better than a friendly bit of competition. The only problem is that his job is pretty active so I’m going to have to work hard to keep up. Challenge accepted!

What I got for Christmas 5

I love what I got for Christmas and am so thankful for everything I received. What did you get for Christmas?

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See what I got for Christmas in 2013 (apparently I don’t do these posts every year!)

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Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Now hopefully by this time, you’ve got the majority of your Christmas shopping done and it’s sitting in a pile waiting to be wrapped. As much as I enjoy buying the presents, I think my favourite bit is actually wrapping everything up and making it look pretty. I just find it so satisfying!

So I thought I would give you some wrapping inspiration if you’re like me and you enjoy gift wrapping.


christmas gift wrapping


This is from Carrie at Wish Wish Wish. I envy her calligraphy skills! I totally want to try this out next year. I did something similar with stamps last year but it took forever! I think because I just stamped whole sheets of paper rather than cutting paper to fit the gift and then decorating it. These look simple to make and beautiful.


christmas gift wrapping


You can download and print this wrapping paper yourself! Great for the smaller gifts. Unless you happen to have a printer that prints in A3 I guess. Though I imagine if you made or bought a stamp then you could achieve the same look.

Christmas tag

christmas gift wrapping


This is a great idea if you don’t have any Christmas paper lying around but you do have some generic paper like this. Just make some Christmas tags and you’re ready to go.

Christmas string

christmas gift wrapping


Only have brown paper? I love this string and it looks pretty easy to make. I reckon that a larger version would look awesome as Christmas bunting too.

Tinsel Ribbon

christmas gift wrapping


I love this idea of using tinsel for string. It looks so festive even though the wrapping paper isn’t traditionally Christmassy.

I’ll totally admit that I was completely boring this year and as I’m quite low on craft materials at the moment, I just bought gift wrap to save money. Next year though, I’m going all out! How about you? How are you wrapping your presents this year?

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All I got for Christmas: Present time!

I’m officially a happy bunny. 


Clockwise: H&M Cat dress, Forever 21 T-rex jumper, Boux Avenue Penguin pjs and tartan pjs, H&M teal jumper.
My cat addiction is certainly being fuelled this year (as well as my jumper one). I did pick out all these clothing bits myself, but the great thing about that is you know you’ll like it and it will definitely fit. I love each and everyone of these. I’m already practically living in those tartan pjs. 


Clockwise: Nina Ricci perfume “Ricci Ricci”, New Girl DVD, Hobbit calendar, Bill Bailey DVD, 3 books including Mindy Kaling’s “Is everyone hanging out without me?”, Chocolate coins, Paperchase Leather Organiser, Cat book “I could pee on this”.
 2014 is when I’m going to get organised and this gorgeous leather organiser is going to help me along the way. I do use my electronic calendar on my Macbook but sometimes things are more fun the old fashioned way. 
I love the scent of Ricci Ricci and was really happy to have a new bottle. My old one was running dangerously low. There are definitely some perks to having parents who spend a lot of time going through the duty free! 
Christmas for the past few years is always a time when my book and DVD collection grows and this year was no exception. I’ve already started reading Mindy Kaling’s book which so far has been a good laugh and I may have watched all the extra features on my New Girl DVD. I’m a sucker for a bonus feature.
The only thing that I got for Christmas not pictured above is my brand new size 12 jeggings. It’s been 5 years since I could fit into a 12 and I was jumping for joy when I discovered these fit. 


Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins, Jumper: Vintage
The jumper is one of my vintage kilo sale finds. I think another one I found in the giant bins? I don’t really remember, it’s all a tacky christmas jumper blur now (we got there kind of late and the majority of things left were those). 
Thanks so much to my family and friends for all of these! And thanks for the vouchers that I have yet to spend – can’t wait. I’m so lucky 🙂
What did you get for Christmas? Anything nice?
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