How to Bring the Outdoors Into Your Home


Bringing the outside, into your home is a great interior design choice, and can have so many other positive effects on your life. There are loads of way you can take interior design inspiration from nature, and the great outdoors, and use it in your home. You can do this by introducing plants, using certain patterns or textures, or even Using actual pieces from the outdoors to create that effect.

There is loads of inspiration online, so whatever you style, or whatever you want to utilise, there will be loads of inspiration online for you to use. Read on to find out how you can use this to create great effects in your home, and bring the outdoors into your home. There are so many cases of this improving your home environment, and people feeling more positive and relaxed, just because of how they design their home. What have you got to lose? Considering your interior design choices can have such a positive effects on both you and your loved ones. Read on to find out how you can use the outdoors in your home, it is much easier than you think.


The Forest

The forest is an amazing place, and it is super easy and simple to bring this element of nature into your home. This can be done in lots of ways, the most simplest being using wood. This can be anything from wooden floorboards, to give a rustic look to your home, or even using wooden furniture can have the same effect. The older the wooden furniture, the better the look, but be careful how natural material deteriorate over time. Most modern products, like Corndell furniture are super durable and greta to have around the home, but keep this in mind when thinking about purchasing vintage pieces!



Plants are a great thing to have about the home, not only to create more oxygen for you to breath in, but can be useful. Why not consider keeping some potted herbs in the kitchen, which can also be a fresh and flavoursome addition to your cooking in the evening. Just keep them on your kitchen window sill, and water them occasionally, and you will have a great addition to your cooking. There are also loads of kind of plants which thrive specifically in the home, so whatever your preference there is a plant out there for you. If you want something low maintenance there are always cacti which will thrive when the heating on, and you can forget about watering the for a month or two. They can be a great addition to any desk, and hopefully will help your be productive when at it!

Whatever your current interior design style, bringing the outside inside is simple an easy thing to do. You can do anything from bringing wood, or natural textures into your home, or even introduce plants as well. Whatever kind of plants you want, whether colourful or low maintenance, there is plenty of choice out there for you.

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My garden

For the first time in my life, I have a garden of my very own. Topher and I are both really excited to have some outdoor space that isn’t shared or just a concrete yard.

This is what our garden looks like now. The previous owners took great care of it, planting lots of flowers so even though it’s raining it still looks lovely. Though I can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can go out and mow the grass (I had no idea how satisfying I find that task!).

We’re going to be here for a number of years so I’ve got a few plans for our little garden.



I love the idea of having a window box full of homegrown herbs right outside the kitchen window. That would be so handy! And think of the money saved.



A truly aspirational picture. Though there’s no way this kind of garden could be mine in the UK, I can still dream right? Damn our weather.



Our shed that luckily the last people left behind could use a lick of paint. I’d love to paint it something other than brown. This shed by Sarah from A Million Dresses is awesome.



Though there’s usually only about two days a year that are BBQ friendly, I would still want a BBQ in the garden. This could be a great way to get a permanent weather proof one. My dad made one years ago so it’s definitely something I want to try. Though I would probably paint the bricks so it looks a little prettier!



Outdoor lights can transform a garden and would look amazing in the evening. These are definitely on my garden wish list. I’m just a sucker for fairy lights.


Do you have a garden?

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