#BEDM Day 13: A Day In The Life

Happy Friday the 13th! Well I don’t know about you but I had a pretty good day considering it’s supposed to be a day full of bad luck. Anyway, here’s my day in the life. One in which I leave the house. I know, exciting right? Yes I’m a hermit.

So what better way to start than with the breakfast of champions? Porridge with bananas, cinnamon and almond milk, half a grapefruit and a big mug of coffee. This is how my day starts. After a quick shower at least. Just like when I had a 9-5, reading blogs in the morning over breakfast is really important to me. It’s my favourite way to set myself up for the day.


After a marathon of reading, I get a few errands around the house done before getting dressed and ready to head out. But not before stopping to give this one a quick cuddle!


Pickles has a current obsession with sinks. He’ll meow and rub his head against the tap until you turn it on. Then he’ll madly bat his paw at the stream of water. Silly boy.


Quick hair check!


Then it’s a speed walk to the train station. How nice was the weather today? A bit on the chilly side but I got some use out of my sunglasses.




Arriving at Zieferblat for Freelance Friday I stop for a glass of cucumber & mint water. Yum!


Then I set myself up and get to work (and chat to my fellow freelancers!).



I’ve got to head home a bit early today so I can drop Topher at work so I get the crowded rush hour train home. Luckily I manage to grab a seat.


Another lovely walk home. I like this commute!


Once I’ve dropped Topher off, it’s time to make my dinner of steak, potatoes and veg and then I can relax.


The rest of the evening is spent watching Netflix and waiting to pick up Topher. Then just a bit more work I need to finish off and it’s off to bed with me. Not a bad day as Friday the 13th’s go!

What does your day look like?

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#BEDM Day 8: A Day in the Life

Usually a work day would be pretty dull to document but I actually did something after work today so not so bad at all. That and the whole election bloodbath made today interesting. 
Every morning during the week, I get up at 7 – an hour and twenty minutes before I need to get ready for work. This time is so important to me to relax with my breakfast, a cup of coffee and blogs to read. It really starts my day the right way. And there’s usually at least one kitten on me – in this case two!
This is what I look at all day- my desk is where I work, eat and today checking the election stats!


So after work we headed to a nearby pub that had recently re-opened after a re-vamp. As I was driving I had a rose lemonade. How cute is that cactus?
Then it was off to a Chinese for some team bonding over noodles. I had duck spring rolls and seafood chow mein. Yum! The funny thing about this place was the background music. Everything from elevator music, to Sinatra and even the wedding march!
And the final stop on the tour was back to the pub to have some of their amazing dessert! I was really full so had a scoop of clotted cream ice cream (delish!). The others had cheesecake which looked amazing!
The slices were massive – they could have been doorstops. The snickers cheesecake was absolutely amazing according to my colleague and after sneaking a taste – I had to go buy myself a slice to take home for tomorrow!
Time to head home and put together this post! I usually end up doing a blog post with at least one kitten on me again. Pretty much my world now pairs my laptop with a furry creature. They go hand in hand. 
This is usually about the time Topher arrives home from work, so after a chat it’s off to bed for all of us. She’s always watching!
So how was your day?
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