Tapas, Afternoon Tea and All the Cocktails

Topher and I don’t go out too often these days but when we do, we go all out. This day is definitely a large contributing factor to the reason we are now poor. I had a great time though and that’s all that matters!

We started the day with afternoon tea for the birthday of my soon to be mother in law. I’ve never been to 47 Kings Street West before but I definitely recommend it. As well as afternoon tea they also do meals including a Sunday roast. It was a Sunday when we went but the afternoon tea was filling enough!

I’m always surprised at how full I am after having an afternoon tea. I’ve never been able to finish one. I get smug after having the sandwiches and feeling fine but then the scone always finishes me off and then I force myself to at least have a couple of cakes afterwards.


Anyway, the sandwiches were delicious as were the scones. My scone did fall apart when I tried to slice it in half, which I hate but I made the best of it. It tasted delicious and that was all that mattered! The cakes were also good – at least the samples I had of them. The remainder had to be given to Topher who also surprisingly struggled a bit. I picked the “summer” tea, which was lovely – sweet and fruity!

The price was £16.95 for a regular afternoon tea, which I think is pretty reasonable. I would definitely return again to 47 Kings Street.

Afterwards, we headed to Las Iguanas for cocktails as we discovered they have happy hour “all day, every day” in celebration of their 25th birthday. Score! Plus they had non-alcoholic cocktails so we could easily bring in Topher’s 15-year-old stepbrother in too. The buy one get one free rules means you have to get two drinks the same but you can easily get around this by swapping with a friend. Emma and I switched so over the course of the afternoon I ended up with a Dark & Stormy, Guava Cava (not pictured), Vanilla Mai Tai and a Pink Passion Fruit.



After many hours of chatting and drinking, Topher’s mum and step brother had to head off home so Topher, Emma and I who had gotten quite hungry again met with a couple of friends and headed to Wahaca. I was so busy eating that I only took a single photo that was of the fish tacos I ate. It was a nice change but I’ll probably get something different next time.



After popping to a couple of pubs in the Northern Quarter we ended up at Cane & Grain upstairs in The First Floor Bar. I loved that you had to open a secret door in the wall to climb some stairs up to it and the décor was definitely up my street. The wallpaper was amazing and I wish I could have got a decent photo of the taxidermy squirrels that held the wall lamps.



I have to admit though, as amazing as the cocktails sounded on the menu and then their presentation when they were brought out, the taste itself was quite disappointing. The list of ingredients was so unique but it just ended up tasting like a generic cocktail that I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Mine was supposed to have ginger in it and I couldn’t taste any at all. Anyway, it was definitely not enough to write the place off. We only had one drink so I would definitely return for another round!


Overall I had a great day and evening out and am hoping it won’t be too long until the next!

Have you been to any of these places?

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A weekend of food = Food Coma

It’s not every weekend when I get three meals out, but this last one had my calendar full. 
First stop was Cabana: Brasilian Barbecue on the Friday with my parents. We needed food after shopping for a dress for me to wear at my cousin’s wedding (mission accomplished btw). 


I loved the decor





My mum opted for the garlic chicken which by far looked the best out of our three meals.


My dad had the burger



And I had the steak and sweet potato fries. 
Overall we were left a bit underwhelmed by the food. The sweet potato fries were more fry than sweet potato if that makes sense. I couldn’t taste much sweet potato at all. I had also asked for a medium rare steak which as you can see in the photo was pretty much cremated. 
If I wasn’t to be weighed the next morning I think we would have gotten some of the street food as that looked pretty good. Hopefully it was just bad luck for us that evening – we went to the Westfield branch. 
On Saturday morning, it was time for Slimming World and since it was the first meeting of the month that means tasting. Basically everyone brings in something that is free or low syn and everyone chows down. Delicious! I got to try lots of new things and learn new recipes which I have already started putting into practise. (And I lost 2lbs! Getting closer to 2st!)



For lunch with the family and the bf we went to Las Iguanas. I have been a few times before and have always enjoyed the Latin food.



I had the Xim Xim chicken which is chicken in a peanut, coconut and crayfish sauce. Yum!



The bf had an enchilada. 



And my mum and cousin both had fajitas. 



Even though we were pretty full, the bf and I managed to force ourselves to share a cheesecake!
Then finally on the Sunday, the bf and I went to our old favourite Yo Sushi for lunch. 



Now if you go on a Sunday they have an offer called Sunday Munch where you can get 10 plates for £20 each. But everyone in your party has to do it. We didn’t realise that, so had to get some extra plates to get it up to 20. It was either pay £44 for 14 plates or £40 for 20. Topher clapped his hands and said “Challenge excepted”. 
I have never had so much sushi in my life! Don’t do this offer/challenge unless you have the stomach (literally) for it. Even the bf was struggling by the end. 


Serious food coma faces! I wanted to curl up and die.
One (or maybe two) of the 20 plates we had was chocolate mochi. Which is described as “Soft Japanese rice cake ball filled with dark chocolate ganache filling”


Seriously you need to try these. They are amazing!
Then we made a wandering, waddling pilgrimage to Laduree in Harrods. Yes this is straight after the sushi, but it was part of my plan all day and they were to be saved for later! Because no matter how full we were, we’ll always be hungry later!




Raspberry gold leaf macaroon
After seeing these on Carrie’s Wish Wish Wish, I needed one. Luckily they had one left when we got there! Definitely the first time I’ve eaten gold.



And now that the weekend is over, I’m back onto the slimming world plan for the week ahead!
When’s the last time you were in a food coma?
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