I opened a Zazzle shop!

I like to draw. I love to paint. I enjoy making things but I’ve been looking for a low key way of putting my doodles on products for a few years now and earlier this year I stumbled across Zazzle. They’re an e-commerce website that allow artists like me to design and put those designs on real products. You design, you list and when someone buys it Zazzle will manufacture and ship it. Then you get a royalty from the sale.

The items are listed on their site so people can find your stuff through search but then you also have your own individual store front that you can direct people to through your own social media etc. It seems like a great way to make passive income (once you’ve set everything up). I love how easy it is to list and fingers crossed I can make a little pocket money from it. My shop is called Dianeosaurus and I’ve only got phone cases on there so far but I can’t wait to expand.

Have you ever heard of Zazzle?

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Mr Nutcase review

Mr Nutcase appears to be some sort of mind reader. When I was in need of a new phone case, there they were in my inbox. Would I like to review one of their phone cases?* Yes please!

Their website was full of fun designs to choose from, as well as being able to upload your own photos. 
I decided to use one of my own designs and I am so pleased with how it turned out! 
The phone case arrived super quick and for £14.95 you get what you pay for. I love having such a unique phone case. 🙂
What phone case is your phone rocking at the moment?
*Disclaimer: Mr Nutcase sent me a phone case of my choosing to review. All opinions are my own.
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#BEDM DAY 30: Talent

It’s times like this when I wish I was American instead of British. American culture encourages you from an early age to big yourself up – that confidence is essential to drive you forward in life. I feel very British right now. Having to talk about what I think I’m good at makes me want to curl up in a ball in the corner and hope no one sees this. 

It reminds me of a time at school in England when a girl in my class had bitched about how I apparently thought I was “soooo good at art”, behind my back of course (don’t you just miss school?). Honestly, I wasn’t big headed about it at all so where her outburst came from I really couldn’t say. I didn’t care how bad or good I was. I just loved art. I would pretend I was injured so I could get out of PE and go to the empty classroom to paint, I doodled during other classes, I made comic books at home, all for the pure love of it.

Dis…dis is mein.

So, I’m going to be brave and share my opinion of my talent with strangers. Lets do this. I’m good at drawing. Scratch that, I’m a freaking FANTABULOUS illustrator! I always wanted to be something creative when I was younger but somewhere along the way I guess I lost my way. I somehow managed to get into business studies at college (definitely not arty), then fashion business (slightly more creative) at uni.


This guy needs some more adventures!
I started this blog to get back in touch with my creative side after working at a boring job and somewhere between losing that job and getting my current one I lost my mojo again. I do have a habit of losing things…
Now that I’m commuting, I’m already making more time for my drawing again – just doing a few doodles here and there to get back in the swing of things. It’s just like riding a bike I think; slightly shaky at first, then with practice you’re speeding along with the wind in your hair again. 


See what I did there? 
One more: you can go ahead and rain on my parade, I’ve got an umbrella (boom!).
Well, lots of umbrellas to put it more accurately. 
Long term readers may recognise these prints of mine from quite a long time ago. I just want to do more things like this. This is my way of saying, stay tuned. I don’t want to ignore my talent again.
And if you don’t think I’m talented at drawing then don’t worry, I can also pick up random objects with my toes. See, I told you I’d work that in there somehow, Topher!
What’s your talent?


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Outfit post: An illustrated edition

Now that I walk through town to get to work I get the free newspaper on the way. The other week, the edition of the Stylist was a completely illustrated one. Amazing! 


It inspired me to keep going with my drawing and maybe even implement it into a few other areas. So I did this:


The writing is a bit small here so see below for the full transcription:
“When it comes to my wardrobe a piece is for all year round, not just for a single season. This outfit has seen me through both summer and winter. I just change up the accessories and layering. I can’t believe I found this skirt in a sale rack in Primark. It has been my go-to skirt this year. I love pairing it with this sleeveless New Look dress/tunic and my beloved River Island ankle boots. Do you have specific season items that you wear all year round anyway?”
So, do you? And what do you think of this illustrated post? My thoughts are make the pictures bigger, but would you mind if I did another one sometime?
Btw, what do you think of my blog re-design?
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My week: 34

It’s been one exciting week! Mainly because of my new shop in Afflecks but also because it’s almost Christmas! Woo! (feel like such a kid!)

Image copy-6


*My shop!
*Claire multi-tasking like a boss! Thanks for all the help!
*Claire almost broke her ankle on Wednesday which lead me, the bf and Ant on an adventure to 3 hospitals between 11pm & 1am to find her. We found her. 
*Affleck’s Xmas party. I won a bottle of Chardonnay in the raffle. Score!
*The bf with our GIANT gingerbread man. They’re only £2.50 in Greggs. 
*A new Charles doodle
*Dominos feeding the bf’s pizza and lord of the rings addiction simultaneously 
*Ikea gingerbread house that advertised on the sign next to them “coming with everything you need”…open the box late last night to find only pieces of gingerbread house. Nothing to stick and nothing to decorate. Needless to say we just consumed the thing in it’s collapsed state. Mmm gingerbread. 
Happy Christmas Eve everyone! 
How was your week?
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