Top Picks #48

  1. Embroidery Hoop, £24 – Stitching Business @ Etsy

I really like the design of this embroidery hoop. I wish they had a few more options with different designs and colours of houses though.

2.  Sandals, £29 – Accessorize*

I really like the star cut out detail on these sandals. They look like they’d be perfect for a city break paired with skinny jeans and a laid back tee.

3. Sundress, £40 – Joanie

And they’ve done it again. Joanie have brought out another sundress I am in love with. So much love for this one.

4. Notebook, £27.50 – Paperchase

I know it’s awhile until I need another bullet journal but when that time does come, this one is definitely a contender. It has grid pages which I think will make doing layouts a whole lot simpler. It’s leather too, which gives it a luxury feel.

5. Swimsuit, £28 – Joanie

Joanie has a swimwear range! I don’t really see the straps being particularly supportive on this particular suit but I love the print.

6. Brooch, £60 – Tatty Devine

This brooch is awesome! So cute. Apparently it has a view finder that you can really look through – how cool is that?

7. Dress, $584.99 – Modcloth*

I’m not usually one for strapless dresses but the print on this one is way too eye-catching to ignore. It makes me want to go somewhere sunny and hot like Cuba. I didn’t realise it was by Anna Sui straight away but after I did, I wasn’t surprised that I picked it. I used to idolize Anna Sui as a teenager. She made me want to be a fashion designer.

8. Earrings, £22 – From My Bear Hands @Etsy

These earrings are so sparkly and lovely! I can’t wait until my ears are healed and I can start wearing other earrings.

9. Shoes, £35 – Dorothy Perkins*

I’m in love with these shoes. It’s a shame I don’t wear heals though. I wish they did them in a flat sandal design. They do have them in a flat mule design but I don’t really like mules. For a klutz like me they’re recipe for disaster!

10. Dress, £34 – Minimum Mouse

This print is awesome! Unfortunately it’s out of stock at the moment but here’s hoping it comes back soon.


What are your top picks this week? 

Note that items marked with * are affiliate links. 

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Top Picks #41

  1. Top, £34 – Sugarhill Boutique

Another take on the Breton top style that I love so much. The embroidery detail is so cute and I would seriously consider getting this in both the red seen here and the navy it also comes in.

  1. Binder, £8 – Paperchase

I don’t think I’ve ever put a binder on one of my top picks before but isn’t it pretty? Hopefully an addition for my soon to be pretty office.

  1. Skirt, £27 – PicknMix @ Etsy

The pattern on this skirt is amazing – so pretty. And yes I’m still definitely well and truly into celestial themed products apparently!

  1. Mug, £12 – Urban Outfitters

This cactus mug is so fun! Love it.

  1. Shirt, £30 – Topshop*

Simply because OMG pandas. End of.

  1. Watch, £107 – ASOS*

As much as I love my current Kate Spade watch, this one is seriously pretty and it’s black which I’m really into at the moment. I also love that the rose gold features would also go rather nicely with my engagement ring.

  1. Vinyl Sticker, £2.88 – Sleepy Mountain @Etsy

Topher and I both love The Office so this sticker needs to be in our home somewhere. Now if only this shop had a Stanley waffle day sticker – then we would be all set!

  1. Cushion, £3.99 – H&M

This would look awesome in my office once it’s decorated next month. (Can’t wait!)

  1. Shirt, $59.99 – Modcloth*

The detailing on this shirt is so damn cute and happy it makes me smile. It just screams spring and reminds me that there are warmer days to come!

  1. Pinafore, £15 – ASOS*

I’ve been getting to thinking about a capsule wardrobe recently and when I came across this Pinafore, I thought it would be the perfect addition. Imagine the sheer amount of items it would go with and how you can dress it up or down. Plus, how great is the price?

What’s on your imaginary shopping list at the moment?

Products with * contain affiliate links.

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Top Picks #39

1. Jumper, £35 – Oasis*

One of these days I’ll actually go out and buy one of these stripy jumpers I keep putting on these lists. I like that this one has an extra bit of colour detail to it.

2. Manchester Print, £15.95 – Fox & Velvet @

You can tell I’m shopping for my landing gallery wall now can’t you? Well we can’t have a gallery wall and have nothing dedicated to Manchester! I love this print and I already have the NYC print from this same shop.

3. Jumper, £39 – Joy

I literally only picked this top because I love George Takei. Oh My…..

4. Coffee Print, £9.50 – The Motivated Type @

This print really makes me think of Topher. It’s totally him. Though the same can be said for me as well. I just don’t need 3 cups of the stuff before 9am.

5. Dress, £31 – Yumi

I love me some polka dots! The fact that this dress is both a midi and has a waist tie make it a winner in my book. I’d style it with a leather jacket and Chelsea boots for a monochrome look.

6. Candles, £8 – Urban Outfitters*

I wouldn’t consider myself a candle person but aren’t these adorable? Plus it would be cool to have some plants around the house that won’t die (unless you count slowly melting away).

7. Necklace, £20 – Kate Rowland @ Etsy

This necklace is everything. The sheer amount of detail that has gone into it is incredible. I would be tempted to wear this all year round!

8. Pyjamas, £34 – Boux Avenue

These pjs are too cute. A girl can never have too many sets – especially seasonal ones, right? Plus Boux Avenue has a deal of buying one set and getting another completely free.

9. Top, £39 – Sugarhill Boutique

I am in love with the back of this top. It’s the kind of top where I would want to wear my hair up and just walk backwards all day.

10. Shoes, $89.99 – Modcloth

These shoes are ridiculous! I love them. I want to buy them with all my imaginary money and wear them to all the Disney parks in the world.

What’s caught your eye this week?

Please be noted that any items marked with * are affiliate links.

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Top Picks #38

1. Pinafore, £49 – Joy

So apparently I still can’t resist a scallop hem. How sweet it this pinafore? I love everything about it. Think of the layering!

2. Cat necklace, £17 – Eclectic Eccentricity

Another cat necklace! I love the fact that this one is origami, which I’ve never seen before, at least not with a cat. So cute.

3. Necklace, £17 – Eclectic Eccentricity

I can’t stop thinking about our honeymoon next year and with the Big Apple being one of our stops, I couldn’t help but pick out this necklace. Especially since I actually have a New York snow globe at home from my first ever trip there.

4. Dress, £75 – Oasis

I am lusting after this entire Oasis collection! The prints are gorgeous. They’re in collaboration with the Warner Textile Archive. I’m also loving the black and gold midi dress they have too.

5. Top, £35 – Topshop

I seem to be gravitating to a lot of black recently but the shape of this top is so nice I would definitely get it if they had it in other colours too.

6. Shoes, $109.99 – Modcloth

The detailing on these flats is amazing. So pretty! I like that the flowers are in the same colour as the shoes but it would also look striking with a contrasting colour.

7. Plate, £4.99 – H&M

The print on this plate is so delicate and lovely. Still into stars apparently.

8. Dinosaur necklace, £16.50 – Eclectic Eccentricity

I can never resist a dinosaur and this necklace is no different. It’s unusual and I love it to pieces. Christmas list please!

9. Skirt, £30 – Lindy Bop

How perfect would this skirt be for bonfire night? The carousels on the bottom are awesome! Get in my wardrobe please.

10. Bag, £59 – Accessorize

I actually saw this bag instore a month or so ago but have never seen it online until now. So pretty! I’ve always been after a slouchy bag like this one but I never found the right one. Until now that is.

What’s on your shopping list?

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Top Picks #37

1. T-shirt, $29.99 – Modcloth

As I’ve mentioned previously, I need some more t-shirts in my wardrobe now that I work from home. This one is perfect. I do love a good cup of tea!

2. Ear Crawler, £15 – Accessorize

I’ve never really thought of wearing an ear crawler before but this one is just so pretty! I’m really into stars at the moment.

3. Bag, $69.99 – Modcloth

Though I’m not really on the lookout for a bag of this size, I couldn’t help but add this to my wish list when I saw it. I just seem to have a thing for mixed material accessories. It’s simple but really pretty!

4. Necklace, £16.83 – Love Little Darling @ Etsy

Did I mention I was into stars at the moment? I’ve also found myself gravitating towards more simplistic jewellery and this one fits the bill.

5. Dress, £27 – Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop where have you been all my life??? It’s so great to find not only amazing clothing but at such reasonable prices too. I am completely in love with this dress. It has to be mine. Maybe next payday…

6. Planter, $19.99 – Modcloth

I’m not really much of a plant person (mainly because my cats like to eat anything green I bring into the house) but I couldn’t help myself with this planter. How cute? It really made me smile.

7. Earrings, £8 – Accessorize

Even though my ears aren’t pierced anymore, I love these earrings from Accessorize. They’re just so classy and they remind me of winter and Christmas time but in a non-obvious way.

8. Flower Crown, £22 – Crown and Glory

Now that I’ve got my Halloween costume sorted in my head now, when I spotted this headband I thought it was the perfect addition. How cool! So excited now.

9. Pin, $12 – Kate Gabrielle

This pin makes me giggle so much. It looks so happy! Just the idea of a T-rex trick or treating and holding the bag in it’s short arms is hilarious to me. Jurassic Park will never look the same to me again!

10. Dress, £49 – Joy

More stars! I love the shape of this dress and think it’s perfect for autumn. I’d pair it with tights and my Chelsea boots.


What’s caught your eye this week?


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