Our Wedding Day – 15/7/17

Our wedding day without a doubt was the best day ever!

So far we’ve only had sneak peek photos from the day but they were so awesome I couldn’t wait to share them. Prepared to be photobombed.

All photos by our amazing photographer Nikki Cooper who I highly recommend – it was like having another friend there with us on the day.

There’s a running joke that Topher can’t dress himself if it’s more fancy than jeans and a t-shirt so I had to laugh when I saw they included a photo of him trying to put on his cufflinks. Bless!

wedding day - cufflinks

I had both my hair and makeup done professionally and it was really nice to feel pampered.

wedding day - makeup

It was such a humid day so this was inevitable. I love my bridesmaids!

wedding day - fan

We got married at The Bowdon Rooms in Altrincham and the venue were amazing every step of the way. They made my vision come to life. I’ll be doing a separate post with all the DIY details next week so stay tuned.

wedding day - ceremony

I love this picture!

wedding day - confetti

wedding day - everyone

Of course I had to get a jumping photo in there. I definitely don’t have enough jumping photos in my life so this is a great start! Will be getting at least one in on the honeymoon.

wedding day - jump

wedding day - diane and topher

wedding day - woods

My dress was from The Case of The Curious Bride, the bouquet I made myself and the veil was a custom piece by Crown and Glory adapted from their Nebula Ombre Embellished Veil that they collaborated on with Rock n Roll Bride. I felt like a princess. One that had free movement and didn’t need any help in the bathroom!

wedding day - veil

wedding day - speeches

We didn’t have any entertainment, just a spotify playlist. We were worried but it turned out amazing. Since we made the playlist ourselves it was perfect – actually a little too perfect. We spent the whole night on the dance floor and had friends saying they needed the bathroom but didn’t want to miss a song! So lesson learned, throw in a few less loved songs.

wedding day - dance

All in all it was a perfect day. I loved having everyone we loved in the same room and I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos and also the video.

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My Week #58 – A Week Full Of Food

my week #58

*Manchester University *Homemade paella

*Monday morning coffee *New hair

*Cocktails on the town *Outfit and tiles

*Luna *Introducing Emma to Mowgli

I didn’t realise exactly how much I did this week until I started writing!

I’ve been still dragging my feet getting back into my full routine but I introduced another section and feel a bit better for it. As for out of the house activities, they’ve been plentiful. We started the week by helping some friends out with their wedding dressing business. Apparently I really enjoy putting chair covers on. Quite satisfying and it was nice to get out of the house and help friends.

I stuck to Slimming World 100% for about 3 days and 50% the rest of the week.

And by some miracle managed to lose a pound so not bad going. My main worry was that the night before weigh in we went out for a friend’s birthday which included dinner and LOTS of cocktails. But I guess my hard work at the beginning of the week paid off. Yay!

I dyed my hair

Finally took the plunge and it’s now black with a hint of blue. I think I’m just about used to it now. It’s taken me a week. I love the length now so much – washing and brushing my hair is a breeze and my head feels so much lighter. Someone asked me if this was my new wife hair which made me laugh. My usual look is short dyed hair – I just let it grow long for the wedding so I could have it up. Yes I know that post is from 5 years ago but that hair makes me feel most like myself.

I left my natural colour in for the wedding I think because I plan on having a lot of different hair colours over my life so I wanted something natural for my wedding. Not sure if that makes any sense but it does to me and that’s all that matters.

I’m on a bit of a sorting out and decluttering spree again

Hopefully planning on doing another car boot this weekend (please don’t rain!) and I’ve been working hard to try and get the house back to normal again. I just let so much slide in the run up to the wedding. Everything is everywhere. I’m just glad I can work in my office again.

How was your week?

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Lucardo, Manchester – Contamination Room

I’ve only ever done a couple of Escape rooms, but Lucardo in Manchester is by far my favourite so far.

Lucardo - outside

The other week I received an invitation to come and try out one of their rooms with some of my friends. For those who haven’t done an escape room before, it’s basically a themed room where there is an objective that you have to achieve in 60 minutes with the help of puzzles and clues. Since I decided to bring Topher and our friends Steve and Claire, I picked out a room that I thought they would enjoy.

Lucardo Manchester

The Contamination room is notorious for being one of the most difficult escape rooms in Europe. So no pressure then! It has a science theme to it and the story is that you have to save Manchester from the threat of a virus breakout by finding a sample of the virus in the room. There are puzzles, clues and riddles along the way so you have to use your logic.

Lucardo - door

That’s all I will say about the room itself as I don’t want to spoil anything but we had an awesome time. And we had some very idiotic moments! By some miracle we managed to get the virus and escape the room with 3 minutes and 45 seconds to go. I think if it were just Topher and I in there we wouldn’t have gotten out at all! We worked very well as a team.

Lucardo - our escape time

It was a great way to spend an hour and I’ve already got everyone asking me when we’re all free to go back! We want to try out the other rooms on offer. There was a serial killer room, a WWII room, a diamond heist and also a lottery dream room to choose from. It’s perfect for friends, families and I even saw a couple by themselves who did it. Rooms will fit between 2 and 6 people so choose your team wisely.

Lucardo - the team

Thank you Lucardo for a great afternoon!

*Our tickets for the contamination room were free of charge but my opinions are my own and I will definitely be going back as a paying customer.

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#BEDM Day 18: My Scrapbook

Since today’s topic is nostalgia, I’m showing you an update of my holiday scrapbook for my holiday to Florida last year. It was one of the funnest trips I’ve ever been on and one of the first holidays I’ve done with a group of friends. Plus Topher proposed while we were out there which makes it extra special.

I’ve never actually made a scrapbook before so this is all new to me. It’s definitely something I want to continue doing in the future though. For the first few pages of this scrapbook, check out my first scrapbook update post.

So continuing on from there, here’s what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks.


The A Beautiful Mess papers were so useful for the Mexico pages. I love how they all look together!


I’m so happy with how the below page turned out. I actually meant the writing to be straight but I messed up the first couple and just went with it. See – I meant to do that!



I love how the Italy and Norway pages turned out. They are very different but are on the same spread which I assume should annoy me but it doesn’t in the slightest.



Since I had everyone’s costume’s as separate photos I wanted to be able to fit everyone on the same spread but of course the only way to do that would be to cut us all out. I’m so glad I did that and it turned out great!



I went a bit mad with the washi tape on this page but I really like the effect. It was perfect for Harry Potter.


Yes I saved my ice cream cone wrapper. I just couldn’t get over how cute the packaging was so I had to keep it. 


I also may have gotten impatient and skipped forward a bit to do Topher and I’s engagement page! It’s so great to be able to look back on that moment. I still can’t believe I had no idea.


Now I really look forward to Sunday’s where I’ll work on this while listening to a podcast. It’s really therapeutic. Here’s to the rest of this scrapbook and many more to come after.

Have you ever made a scrapbook?

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My week #13

And it’s February! Topher thinks January went on forever but I’m not so sure. Anyway, this is the month I find myself busy every weekend so there’s lots to look forward to. As for the last two weeks, it’s been on the more relaxing side. The weather has been miserable so we haven’t gone out much. I can’t wait until spring – sunlight makes me happy.

On the wedding front, I’m happy to say that we have now booked both a venue and a photographer. Time to relax a little. My bridesmaids and I are going to the National Wedding Fair in a couple of weeks but apart from that we can chill a little until the summer. Lovely! The house sale is also coming along – we received a load of paperwork for all the house checks so hopefully we’ll be able to get in next month. Fingers crossed!

We also did something we haven’t done in awhile – gone out clubbing. I felt old. Clubs really aren’t my scene but I had a good time seeing friends. I’m definitely more of an invite your friends around to play board games kinda gal. After years of asking I finally agreed to play Topher at chess. He was happy until I beat him. I did try to warn him that I went to a chess club when I was in primary school. Don’t mess.

On the creative front, I officially started my Florida scrapbook and it was going really well until I ran out of glue! So once I’ve got some more I’ll be back up and running. It’s quite therapeutic and I can’t wait to finish it. I’ve also got some more painting done which I have been turning into prints. After seeing other people on my Instagram feed reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, I bought myself a copy to see what all the fuss was about. So far, so good. I’ll probably do a review of it when I finish.

How has your fortnight been?

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