Pickles and Luna: 2 Years On

I cannot believe that my babies have now been in my life for 2 years now! This time in 2015 I had only owned Pickles and Luna for a few days but Topher and I were already smitten. It feels like we’ve had them forever. Here’s when we got them and my update last year on their one year anniversary.



Pickles Loves

  • His food…and Luna’s food and anything that involves food
  • Olives – this totally confused us when we got some green olives in one day but it turns out that there’s something in them that is pretty much the same as catnip!
  • Morning and evening cuddles under the covers – but only with me. Such a mummy’s boy!
  • Luna – anywhere she’s sleeping he’ll squeeze himself in and cuddle up to her.
  • Locking himself in the bathroom by jumping up against the door.

pickles sleeping

Pickles Hates

  • Loud noises – the vacuum is his nemesis!
  • When anyone knocks at the door
  • When Topher and I go to sleep at night – he seems to like demanding attention at all hours.


Luna Loves

  • Head bops
  • Screaming upstairs by herself for no reason
  • Playing with anything – whether it’s moving or not
  • Casually clawing my legs when she wants to sit on my lap
  • Pickles. Even though he annoys her sometimes, she’ll happily wash his head when he’s curled up next to her.
  • Sitting outside the bathroom door while Pickles is locked inside
  • Sitting on the Playstation because it is made of warm. She’s even figured out how to turn it on!

Luna cape

Luna Hates

  • Being picked up unless she’s on her side and you immediately start kissing her head
  • New people – she will hide for at least an hour until curiosity gets the better of her
  • Closed doors – which was fun when I was redecorating. So much meowing!


I love them both so much! Such a cat lady. Here’s to another year of love, fluff and laughs!

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My Week #20 – Weddings, Villages and Cat Antics

my week 20 - 2

*Pickles still loves shoes. *Our table at our friends wedding.

*We scrub up well. *Organising my recipes.

*Luna being all cute *Drove up to Holmfirth to try on some wedding dresses

*Emma’s Tea Parlour in Holmfirth *Pickles standing in a bowl full of water


So it’s been a bit of a hectic week starting off with our friend’s wedding. Actually they’re the couple I used to live with when I started this blog! Long time readers may remember their cats Axl and Rose. Talk about a throwback! Anyway, their wedding was lovely. Both Topher and I cried numerous times so we know for a fact that when it comes to our own wedding we’ll both be wrecks! The bride and groom looked great and the food and dancing were awesome. Even though it rained pretty much the whole day, they took it in their stride and in the end it didn’t matter at all. Brilliant day. Congrats Nich and Andy!

My ongoing battle to get the house organised is still going strong. I got my recipes organised and now I need to tackle my office which has been over riddled with all my old rubbish from my parent’s house. Thanks mum! One day I’ll see my desk again. For now it’s the dining room table and Ziferblat that have been my saviours. I’ve been working on a new business venture behind the scenes as well which will be launching next year. More on that to come.

On Wednesday I headed over to Holmfirth with the parents and Topher in tow to go to a wedding dress shop. Topher didn’t come in of course – he was there for the cream tea after! We had that at Emma’s Tea Parlour. Yum yum. So on the dress front – I am super close to finding the one (squee!). It was a glorious sunshine filled day and Holmfirth was so pretty! I wish I’d taken more photos. It’s actually where they filmed Last of The Summer Wine. That was confirmed by the tour bus that passed us on the way back to the car.

In other news, the cats were up to their usual antics. Luna was good as gold while Pickles tried to fit himself into Topher’s shoe and then stood in his water bowl. Which he then proceeded to drink out of…while his foot was still in there. Little weirdo.

How was your week?


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My week #19 – Birmingham, Dresses and Pizza

my week 19 - 2

*The target dress *Pickles sitting like a human again

*Pulling weeds in the garden *Birmingham

*Birmingham street art *Pizza Hut

*Luna having a dance *September goals in my bullet journal


So this week has been the week of focus. After trying on the dress I’m going to be wearing to the weddings we are going to this month before we went away, I was satisfied with the fit. After returning, I was not. I put on 3 and a half pounds while I was away on both the hen party and the trip to Devon and that was fine with me. The only thing that wasn’t fine was that now the dress was uncomfortable to wear. And I can’t afford another one. Therefore I was on it this week. I hung the dress up in the landing so I saw it numerous times each day. That gave me the focus to go and lose 3 and a half pounds this week. Yay! So now I can eat, drink and be merry at the wedding this weekend!

Speaking of wedding stuff, Topher and I headed down to Birmingham this week to have an engagement shoot with our wedding photographer. It was a super sunny day and there was so much laughing throughout the shoot. Fingers crossed our poor photographer got some good shots out of us – we are so awkward! Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut and had a wander around the Bullring before heading back up north. Lovely day.

Since the sun made an appearance this week, I managed to get out into the garden to get some work done on it. We want a border around the edge but there is some serious tidying, trimming and weeding to do so I’ve made a good start this week. I think I may end up enjoying gardening!

And finally, I have to say that I’m in love with my bullet journal. I am so pumped for September. I’ve got all my goals and all my trackers set up so I am ready for it.

How was your week?

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My Week #18 – Hen Parties and Country Living

my week #18 - 2

*My uni friend Nich’s hen party. *The cottage we stayed in for it.

*Into the woods! *Topher and I posing for a rare selfie.

*Exeter Cathedral *Topher and his half sister – yes she is tugging his beard. Emma and I told her to!

*Emma and I at a museum in Exeter *Back home with Pickles

So I’m back from the West Country. It’s been a busy couple of weeks but I’ve had fun and had lots of food. The scales were not happy to see me at all when I returned!

First off the hen party. Now I haven’t been to many hen parties in my time but I have to say that hands down this was the best one I’ve ever been to. The usual image of hen parties in this country always used to strike up the same image of women completely off their faces stumbling around the city waving various forms of penis related paraphernalia. Not my idea of a good night out.

But from the beginning you could see this one was different. With just over 20 of us staying in 2 semi detached cottages somewhere near Buxton, there were plenty of laughs, games and food & drink. The chief bridesmaid (the bride’s sister) had organised everything with help from the other bridesmaids and the mother of the bride from the accommodation and food, right down to all the fun games we played. The highlight was a scavenger hunt in the nearby village where we all wore 1920s outfits.

After that weekend, it was time to pack my bags again and head down to Devon with Topher and Emma to visit their grandparents and for me to meet their dad and half sister. I’ll do a full post on the holiday next week but I’ll just throw in that I’m so proud I only put on 1 and a half pounds that week. Especially with all the tasty food I ate!

As much as I enjoy holidays, I always look forward to coming home. Especially since we got the cats. I really missed Pickles and Luna and it was so great to get them back in the house with us. Anyway, it’s back to work and back to life. Have a great weekend!

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#BEDM Day 13: A Day In The Life

Happy Friday the 13th! Well I don’t know about you but I had a pretty good day considering it’s supposed to be a day full of bad luck. Anyway, here’s my day in the life. One in which I leave the house. I know, exciting right? Yes I’m a hermit.

So what better way to start than with the breakfast of champions? Porridge with bananas, cinnamon and almond milk, half a grapefruit and a big mug of coffee. This is how my day starts. After a quick shower at least. Just like when I had a 9-5, reading blogs in the morning over breakfast is really important to me. It’s my favourite way to set myself up for the day.


After a marathon of reading, I get a few errands around the house done before getting dressed and ready to head out. But not before stopping to give this one a quick cuddle!


Pickles has a current obsession with sinks. He’ll meow and rub his head against the tap until you turn it on. Then he’ll madly bat his paw at the stream of water. Silly boy.


Quick hair check!


Then it’s a speed walk to the train station. How nice was the weather today? A bit on the chilly side but I got some use out of my sunglasses.




Arriving at Zieferblat for Freelance Friday I stop for a glass of cucumber & mint water. Yum!


Then I set myself up and get to work (and chat to my fellow freelancers!).



I’ve got to head home a bit early today so I can drop Topher at work so I get the crowded rush hour train home. Luckily I manage to grab a seat.


Another lovely walk home. I like this commute!


Once I’ve dropped Topher off, it’s time to make my dinner of steak, potatoes and veg and then I can relax.


The rest of the evening is spent watching Netflix and waiting to pick up Topher. Then just a bit more work I need to finish off and it’s off to bed with me. Not a bad day as Friday the 13th’s go!

What does your day look like?

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