March in Photos – Family, Friends and Food

Hello April and hello Spring.

I thought since I’ve been a bit MIA recently, especially with the “My Week” posts that I’d do a little catchup. I only posted six times during March and they were mainly travel posts so here are all the in between bits.

March in Photos - blue sky

Mental Health

It’s been all over the place this month. One minute I’m feeling fine and getting stuff done and the next I can’t get out of bed. The clocks changed which I’m hoping is going to improve my mood generally and those down points will get fewer and far between. I’ve been beating myself up less about not being active though so that’s a positive.

Friends & Family

We saw our friends a few times this month which was nice – a board game night at Claire and Steve’s, a birthday party for Topher’s mum and a leaving party for our other friends who are off to live in Japan for a year. Topher and I also babysat our friend’s 7 month old baby for a few hours which was a learning experience! Big respect to all the parents. The most I’d come into contact with a small human prior to this was holding one for about 30 seconds so it was interesting.

March in Photos - articulate

My parents came to stay with us too which saw the usual flurry of activity of food and doing bits around the house. Which brings me to…


We have a new bed in the guest room. The king size one we had in there before was uncomfortable and was probably about as old as I am. I always felt bad for our guests having to sleep on it but now I don’t have to. My parents gave us their old guest room bed which is only a double so there is SO much more space in the room now. You can actually walk around the bed. Of course this meant new bedding was needed. This Mexican inspired rainbow cat bedding is from Asda a few months ago. How cute is it?! Sombrero kitties for the win.

March in Photos - new bed

March in Photos -rainbow bedding

We also finally replaced our old cat tree which has been on it’s last legs for a long time now. This new one is amazing. It’s from Amazon* and is super tall. Perfect for our big cats. I actually adapted it slightly by not putting on the hammocks as Pickles especially is far too big for them and they’ll just break! Plus it just means more uninterrupted climbing for them both.

March in Photos - cat tree

Car fun

And speaking of new things I got a new car. Well, new to me anyway. It’s an automatic and has a few more bells and whistles than my old car so I’m pretty excited about it. I’m going to be selling my Clio this month once it’s finished being fixed after it got rear ended in February so hopefully I can rest easy with car stuff for awhile. Now please can all the bad drivers stay away from my new car so I can drive in peace?


Topher and I really need to get to the cinema more this month as we only went once during March. We saw Game Night which I really enjoyed. It’s been so long since I saw a comedy at the cinema where I was laughing out loud the whole way through. Definitely recommend.


I didn’t cook anything new this month as I wasn’t up to it but we did go out for two meals. The first was Bem Brasil with my parents which was nice. I didn’t take any photos as a) I was too busy eating meat and b) who wants to look at pictures of slivers of meat on a plate? The second place we went was just Topher and I to Wasabi in Chinatown. We’ve been before but we were really craving Japanese food so we nipped in before the leaving party at the weekend.

I bloody love ramen.

March in Photos - ramen

Easter came and went

Topher and I had only planned on having one egg each but we ended up with 2 each as his family got us some. Oh well, more chocolate for us. Now that that’s all over, I’m going to try and get back to my healthy eating. I’m not feeling particularly comfortable at the moment with my weight as it’s close to my heaviest so that’s gotta go. Back to the happy weight please.

March in Photos - easter

And finally, the cats

They’ve been their usual adorable selves. Pickles is being better at night as there was a point where he would keep us up for half of it. I put it down to the clocks changing. Luna has been extra cuddly recently – climbing on both our chests and attacking our faces with head bops – especially to Topher. She purrs super loud and is so intense it’s funny. Pickles has also found some toys to play with on his own which is great. Half of them were under the bed when we got the new one! We play with them both but it’s nice that they can amuse themselves too when we’re busy. Luna has always been fine with that but Pickles used to be extra work. So yay for that.

March in Photos - Pickles

As for April, I hope to get out to a car boot if it ever stops raining, get my decluttering on and get this blog back up to regular scheduling amongst other goals. Wish me luck!

How was your March?

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Film & TV Reviews – March

Brooklyn (2015)

4 out of 5 stars

I really wanted to see this in the cinema but as usual I missed it. I recently got a chance to watch it and in a word it was lovely. It’s about an Irish girl who moves to America in the 1950s but after visiting home gets torn between both lives. The story was sweet and I especially loved the costume design. Women moving to America in the 19th and 20th century is a niche genre that I love so the film really appealed to me. It’s a special kind of struggle moving away from everyone and everything you know and back then it was so much harder so it’s a point of view that I gravitate towards. I was happy to hear that this film was originally a book so it’s now on my Amazon wish list.

Flipped (2010)

4 out of 5 stars

While looking for films to watch over the last few years, I’ve kept seeing the name of this film crop up. I always picked something else but after stumbling across a trailer for it on Youtube I found out what it was actually about. Set in the 1970s, Juli and Bryce are two average American 8 year olds who are complete opposites. Juli loves Bryce. Bryce hates Juli. That was what it said online. But what I didn’t realise was that the interest was in the way that the film plays out. You watch a few scenes from Bryce’s point of view, then it flips and you watch the same scenes all from Juli’s point of view, then it flips back to Bryce and so on. It’s funny how a story can change purely based on who’s telling it. It’s a fun twist on a sweet coming of age story. Oh and it was directed by Rob Reiner which if you’ve ever seen When Harry Met Sally you’ll know it’s worth a watch.

You’re the worst (TV Show)

3 and a half out of 5 stars

Another TV show I stumbled across while looking for something new to watch. I hit a comedy gold mine. You’re the worst is on channel FX and is about Gretchen and Jimmy who are genuinely terrible toxic people. Somehow they find each other and attempt a relationship even though it’s not normally their thing. Throw in their friends Lindsay (a former slut now married and not sure what to do with herself) and Edgar (an army vet with PTSD) and you’ve got a funny show. It really makes me laugh so I think it’s worth a watch. Plus it’s nice to find a good American comedy with no laugh track – at least one that I haven’t already watched! There’s two seasons and they’ve just been renewed for a third. How had I not heard of this show before?

What have you been watching recently?

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My Week #11

So this is my 2016 so far. Is everyone having a good week? I know I am. Yes I was made redundant but it did feel pretty nice not having to get up early with the rest of the world on the 4th. Anyway, the year started off with a house party at my friends house where I used to live now. Loving what they’ve done with the place since I and the other lodger left. It looks so grown up! I can’t wait to move into my place which should hopefully be in the next couple of months.

Also technically in 2015 but I had to share anyway, I finally saw Star Wars. I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I was going to. Though was shocked that the actor who plays the baddie is from Girls. Hasn’t he been in everything recently? I was a bit distracted by that to be honest but the film was a good one – full of action and laughs.

Earlier this week Topher and I walked 16 miles. Daaamn we need a lot of training. Considering that was a quarter of the entire trek we definitely have our work cut out for us. Turns out that to town and back is 18 miles but we had to take the bus for the last two miles as we were dying and we had achieved our 16 mile goal. Next week we will make it home, that’s the plan. My new walking boots are fantastic. Not a blister in sight! Though I can’t say the same for my joints. My hips could not handle it. Maybe yoga would help to stretch them? Feel so old.

My Kikki-K planner arrived on New Years Eve – just in time and it’s so pretty. I love using it. Here’s to being more organised this year! As for the kitties, Pickles currently enjoys wrapping himself up in blankets to look like Yoda and Luna proved my box theory correct. Sick and tired of having your cats walk all over your work? Put a box on the table to distract them. They can’t help themselves but sit in it!

And finally in other news I got my first freelance VA role, woo hoo! It’s a only a few hours a month but it’s a start!

How was your week?

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My week: 31

I can’t believe it’s only December now. It feels like Christmas has been going on for ages. I blame my facebook feed for bragging about finishing their shopping weeks ago. Personally, now that it’s December it’s officially Christmas season. Let the fun begin!


Image copy-3

*Experimenting with my new laminator!
*I love this laminator far too much.
*Getting caught up on tv (Choccywoccydooda – yes this cake is made of chocolate)
*A clockwork orange – one of the bf’s films
*Laminated necklace
*Mince pie – my first of the actual xmas season
*Chocolate orange cupcake
*Did a craft/gift fair in Wigan today
So if you follow me on twitter then you may know about the challenge that me and the bf decided to where we basically watch each other’s films. He’s a horror film fanatic and I’m a scaredy cat who like’s Fred Astaire films….this should be interesting. We’re watching them in alphabetical order and are still on the A’s at the moment. This week I watched all 4 Alien films. I liked the second one best and was not a fan of the fourth one at all. I got him back with my Audrey Hepburn films though. Ha ha. We were thinking since it’s quite a funny challenge, we might record the experience on a blog. What do you think?
How was your week?
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My week: 30

A grey, but cheerful week in photos:

Image copy-2


*Work and a coffee.
*Healthy smoothie
*Started making a rug which is one of the things on my 25 before 25 list.
*Bought and watched A life less ordinary. Love this film!
*Bailey’s truffle chocolate – bought for me from the bf.
*My happy nails and experimenting with jewellery making
*A grey outfit post
*My job lot of scarves arrived
Next week marks the beginning of me getting a proper routine together. I think I’ve done quite well keeping on top of both my blogs and both my shops, but I need to be more productive generally. If I’m going to be self employed I need to power through my to do list. Especially with 2 fairs at the weekend. Bring it on!
How was your week?
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