The Dead Sea – Jordan

The Dead Sea – Jordan

Regular readers will know that I go to Jordan every year to visit my family. For the last couple of years, Topher has joined me and for the first time this year his sister Emma came too.

Of course this meant we had to live like tourists for our two and a half week stay (especially since Topher had only done Amman and the Dead Sea once) so we began with a nights stay in the Marriott Dead Sea Resort.

dead sea - group shot

If you ever find yourself in Jordan, The Dead Sea is a must visit. It’s the lowest point on the planet and it’s a sea that’s so salty that no living thing can live in it. Plus it makes you float on the surface which is a great opportunity to do the ultimate tourist pose and float reading a book for the camera.

It’s less than an hour’s drive away from Amman so perfect for a day trip but we decided to begin our quest south there and stay overnight. I’ve stayed in the Marriott once about 12 years ago and I still remembered it as the comfiest bed I ever slept on so it’s a must if you’ve got room in your budget for a bit of luxury. Damn I miss travelling with my parents!

dead sea - lobby

The Dead Sea is ridiculously humid which is a stark contrast to Amman which is more of a dry heat. So I think we only lasted about 10 minutes outside fully clothed before I wanted to either fling myself in a pool or rush inside back to that sweet air conditioning. It was nice to take a tour of the pools but I really wanted to get my swimming costume on and get in the sea.

dead sea - room view

There were three pools to choose from surrounded by stunning grounds. How pretty are all the flowers?

dead sea - signs

dead sea - trellis

dead sea - fountain

The sea itself is located down a massive load of steps where the resort had cordoned off their own section for guests to swim in. If you’re not staying in a resort you can either get a day pass or just use one of the public beaches further along.

dead sea - sea view

So the usual routine (at least at the resort) is to have a float around in the sea itself before walking over to one of the barrels of free Dead Sea mud and covering yourself with it before rinsing it off in the showers on the beach.

One piece of advice I have for you, ladies (and gents if you’re so inclined) DO NOT shave your legs before going in the Dead Sea. Definitely don’t do it the same day and I would avoid doing it the day before because that stings like hell – this may be coming from experience. And same if you have any cuts or blisters. It’s good for them yes but man oh man it hurts.

This was actually the first time I had gone in the sea in years because the last couple of times I had both of the above problems. I had a large scratch on my leg which had just healed and I had shaved my legs two days earlier. Both my legs were tingly in the sea but not painful so phew!

dead sea - floating

I actually took my phone in this time and managed to not drop it in so #winning. It’s a weird sensation floating on top of the water but it’s really fun and an experience you should definitely have once in your life.

dead sea - sea selfie

Now you may not have heard of the Dead Sea before but you surely would have seen Dead Sea mud products in stores all over the world. This is the famous mud that is known for being amazing for your skin as it’s rich in salts and minerals, particularly magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium. There’s a long list of benefits to the mud and it’s a fun experience to slather yourself in it for no extra cost. Who needs a spa?

dead sea - mud

Just one more warning; when putting the mud on your face take care that your face isn’t too wet. Emma found out the hard way and some salt water dribbled into her eye. Major stinging. Luckily the lifeguard was on hand with some water in lightning speed. Stay safe kids.

After that we rinsed off and headed up to the pools to cool off some more. It’s so hot here I just recommend being in a body of water at all times!

dead sea - pool

Night time around the resort is just as pretty and after dinner we had another wander round. I definitely recommend staying over one night as it’s nice to just take some time to relax. We needed it as the next day our adventures continued to Wadi Rum.

dead sea - night

Stay tuned for my next Jordan instalment!

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Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club

It’s been awhile since I had breakfast at a hotel. When I was a kid and used to travel all the time with my family I used to LOVE them and I mean love. So when I was invited to a complimentary breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club I eagerly accepted. It is the most important meal of the day after all!

The location of Worsley Park Marriott is great if you’re driving. Situated just off the M60 it’s so easy to find and within minutes you’re surrounded by greenery. Perfect if you want to travel to Manchester but don’t want all the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel - Grill in the park

Breakfast at the Marriott is served at their Grill in the Park restaurant between 6.30am and 11am on weekdays and 7am – 11am on the weekends. If you’re staying at the hotel, it’s only £10 for breakfast and if you’re not it’s £16 for the buffet and £12 for continental.

Walking through the hotel to get to the restaurant, I could definitely tell I was in a Marriott. I’ve been to Marriott’s before but never this particular one so I definitely felt that it fit in with the chain’s ‘vibe’.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel grill in the park worsley

Part of the restaurant looks out onto this courtyard. Though it was freezing being January and all, I can tell it would be amazing sitting out there during the summer. Is it summer yet?

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel grill in the park courtyard

I showed up early so I got to have a wander around the buffet first without there being too many people around.  Buffet strategy is a must with me. I like to case the joint. With my courses decided, I began my feast.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel grill in the park restaurant

Apologies for the dark photos below, in hindsight I should have sat next to the window with natural light being a bloggers best friend and all but I wanted to be close to the food. Priorities right? But even though the lighting was terrible for photos, most normal people aren’t looking to take photos so it was ideal for that first thing in the morning, I haven’t had my coffee yet crowd.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel juice

So first up is juice of course. Big thumbs up to the Marriott for having more than just orange juice. I’m not a fan of OJ so I tried some cranberry. A lot of hotels have been catching on to offering multiple juices but every once in awhile I stumble across one where I have to get tap water.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel cereal

As well as the cereal that was on offer, I also noticed that they have toppings like hazelnuts, seeds and dried fruit. I’ve never seen that before though I’m not usually a cereal person but it was a nice touch. Instead, I headed to the toast.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel toppings

I can’t speak for the strawberry or blackcurrent jam but the apricot was delicious! As for the mandarin, I wasn’t a fan but it’s nice to see so much choice.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel jam

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel - toast

As standard with any hotel breakfast, you can order coffee or tea right to your table. Sweet sweet caffeine!

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel coffee

Speaking of choice earlier, I had a difficult one to make when it came to the fruit. In the end I decided on the berries and greek yoghurt which was really good.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel fruit

I’ve seen cold meat at a breakfast buffet before but never smoked salmon. And I am obsessed with smoked salmon so it was a welcome surprise. I decided to save that for part of my main course. Also it was definitely a first for me to see a cheese board which I think is awesome. Maybe other places do offer them but I’ve never spotted any.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel smoked salmon and cheese

Course one and two demolished.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel - breakfast at grill in the park worsley

As for hot food, you can get the full english here which is a must for a UK breakfast buffet. I should also mention that there is also a menu where you can order items like pancakes a la carte.

Now when it comes to me personally, I usually stumble at the hot section at most breakfast buffets due to not eating pork. That and I’m not really a fan of beans or cooked tomatoes either… so I’m usually left with eggs on toast and a hash brown.

That wasn’t a problem at all here. Worsley Park Marriott are well known for their omelette station where you can get just about anything you want thrown in and cooked right in front of you.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel omelettes

However, as tempting as the omelettes looked, I had already spotted the smoked salmon earlier. So I popped some on toast and helped myself to a couple of poached eggs from the buffet. Perfect!

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel poached eggs

Finally for dessert, I had perused the pastry and muffin section and found my winners. Though there was no pain au chocolat which is usually a must for me, this chocolate pastry I picked up instead was amazing! and the muffin was also very tasty. The perfect end to the meal with my coffee.

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel - pastries

Well and truly stuffed I headed home a happy lady. I definitely recommend paying a visit to the Worsley Park Marriott Hotel next time you’re in Manchester or just fancy a staycation. They’re well known for their golf course and you can even get married there.

Thanks Worsley Park for breakfast!

Breakfast at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel - Worsley Park Marriott

*Breakfast was complimentary but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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