My Week #70 – It’s Almost Christmas!

my week #70 - almost christmas
*Oh Christmas tree *We Blog North Xmas

*Cuties *Snow!

*In colourful company xmas meetup *Crystal Maze

*Coffee *Poor thing has no idea.

So it’s been a bit quiet around these parts recently. Not so much in terms of posts but of actual catch-ups and the person behind the blog showing her face. Hello again.

I’ve been doing the bare minimum this month for a reason and I’m trying to feel good about it. I’ve been so hard on myself this year, my mental health has taken a nosedive and I needed a break. I haven’t completely taken my foot off the gas but I’ve been rather quiet on social media and just doing posts that I needed to. I’ll be going into my whole mental health fun and games in another post but for now let’s keep things light and fluffy with a catchup. It is only 3 days until Christmas after all. Almost Christmas, woo!

  • I attended the We Blog North Xmas dinner which was awesome. Good food, good company and a lovely goody bag to take home.
  • The snow came and went. We seemed to get it a day earlier than everyone else (even others in Manchester) so it was all gone by the time people were talking about it on Twitter.
  • I attended the In Colourful Company Xmas meetup. It turned out to be a rather small affair (5 of us to be exact) as so many people were stuck in the snow but we had a nice afternoon. Tried to have brunch at Leaf but their power went so we ended up at Ezra and Gil where I tried my first matcha latte (nom) and had a delicious main of smoked salmon on rye (even more nom).
  • Topher turned 30! We went to crystal maze where I still didn’t win any crystals for the team (third time’s the charm?) but neither did Topher, ha ha. Then for lunch it was Bem Brasil where we ate all the meat. So good! Then we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening attempting to bar hop but then managing to find a table in one and settling there for the night. So worth it – and they had mulled wine!
  • I caught a cold off Topher – thanks Topher! – which kept me in bed for several days. It finally went away to be replaced by one of the biggest and long lasting headaches I’ve ever had. Thankfully all the illness seems to be behind both of us now.
  • I finished my Christmas shopping on Monday and everything is wrapped. Topher is currently wrapping my stuff in the other room as we speak.
  • We decided to look at all our internet options just after Christmas so no fibre yet but soon!
  • We saw Star Wars last night and it was awesome.

So coming up we’ll be heading over to the in-laws tomorrow before bundling our stuff and the cats into the car on Christmas Eve and driving over to Nottinghamshire to spend Christmas Day with my parents. We’ll be back early on the 27th just in time for my sister in law Emma’s birthday.

How has your December been?

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My Week #68 – Memories and Workshops

*Looking at old photos *Instagram workshop

*Panini *Luna and her fangs

It’s been a bit of a better week. Last week was a funny one.

I started off by heading over to Nottinghamshire to see my family. It was a nice change of scenery and great seeing them. We spent the day looking at old photos and then went out for an Indian meal in the evening. It’s nice to see that the restaurant that we’ve frequented for the last couple of decades is still there and under the same management. Seems to be a rarity these days.

I spent Monday being a guinea pig. 

Katya is going to be hosting an Instagram workshop soon with photographer Paul Wolfgang Webster so they brought in a few of us to act as guinea pigs. I had a great day and learnt loads. Take a look at one of the photos I took on the day. Flat lay skills have definitely improved thanks to them.

my week #68 - 1

The rest of the week has just been a mix of work and trying to get stuff under control as usual.

Does anyone else just feel swamped by endless adult crap? It feels like every time I get a leg up on something, there’s another pile of stuff to do somewhere else. And don’t get me started on cleaning. Obviously it’s just never ending. How do people have time to do everything? I never feel like I can relax. It just feels demoralising sometimes. Fingers crossed I can get to that ever elusive peaceful place. Does it even exist?

By the way, how is it November? 

Christmas is just around the corner now and I really don’t know where the year has gone. I guess I should start getting my Christmas shopping done? Yes, I probably should. I’ll just do what I usually do – make a big list and get it all on Black Friday. I’ll also get some gift guides up soon!

How was your week?

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My Week #67 – Too much dark

*Board game times *The most exciting thing this week

*Stranger Things *Pickles staring at nothing

I don’t know what it is about this week but I’ve been feeling really down.

I’m hoping it has something to do with the clocks changing and the UK being generally darker than it was last week. It seemed to come and go as the days went on. The week actually started off really good – I got so much done in the house and I was feeling really accomplished.

Claire and Steve came over on Saturday and we played a board game. Oh and they helped us randomly take the doors off our wardrobe. As you do. It wasn’t all that random actually – Topher had suggested us possibly doing it a few days beforehand. With our house being a new build, it’s essentially a small box with as many rooms shoved into it as possible. And so our master bedroom is tiny.

It’s manageable as all we do is sleep in there but it really doesn’t help that the built in wardrobe has traditional doors that open outwards. We tend to keep the doors open a bit as the cats like being able to hide in there so Topher has to manoeuvre round them any time he wants to go to bed, get up or get dressed. They’re annoying basically and they take up space.

So Topher suggested taking them off casually. I mentioned the idea to Claire and before I knew it – they had helped us get them off. Sorted. Well, at least the room is. Unfortunately our calculations were off and the doors do not fit in the back of the wardrobe like we thought they did.

No worries though, they will live in the guest room until we can borrow my dads ladder and hopefully get them stored up in the loft.

So that was the most exciting thing that happened this week…

Riveting, no? So apart from spending the week bouncing back and forward between elation and pure despair (apparently accidentally tipping a bin over is reason enough to have a good old sob), Topher and I finally started watching Stranger Things on Halloween. Yes the first season. Pretty behind the times but I think it worked out well as we’re now straight onto the second season. We are loving it – though two episodes into the second season, Topher isn’t as impressed as he was with the first.

Otherwise that was my week. Not many photos but I’m sure next week will be better. I’m going back to the gym today for the first time since Monday and tomorrow I’m heading over to Nottinghamshire to stay over at my parents. I haven’t been home since Christmas so it will be a nice change of scenery.

So I’ll leave you with this cute picture of Luna and Pickles. They were both sitting on me and I had to get up so feeling guilty I popped the blanket around them. Doesn’t Luna look confused? She sat there for a good couple of minutes before realising what had happened.

my week #67 - luna and pickles

How was your week?

P.S Sorry this is a bit of a downer post. If you need something happier to read, check this out.


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My Week #66 – Facing my fears

my week #66 - 2

*Painting *Dinner at Vapiano

*Facing my fears 100ft high up! *Pickles getting cozy in my dressing gown

*Engagement party for Topher’s school friend *Who needs a teddy when you have Pickles?

*Yep, you read that right – candy cane flavoured crisps *Pizza at Mackie Mayor

So my week #66 is actually a fortnight edition since I missed it last week.

I’ve been all over the place the last couple of weeks. Week one was a busy one full of blogger stuff. Topher and I went to Vapiano’s to celebrate #WorldPastaDay and then later on in the week I met up with some of the lovely ladies from WeBlogNorth to have afternoon tea 100ft in the air even though I’m afraid of heights (as you do!). I’ll be blogging about the latter soon! Then on Friday we attended the engagement party of one of Topher’s school friends which was a nice evening.

It was a great week overall and in my spare time I got some more painting done and had lots of kitty cuddles with the furbabies.

This past week however has been cack. Just ick.

Topher got sick at the beginning of the week (thank god it was half term!). So bad in fact that we had to make a trip to the walk in centre on Wednesday. Luckily by Thursday morning he was feeling so much better. Which was a relief because then I got sick. Wednesday night to Friday morning I felt like death warmed up and then cooled down (and then warmed up again). Bleh. On the bright side, we weren’t ill at the same time so we could take care of each other. And we got to spend Friday together when we were both well again.

We went into town on Friday so I could go to Freelance Friday

But we also got some shopping done. We paid a visit to the Harry Potter section in Primark where we are both now proud owners of house jumpers (him Slytherin and me Hufflepuff of course). And while I was at Ziferblat, Topher may have got me a few more tsum tsums for my collection! Good husband.

And that was our fortnight! Here’s to a healthier one next week.

How was your week?


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My Week #65 – Getting Cozy

*Fuzzy socks! *Autumn loveliness

Went to see little Adam’s play – really good! *Pretty sunset

Time for the cliche omg it’s autumn post.

There was such a drop in temperature this week that I had to dig out the fuzzy socks! It’s been a week of hot drinks and cozy blankets and the cats have been even cuddlier than usual. I do love this time of year but I haven’t had much time to enjoy it so far. I’ve had a bit of a bad mental health week and it’s really affected me. I think it was due to not having much work on my hands but I’ve picked up a couple of new projects and feel that things are turning around so I’m trying to get into a new routine.

I’ve started painting again too which I really missed but didn’t realise until I had a sudden urge to pick up a paint brush at 3am the other night during a bought of insomnia. I didn’t pick it up until the next day but my love was reignited for it. I learned that I don’t like acrylics and I still can’t abstract paint but I’m still good at watercolours! It’s nice having a hobby that doesn’t involve a screen.

I’m taking a break with Slimming World

It’s a combination of trying to save some money and the fact that I don’t seem to be focused enough on losing weight. So it’s like I’m throwing money out the window. I haven’t made any progress at all this year. The last week got me thinking that I need to take a step back and see how I do alone. I’m still sticking to plan as much as I can but I feel like I’ve been depriving myself recently which has lead to binging and thats not what Slimming World is about.

I’m not planning on jumping off the deep end into takeaways and junk food – just sticking to the healthy home cooked I usually make. And now that I’m going to the gym I feel like I have something new to focus on. I’m overall happy with my size, I just want to tone up and see how I do.

Wish me luck! Have you ever found yourself in a similar position to this?

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