Tapas, Afternoon Tea and All the Cocktails

Topher and I don’t go out too often these days but when we do, we go all out. This day is definitely a large contributing factor to the reason we are now poor. I had a great time though and that’s all that matters!

We started the day with afternoon tea for the birthday of my soon to be mother in law. I’ve never been to 47 Kings Street West before but I definitely recommend it. As well as afternoon tea they also do meals including a Sunday roast. It was a Sunday when we went but the afternoon tea was filling enough!

I’m always surprised at how full I am after having an afternoon tea. I’ve never been able to finish one. I get smug after having the sandwiches and feeling fine but then the scone always finishes me off and then I force myself to at least have a couple of cakes afterwards.


Anyway, the sandwiches were delicious as were the scones. My scone did fall apart when I tried to slice it in half, which I hate but I made the best of it. It tasted delicious and that was all that mattered! The cakes were also good – at least the samples I had of them. The remainder had to be given to Topher who also surprisingly struggled a bit. I picked the “summer” tea, which was lovely – sweet and fruity!

The price was £16.95 for a regular afternoon tea, which I think is pretty reasonable. I would definitely return again to 47 Kings Street.

Afterwards, we headed to Las Iguanas for cocktails as we discovered they have happy hour “all day, every day” in celebration of their 25th birthday. Score! Plus they had non-alcoholic cocktails so we could easily bring in Topher’s 15-year-old stepbrother in too. The buy one get one free rules means you have to get two drinks the same but you can easily get around this by swapping with a friend. Emma and I switched so over the course of the afternoon I ended up with a Dark & Stormy, Guava Cava (not pictured), Vanilla Mai Tai and a Pink Passion Fruit.



After many hours of chatting and drinking, Topher’s mum and step brother had to head off home so Topher, Emma and I who had gotten quite hungry again met with a couple of friends and headed to Wahaca. I was so busy eating that I only took a single photo that was of the fish tacos I ate. It was a nice change but I’ll probably get something different next time.



After popping to a couple of pubs in the Northern Quarter we ended up at Cane & Grain upstairs in The First Floor Bar. I loved that you had to open a secret door in the wall to climb some stairs up to it and the décor was definitely up my street. The wallpaper was amazing and I wish I could have got a decent photo of the taxidermy squirrels that held the wall lamps.



I have to admit though, as amazing as the cocktails sounded on the menu and then their presentation when they were brought out, the taste itself was quite disappointing. The list of ingredients was so unique but it just ended up tasting like a generic cocktail that I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Mine was supposed to have ginger in it and I couldn’t taste any at all. Anyway, it was definitely not enough to write the place off. We only had one drink so I would definitely return for another round!


Overall I had a great day and evening out and am hoping it won’t be too long until the next!

Have you been to any of these places?

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Linkorama #4


Here are a few of my favourite things I’ve seen online in the last month.

This pink strawberry sangria looks delicious!


These colours are so bright and happy!

I can’t help but jump on the cactus print anything wagon


This made me giggle



Manage Your Money With The 50-20-30 Rule – Career Girl Daily

This really put Topher and I’s finances into perspective. Now we know exactly how much we need to be earning to live our lives!

48 hours in Rome, Italy – Being Erica

Erica went to Italy and my wanderlust has now returned to me with a vengeance! And speaking of wanderlust…

How to make a travel budget and stick to it! – Heroine in Training

This is definitely going to come in handy for our honeymoon!

Making Real Friends On The Internet – Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess

I agree with this 100%!

What would you link to from the last month?

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Food and drink

So on our big day out, the bf and I headed to The Blue Pig in the Northern Quarter, Manchester based on a recommendation from Claire. 
The Blue Pig is an interesting place. It’s a deli, a restaurant and a bar. If you want to try something different I would definitely recommend it. 



I had the Charlie Chaplin cocktail and the bf had a beer.
They have a selection of serving platters which look delicious but we were really hungry so the bf suggested going for the 3 course meal. It’s on the 333 menu where the dishes change every week so you’re always in for something different.  
We went with the following (forgive me for not knowing the exact names or what was in them – I was too busy eating!): 


My starter: Wild mushrooms, melted brie, caramelised onions on some kind of bread thing (it’s technical name).


Bf’s starter: Fishcakes

My main: Squid ink ravioli stuffed with crab meat, served with prawns and chilli.

Now even though I’m a massive seafood fan, the whole concept of squid ink freaked me out a bit. But after talking to our server, I was reassured that it was only one aspect of the dish. It appears that the ravioli was just soaked in it, turning the pasta black. To be honest, the whole dish was delicious! I would definitely recommend jumping a bit out of your comfort zone to try something a bit different.


Bf’s main: Pork loin and black pudding. He likes pig. Enough said.


My dessert: Chocolate thing (again, it’s technical name – who cares, it’s chocolate) with candied orange peel and red berries. 
Yum! Not too rich and enough there on the plate to satisfy.


Bf’s dessert: Cherry Bakewell pie with creme anglais. 
This looked (and tasted!) delicious!
Overall, I would definitely recommend the Blue Pig but it’s not somewhere I would go regularly as it is a bit pricey. It’s a special occasion kind of place. Thanks to the bf for paying!


Later on in the day we headed to Spinningfields to search for The Alchemist bar which was recommended by the bf’s sister. Known for it’s unusual cocktails. 




I had a Bubblegum daiquiri which had popping candy in it and it was so incredibly good! I need to learn to make one of these at home! The bf had a Long Island Iced Tea. 



Overall, I liked The Alchemist and would definitely go back. There was a good range of prices for the drinks so there’s something to suit every pocket. But for me personally it’s a one drink place due to my lack of money.
I had a lovely day out!
Have you visited any nice eateries recently?
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