Living Room Inspiration – Mood Board

It’s no secret that I am not currently pleased with the way our living room looks.

It’s our favourite place to spend time in in the house, however it is by far the ugliest room. It’s currently a mis-match of our second hand furniture; the sofa from my parent’s house that has a tear in the cushion and gives me a back ache when I sit in it, the oak dresser that is just there for convenience, the stripy rug that I love but doesn’t really fit, the concrete coffee table that weighs a tonne and the tv unit that is just there for function.

Then there’s the dirty magnolia walls and the pièce de résistance that is the flowery wallpaper I hate.

Living room now

That’s going to be so satisfying when I rip it all down!

So to the topic of this post. Inspiration!

Topher and I both look forward to decorating this room and we’ve decided on our favourite colour of purple along with grey. We’re not sure which will be on the walls but it will be one of the two. Either way, once that’s been done the next thing to go will be the beige carpet.

Hardwood Floors

Being cat owners and also owners of our own hair, you can imagine that vacuuming is a laborious task that is a bane to our existence. Introducing hardwood floors will be the cure. Yes they get dirty and dusty but it’s so much easier to clean! The cat hair tends to get embedded in the carpet at the moment and Topher has to brush the floor with a lint brush to free it before vacuuming. So being able to just vacuum, sweep or mop will be amazing!


Another annoying feature of the room at the moment is the current lighting fixture. It’s one of those traditional three armed lights (kind of like this) with frosted glass. It’s absolutely useless. You turn on the light and you wonder why you did. You get barely any light from it. The lights point to the ceiling so any light just goes up there and because of the frosted glass, no light escapes out to the actual room.

I can’t wait to get a lighting fixture that actually lights up the room! Currently the room just feels really dim and dark all the time.


We’re planning on having a grey corner sofa which will definitely ease the arguments on who gets to stretch their legs out and we’ll also get a two seater snuggle chair so that we have room for guests. The two arm chairs we have at the moment just take up way too much room.

I also can’t wait to get a TV unit that hides cables away. Currently all ours are out on display which isn’t ideal when you’ve got curious cats about.

And speaking of the cats, we need to get a new cat tree. Part of their’s has broken and the rest is on it’s last legs so our eyes are peeled for a replacement.

Finger’s crossed we can save up for this room redecoration by the end of the year!

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My Office: The Before Shot (Goodbye Magnolia)

So this is a last look at my office before I decorate it. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this room since we moved in. For someone who works from home, having an inspiring office is something that’s really important to me. And it really isn’t at the moment!

My Office Before - The Before Shot

It’s a good size room but I haven’t been able to utilise it to it’s full potential because of my current furniture. As the case is with most new home owners in their twenties, our furniture is all second hand and used for function, not fashion.

My Office Before - my Desk

The desk was given to me by my dad last year when he got a new one and because my current desk was far too small. I’m now looking to get a corner desk as my desktop screen is far too close to my face! Not good for the eyes.

My Office Before -bookcases

The bookcase and other desk were bought as furniture for my Affleck’s shop a few years ago and the plastic drawers were bought for one of my student flats so though they all served a purpose at the time – they just don’t meet my needs these days. Plus, they’re not exactly easy on the eye!

My Office Before - Door

As you can see, I’ve got a lot of books, DVDs and paperwork so I need to get a substantial bookcase. I’ve got one picked out so hopefully it will be collected this week.

My Office Before - Floor

My biggest annoyance with this room is the wall sticker. I usually like inspirational quotes but I find having this on the wall super cheesy. Unfortunately when I tried to take it off when we first moved in, it started to take away the paint underneath. So begrudgingly I decided to wait until I decorated to remove it.

My Office Before - Wall Sticker

Plus as you may be able to see in the above photo – the room is really badly painted. The dirty cream colour has been splashed onto the ceiling in numerous places and you can see the paint brush marks particularly bad in the top corners of the room.

So my paint has been purchased and decorating will commence this week! I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end.

Check out my vision board for the room. 

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My Office Mood board

Though it’s a long way off from being finished – or even started for that matter – my office looks beautiful when I’m imagining it finished in my head. It’s going to be a slow burner this house so it’s all about settling in and then buying individual things as and when we can afford it. So for now, here’s my mood board for it.

I’m seeing shelves, lots of storage solutions since it’s a small room and the colours to be baby blue, black and white with gold accents. Since I’m a big fan of polkadots, there’s a pretty good chance that one of the walls will be reflecting this love of mine.

I promised myself that I could buy the shelves after I made enough to cover more than my half of the bills, which I’ve just about managed to do. So next month after I’ve been paid, I’m heading to IKEA. And of course that will go hand in hand with painting the room. Because I think it will be a lot easier to paint before rather than after I put the shelves up. So watch this space.

As I’ve mentioned, the furniture I’ve got in here isn’t that great but that’s not a priority so one day! Slow and steady. I just wish I wasn’t so impatient!

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