My Week #43 – Travelling, Cinema Trips and Cheesecake

*Nottingham Trip *My friend Leo

*Unlimited Screening at Cineworld *The most delicious cheesecake

This week has flown by!

I’m having trouble remembering everything that happened. Firstly, as you know I took a trip to Nottingham to see my brother which was lovely.

The rest of the week was spent scrambling round trying to get through my to do list. It’s paying off though. I finally found someone to come fix our fence, I booked a hair and makeup artist for the wedding and I’m almost done with my office. Just doing the statement wall and I’ll be able to start moving furniture back in. Topher will be very pleased. He’s not happy with me right now since I filled the guest room (his library) with everything that was previously in my office! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though. So exciting.

I maintained at Slimming World.

With all the lovely food I was eating over the last week it is truly a miracle I didn’t put on any weight. It’s given me the drive to do better this week though. Even if I do have an afternoon tea to attend tomorrow! I’ve been thinking up new ideas for snacks and I’ve just tried something awesome which I’ll share on the blog next week. It’s low syn, sweet and delicious is all I’ll say for now.

Get yourself to Yo Sushi!

Topher and I were up for celebrating yesterday as he found a part time job to fit alongside his school job so yay! We went to Yo Sushi and found they had a new menu. Time to investigate! I loved their hoisin duck bao bun but the real star of the show for me was the Japanese soufflé cheesecake.

I’ve seen it online and thought I’d have to save it for our eventual trip to Japan but they have it right here now so I wasn’t missing the opportunity to try some. Topher wasn’t a fan but he was too besotted with his chocolate mochi (so good!) to give anything else a chance I think. I personally loved it and will definitely be back for another slice.

I love my Cineworld Unlimited Card.

Every once in awhile, Cineworld hold unlimited screenings of films that are coming out soon. This week, Topher, Claire and I went to see Free Fire which I wasn’t expecting to enjoy as much as I did. I really liked it! Plus, as part of the screening we each got a free regular popcorn and they showed 12 minutes of the film Ghost Shell that’s coming out at the end of this month.

And that’s about it. I’m feeling super tired like Pickles is here!

How was your week?

my week #43 - Pickles

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A Quick Trip to Nottingham – Bills and Street Art

This weekend I took a quick trip to Nottingham to stay with my brother who bought a flat there last year. Considering I spent my teen years in Nottinghamshire and would frequent the city quite regularly, it’s been years since I spent more than a few hours there.

Nottingham 1

As well as seeing my brothers new flat (makes my old London one look like a shoebox!) we took a wander around the city. Being a big fan of cool street art, I was happy to see some as we walked.

Nottingham 2

These sock puppets in particular are awesome!

Nottingham 3

Nottingham 4

There was a guy on this side street randomly with a piano. Locals, is he there all the time?

Nottingham 5

This one was on the side of an antique shop which I probably should have gone in but hunger won!

Nottingham 6

For dinner we headed to Bills which I can’t believe I was only visiting for the first time. To be fair, we don’t have one in Manchester so there is that. But I never got the chance to go when we lived in London and when Topher and I tried to in Birmingham, the wait was too long. So I was pleased to finally give it a go.

Nottingham 7

The decor is pretty quirky and shabby chic. This wall got instagramed right away!

Nottingham 8

I had the mac and cheese with mushrooms, leek and truffle. Yum! It was so filling that I didn’t have room for dessert. Shame, maybe next time?

Nottingham 9

The next day we went to Salt Box for lunch which is right next to the Motorpoint arena. Ideal if you’re going to a concert after! We both had the hoisin duck pizza which was really nice. Most people I know prefer their pizza thin but this one was really doughy which I’m personally a fan of. Another filler, leaving me with no room for dessert.

Nottingham 10

Short but sweet. Until next time Nottingham!

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