My Week #63 – Out and About

my week #63 - chilling

*Slimming World Fun *Reeves Event

*Manchester Colour Walk *Unicorn Juice

*My beautiful new Disneyland mug *Fur babies 

*Fluffy! *Hoisin Duck Pizza


It feels like I’ve been back for ages! So much has happened.

As well as struggling with extreme jet lag and a cold, I’ve been out, about and been trying to sort out stuff at home too. Being a grown up is silly.

As I mentioned last week, I put on 6 pounds at Slimming World but this week I have lost 5 of them so yay for vegetables. I also joined a gym and promptly pulled a muscle in my back during my induction. I’ve been once since and plan on going again on Monday (letting my back recover this weekend!).

On Friday I went to the Reeves – Show Your Colours event which was really fun.

Got to chat to some lovely bloggers and I’ll be doing a post on it as soon as I’m done with all my honeymoon ones. And on Saturday I went on the Manchester Colour Walk which was hosted by the Facebook group In Colourful Company and it was awesome. Again I’ll be doing a write up eventually, but for now here’s a great one by Bethany Rose. And you might spot me in one of the group walking pics. I have a red coat now!

And speaking of red coats…

I did a mini winter shop as I had barely anything suitable for the upcoming cold season when I returned. So as I said, I got a red coat which was a bargainous £34.99 from New Look as well as a pair of boots since my old ones died last winter. As well as a bunch of gym clothes because as I said, I joined a gym. Now I’m completely sorted and should be fine for the rest of the year.

I saw Gabriel Iglesias otherwise known as Fluffy at the O2 Apollo last night

He was awesome! Topher and I went with my parents and we had awesome seats. My parents were on the 4th or 5th row and Topher and I were on the balcony on the left which stuck out so there was no one in front of us. The show was so funny (I love his sound effects and accents) and I’m so glad he finally came to Manchester. One of his shows are on Netflix so if you haven’t heard of him, I definitely recommend you check him out.

This weekend is definitely going to be a quite one and I can’t wait to just chill out!

How was your week?


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Top Picks #51

  1. Bag, £65 – Accessorize*

More stars I know! But look how pretty and it’s leather so you know it’ll last.

  1. Jumper, £40 – Oasis*

How amazing is this collar? I love it so much. I’ve seen slightly similar ones in the past but it’s usually something like cats, never seen it done with zebras. I can easily see this as something you could dress up or down and would go with skirts, trousers and jeans. Get in my wardrobe.

  1. T-shirt, £12 – Dorothy Perkins*

I used to say this phrase sarcastically when people asked me how life was but these days (especially not working in an office), I actually am. Sure things aren’t perfect but they sure as hell are a whole lot better.

  1. Dress, £24.50 – Joy

I spy a pretty dress! This kind of reminds me of a striped dress I used to have a few years ago. Best thing is that this is on sale!

  1. Skirt, £35 – Joanie

I really seem to be drawn to this style of skirt recently. I really like how summery this one is. And it has pockets – bonus!

  1. Print, £11.59 – We Are Extinct @ Etsy

This print is so true! My furbabies definitely keep things chipper around this house. How can I be sad with those two looking at me? Topher definitely agrees.

  1. Trainers, £34.99 – ASOS*

I suddenly find myself drawn to seeking out a pair of comfy but cute lace up trainers. I have my high top converse which I love but I just want something to act as an in between those and my ballet pumps. Still dithering over what colour but these ASOS ones are nice. Plus I do love a bit of glitter.

  1. Bedding, £27.99 – New Look

I love love love this bedding set! Unfortunately Topher does not. So it can never be mine *sobs. Though in actual fact it can never be mine because they only do it in a double.

  1. Pin, £14.08 – Bottle of Clouds @ Etsy

This pin just makes me smile. Love it. Describes both my cats! Sadly it only ships within the USA – boo.

  1. Blouse, $49.99 – Modcloth*

A blouse with dinosaurs on and a bow at the collar – what more could I ask for?

What’s on your wish list this week?

Please note that items with * are affiliate links

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Primark Haul – Totally Addicted to Stripes

As promised, here’s a look at my Primark haul as well as a couple of other purchases from New Look and H&M.

I’m properly thinking ahead now to my honeymoon and what I’ll be needing on the trip. After all, by the time it comes around in September, all the summery stuff would have disappeared from the high street.

While I was taking these photos in my office, Luna acted as my “assistant” so please excuse her need to sniff everything in a few of the shots! How can I say no to this face? Such a curious one!

Primark Haul - Luna


So beginning with my stripes addiction head on, I had to laugh at myself when I picked up not one, not two but five stopped tops. I think I might have a problem! I definitely won’t be wearing all of these on the honeymoon but I was also thinking about my capsule wardrobe for when I get to my target weight. These will go with quite a few things already in my wardrobe and also with the pinafore I bought below.

Looks like I found my new uniform! Plus they were only £3 each so it was an easy decision. They’re all short sleeve apart from the red one which is long sleeves so that one is more for autumn/winter.

Primark Haul - striped shirt addiction

Primark Haul - striped shirts

Now moving on to something a little less stripy, I immediately fell in love with this lightweight watermelon print shirt. The fabric is really soft and they also had it in an anchor print which I would have bought if they had had it in my size (boo!). This would be perfect for San Francisco which I have heard can get a bit on the chilly side.

Primark Haul - watermelon shirt

Primark Haul - watermelon print

Yes I do realise I picked up yet another stripy top (the checkout girl must have thought I was mad!) but isn’t it pretty? It was refreshing to see a top like this that wasn’t elasticated at the bottom. Thank you Primark! And I love the detail on the sleeves – I like that I can choose to either wear as is or push them down my shoulders to wear in a bardot style.

Primark Haul - peasant top

Primark Haul - peasant top detail

I finally settled on a day bag for the honeymoon. After going on and on about getting a small rucksack, I completely changed my mind and went for a small cross body style instead. Mainly for the reason that I feel I’ll be less likely to be pick pocketed this way. Such a worrier! Better safe than sorry though.

I love compartments so this does the job nicely! And it’s big enough to fit my purse but not big enough to be feeling like I’m lugging the world around with me. We will be doing a lot of walking after all.

Primark Haul - bag

Primark Haul - bag detail

So next on the agenda that I was missing out of my current summer wardrobe was footwear. I prefer sandals as I can walk miles and miles in them. This black pair below I actually got after I bought some tan ones in New Look further down but I had to get these as they were practically the same but for almost half the cost. So now I have a pair of black sandals and also a pair of tan. Covering all bases!

Primark Haul - sandals

New Look

As I mentioned above, I got these tan sandals first. They fit in perfectly with the rest of my summer wardrobe and go with practically everything. Plus, they seem super comfy so far.

Primark Haul - New Look Sandals

I have sunglasses again! These were as close as I could find to my old pair that broke last summer and it’s great to have them back.

Primark Haul - New Look sunglasses


You may or may not remember this dungaree dress* from a certain top picks post I did a while back. I just haven’t been able to get it out of my head since then. It’s the perfect piece for my capsule wardrobe. It’s plain so it can be paired with anything and I could wear it all year round. Short sleeve tops and leggings in the summer, tights and long sleeve shirts in the winter. Cost per wear would be amazing!

Primark Haul - H&M dress

At the time of putting it on my wish list, I didn’t realise it was part of H&M’s Conscious range. It’s great to know that a piece I plan on wearing a lot is environmentally friendly.

Primark Haul - H&M dress closeup

Just a word of warning though, sizing in this dress runs small! After dithering for awhile on whether to get a 10 (my final dress size when I finish) or a 12 (what I am now), I’m so glad I went with a 12. When it arrived in the post, I tried it on and was surprised to find that I could only just get it on! It fits but I wouldn’t dare eat in it. No food babies allowed here. So it’s a relief to know that by the time I lose another stone it will fit better.

Primark Haul - H&M concious range

So that’s my haul. All sorted now I think!

Have you bought anything nice recently?

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Top Picks #35

1. Jumper, £44 – Sugarhill Boutique

This raccoon jumper is super cute. I love how it’s peeking out around the side and the fact that you can only see its tail on the back of the jumper. Perfect for autumn.

2. Bag, £49 – Accessorize

Though the price tag scared me a bit, this bag is real leather and it’s so soft! And since my black cross body bag bit the dust a couple of months ago, I’ve been looking for a replacement. This would be an ideal investment piece.

3. T-shirt, £9.99 – Pinochio Prints @ Etsy

Once a Harry Potter fan, always a Harry Potter fan. I love the Disney twist on this t-shirt – bringing my two loves together.

4. Necklace, £27 – And Mary

It’s been awhile since I wore a necklace, especially one that wasn’t a statement one but this is just adorable. I’d pair it with the Breton top also on my wish list this week with skinny jeans and red ballet flats.

5. Dress, $119.99 – Modcloth

This dress is gorgeous! I love the print, the colours – everything!

6. Pin, £9.67 – Honey And The Hive @ Etsy

This pin makes me smile and I think it’s a pretty good sentiment to have. Added to my imaginary pin collection.

7. Earrings, £4 – Oasis*

When I get my ears re-pierced, these beauties are going on my list. I’ve always loved stars.

8. Jacket, $54.99 – Modcloth

I love the cut of this jacket and the subtle military vibe too.

9. Teapot, £18 – Paperchase

This teapot is ridiculously cute. It reminds me of my old hideous teapot collection I used to have back in the early days of this blog. Unfortunately I had to give away my collection when we moved to London due to space issues but this teapot tempts me to start it back up again!

10. Top, £8.99 – New Look*

Since the only Breton top I have in my wardrobe has a hole in it, I should probably find a replacement for it. This boxy one from New Look fits the bill.

What’s caught your eye this week?

Please be noted that any items marked with * are affiliate links

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Top Picks #34

1. Dress, $139.99 – Modcloth

This dress is just awesome. Period. It gives me a serious case of wanderlust every time I look at it.

2. Necklace, £19.51 – Antler and Blooms @ Etsy

This origami necklace is so sweet!

3. Jacket, £48 – Topshop*

I can’t believe that I’ve still not owned a leather jacket. This seriously needs to be rectified. This one is faux leather but it still looks really nice.

4. Ankle boots, £24.99 – New Look*

I need new winter boots again. Annoyingly there don’t appear to be many biker boots around anymore but these Chelsea boots are pretty nice. I was never a fan of Chelsea boots in the past because I believed they looked too plain but I like the buckle detail on these ones.

5. Pyjamas, £28 – ASOS*

I love the print of these pyjamas! Plus they look super comfortable and not too tight fitting.

6. Notebook, £10 – Accessorize

Of course I don’t need another notebook. But that doesn’t stop me from looking right? I love the navy/gold combo.

7. Shoes, £7.99 – New Look*

My current pair of ballet flats are dying on me so these are the perfect replacements. Plus the price is awesome and they’re wide fit too – an added bonus. It’s nice to see leather and faux leather around since suede shoes seem to be everywhere. Nice but so not practical since I live in Manchester with all the rain.

8. Bag, £34 – Disaster Designs @ Lisa Angel

There’s something so fairytale about this bag – I love it. I originally saw it on a girl at the train station and almost immediately knew it was a Disaster Designs bag. That’s such an awesome thing for a brand to have; identity.

9. Ring, £12 – Accessorize

I haven’t been wearing any rings since I got engaged but this one is so sweet. And it’s rose gold so it’s the same as my engagement ring. Question that may seem a little silly: Do those that have wedding rings/engagement rings wear other rings too?

10. Skirt, £32 – Oasis*

Once again I fall for a polka dot print. Surprise, surprise. This one looks super comfy and a good length.

What’s caught your eye this week?

Please be noted that any items marked with * are affiliate links.

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