My Week – From my sick bed – 1.1.18-7.1.18

Writing from my sick bed again today, lemsip in hand. It’s safe to say that 2018 hasn’t been the year of dreams for me so far. I think I’ll just brush this week under the rug and pretend it never happened. I look around social media and see everyone already achieving so much and it would be really easy to get myself down about it. But I’m not going to do that. I got sick, I can’t help it and the only thing I can do is go easy on myself and take this year at my own pace.

So how was my week? It makes me laugh that I can safely say that I’ve been sick all year. It’s just been a really bad flu so it could be worse. I’ve been in bed most of the week but I was able to venture out of the house for a few hours on Friday when I had a burst of energy.

Topher and I went to the cinema and saw The Greatest Showman and Ferdinand. Both films were really good and it was just what I needed. Ferdinand made us both laugh (though especially Topher – he was giggling more than the kids in the room) and The Greatest Showman was escapism at it’s finest. I enjoyed the film but I loved the soundtrack even more. When I got home I immediately checked Spotify to see if they had it and they did. Score! I’ve been listening to nothing since and it’s been a bright spot in the sea of sneezing, blankets, sore heads and tissues (so many tissues).

To round off a somewhat crappy week, I’ve done some damage to my car. Topher and I headed to the shop today to pick up some cat food and another driver almost crashed into us. It’s a ridiculous piece of road near us that is not clear which combined with the fact that the other person was going way too fast and didn’t realise it was my right of way luckily ended up with no damage to either car. We were both able to stop in time. Just.

So how did my car get damaged? I was flustered I ended up scraping my car alongside a lamppost when I was trying to move it out of the way. The sun was in my eyes and I didn’t see it. Silly silly. Luckily it’s all cosmetic damage as far as I can tell. Poor car.

Week 1 of 2018 is down and good riddance to it. Hopefully that’s all the bad stuff out of the way! Here’s to next week.

How was your week?

sick bed - new year

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My Week #25 – Colds and More Wedding Fairs

*Wearing jewellery for once *Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb

*VIP’s at the National Wedding Show *Curious Luna


Well it’s been a sniffly and snuffly week for me. Indeed I’ve been hit by the common cold and have been suffering the whole week. Luckily it seems to be on the way out just in time for my Halloween party tomorrow. Phew! So in between the nose blowing and the headaches I managed to drag myself to the National Wedding Show with Claire where we had VIP tickets! They included a free hair or makeup trial so we thought, why not?

It was a great idea to try something new because we aren’t the girliest of girls. I learned that even though I’ve been growing my hair for the wedding, I seriously need to stop now. I actually have too much hair! The side bun I wanted kind of turned into a massive monster growing out the side of my head. No fault to the lovely lady doing it – it was pretty but there was too much of it so I need to scadaddle to the nearest hair dresser before attempting that again. Chop it please!

Claire’s hair looked lovely – it gave her a great idea of what to do on the day. She’s a lucky little thing as her sister is pretty damn good at hair and makeup so she’s doing it for her. What a saving! I don’t think my brother would be up for doing mine somehow…

The rest of the show was great. We brought a suitcase with us for all the leaflets, magazines and free stuff which raised a few eyebrows at the beginning of the day but by the end people were looking on in envy. There’s just so much stuff as we discovered at the fair the three of us went to in February – and it was just me getting married! So with one woman down and one bride up, we had to get smart. It definitely paid off.

Afterwards, we headed to Home Sweet Home nearby to soak up the free prosecco with some mac and cheese (me) and a cheeseburger toastie (her) which I was so eager to eat that I didn’t get a picture of it. Yum! Just what the doctor ordered. Anyway, here’s to a sniffle free week!

How was your week?

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My week 13

Ok, serious lack of photos from during the week. I was not well at all on tuesday and had to stay home from work for the first time with this job. I never take sick days so this was for a good reason. So we will have to make do with what I’ve got.
The bf had the same virus so couldn’t come over to take care of me but my housemates’ cat Rose was my nurse instead. 


Her idea of taking care of me was to head-butt me in my face, walk over my stomach (ouch) and stick her nose, then her paw in my ear. 
She was also very sweet and curled up next to my head and a bit underneath. Kinda like a furry pillow. I am so getting my own cat one day 🙂
I had to take some photos of her, even though I look as awful as I felt, since she looked so cute. Covered it up ok with a filter though, ha ha.
On Sunday, I went to a car boot sale and got:


A teapot shaped like a carousel! – £1
2 Harry Potter board games in perfect condition – £2
A tea set where the tea cups have feet! So cute! – £1 for 4 teacups and saucers
2 films – 30p and 50p I think.
How was your week?


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