Currently Loving – August 2019

Currently Loving – August 2019

I’m currently still easing myself in, ok? Drink every time I say currently.

Currently Watching

Loads of vlogs on Youtube. I’m really enjoying watching more than reading at the moment so vlogs are perfect for filling in my downtime. I watched loads of travel vlogs for Japan before we went in April and since Topher and I are off to Florida in October it’s all about Disney.

I’ve also got Topher into watching RuPaul’s Drag Race so we’ve been catching up on past seasons together. So many funny moments!

And even though we got rid of our Cineworld unlimited cards (damn you uncomfy seats) we went to the theatre for the third time in our 10 year relationship. Go see the Book of Mormon!

Currently Reading

I’m slowly getting into reading blogs again but right now I’m more into books. After joining the library last year I’ve read more than I have in years. Plus I always know I have my lunch hour to catch up on my reading. Currently reading a lot of chick lit as it’s the perfect way to shut my brain off. I also enjoy historical fiction, mysteries and the odd non fiction too.

Currently Listening

I don’t listen to as much music these days – it’s mainly podcasts I’m tuning in to. Lots of Disney, comedy, organisational and self improvement. I stopped listening to business ones when I quit freelancing last year as I just want to listen for a hobby now.

Currently Making

I finally started my honeymoon scrapbook the other day! I miss being creative for fun so this seemed like the perfect project to start with. Plus I need to get this done before I start my Japan trip one and I can’t wait for that. I’ll do a post when I’ve actually done a few pages.

Also along the same lines, I’ve stepped away from the world of bullet journaling in favour of a planner. It’s something I’ll do a full post on soon. I bought a planner that I can decorate every week which has been so fun. It’s the perfect injection of creativity while pushing me to be more organised.

And also I may have mentioned that I vlogged our trip to Japan. Well – all the episodes are now up on my youtube channel. Check them out here.

Currently Wearing

New tights. Snag tights. My life has changed. It’s so nice to go through a day of work with tights that stay up. That is all.

Currently Feeling

It’s hard to say just one emotion. I either seem to be up or down. Right now I’m up but last week I was really down. I really think the weather constantly changing isn’t helping me – I’m like a sunflower. I need light and sun.

But it’s ok as I’ve come to realise this:

currently feeling

Currently Planning

Trips! Topher, Emma and I are heading down to Devon for a week and I can’t wait for some downtime. Definitely bringing some books with me. And maybe even a sketchbook?

Also did I mention I’m going to Florida? ha ha.

Currently Loving

Topher and the cats. But then that’s all the time! So grateful for my little family. They’re always there to cheer me up when I’m not feeling my best.

Oh and my garden. Topher and my parents laid some new turf down and I am living for how lush it looks. No more dandelions!

What are you currently into?

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World Stationery Day with Old English Company – Competition

*This post is in collaboration with Old English Company

As you may or may not know, it’s World Stationery Day on the 25th April.

I’ve always been a huge fan of stationery, ever since I was a child. Every day is World Stationery Day for me! So when Old English Company contacted me about their competition to celebrate the day, I had to share it with you.

Old English Company’s range of planners are minimalistic and gorgeous. Perfect for work, blogging or any project you have going on. I especially love that they don’t contain dates so you can fill them in yourself. Ideal for people like me who have a habit of picking up and putting down planners so before I know it, the year is gone and I’ve wasted half of it. Every damn year!

World Stationery Day - inside planner

The planners come in blush pink/gold, charcoal grey/gold, off white/copper and black/pearlescent. I can’t decide which one’s my favourite…

This competition allows you to win not just one but all four planners in the range! You can use them for different projects or even give them to your friends if you’re feeling generous. Click on this link to enter the competition. All you have to do to enter is pick your favourite item of stationery from the site and email them. It’s that simple. The competition closes at the end of 25th April and a winner will be chosen on the 26th.

World Stationery Day - planner range

Take a look around while you’re there too, Old English Company don’t just do stationery. I’ve personally fallen in love with all of their prints. And they make pins too as well as homewares, cards and other accessories. Perfect for gifts and for yourself. Because we all need a treat, right?

Do you love stationery as much as I do? 


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Bullet Journal Adventures – My First Bullet Journal

Living on Pinterest for the last few years, I’ve always seen out of the corner of my eye articles and photos of Bullet Journals.

Curious, I would pin them and forget about them. Last week, I decided to take the plunge and make a bullet journal myself.

So, what is a bullet journal? Bullet journaling is a way of life. Imagine having everything in one place. All your thoughts, to-do lists, plans and dates to remember, it’s a way of planning with no boundaries.

As much as I love traditional planners and diaries, I’m not so keen on how confining the pages are. For example, what is it with most week planners that make Saturday and Sunday so small? That’s when I have the most plans!


The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can take as much or as little space as you need for each day and in whatever order you like. Fancy taking a full day for April 18th, and then following it with a list of books you want to read, then half a page for April 19th? Go for it. All you have to do is number your pages and use the first page as an index. That’s the main rule of a bullet journal, the index. It’s what holds the whole things together.

It’s great for people like me who feel confined by pre-determined pages and also for people like Topher’s sister Emma who likes to pick random pages and start scribbling lists. Plus this will save me having my office covered in post-it notes.

Using the notebook I got in my Blognix goody bag, I set up an index, numbered the pages and I was off. It’s a constant work in progress but I’m having so much fun so far. It’s so freeing!


At the moment I have a main Year at a glance calendar, which is great for the obvious reason of being able to see everything at once. The next page (not pictured) is for dates for next year, which are just in a basic list at the moment. So far it’s just got my wedding and my friends wedding on it. During the year though, it will become so much more useful.




As well as my usual general goal lists, I have added in pages specifically for my house DIY plans, my wedding checklist, honeymoon savings and books and films I have read. On each day, as well as having my to-do list, I also write down what food I’ve consumed so I can keep track for slimming world. I’ve also incorporated a graph and table of my weight loss.


Finally, I’ve been using my bullet journal for fulfilling things like the Level 10 Life Tracker. Side note: I didn’t have a compass so it’s super wobbly and only has 6 levels for each section – oops! Level 10 life is all about having a balanced life. Each section accounts for a part of your life like mental health, family & friends, career & purpose, hobbies & pure joy etc.



Though there’s no way I’ll be getting rid of all my notebooks – I will happily admit that I am a bullet journal convert!

Follow Nomad Seeks Home’s board Bullet journal on Pinterest.

pinterest bullet journal

Have you ever used a bullet journal?

Check out my other bullet journal posts here.


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My Week #11

So this is my 2016 so far. Is everyone having a good week? I know I am. Yes I was made redundant but it did feel pretty nice not having to get up early with the rest of the world on the 4th. Anyway, the year started off with a house party at my friends house where I used to live now. Loving what they’ve done with the place since I and the other lodger left. It looks so grown up! I can’t wait to move into my place which should hopefully be in the next couple of months.

Also technically in 2015 but I had to share anyway, I finally saw Star Wars. I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I was going to. Though was shocked that the actor who plays the baddie is from Girls. Hasn’t he been in everything recently? I was a bit distracted by that to be honest but the film was a good one – full of action and laughs.

Earlier this week Topher and I walked 16 miles. Daaamn we need a lot of training. Considering that was a quarter of the entire trek we definitely have our work cut out for us. Turns out that to town and back is 18 miles but we had to take the bus for the last two miles as we were dying and we had achieved our 16 mile goal. Next week we will make it home, that’s the plan. My new walking boots are fantastic. Not a blister in sight! Though I can’t say the same for my joints. My hips could not handle it. Maybe yoga would help to stretch them? Feel so old.

My Kikki-K planner arrived on New Years Eve – just in time and it’s so pretty. I love using it. Here’s to being more organised this year! As for the kitties, Pickles currently enjoys wrapping himself up in blankets to look like Yoda and Luna proved my box theory correct. Sick and tired of having your cats walk all over your work? Put a box on the table to distract them. They can’t help themselves but sit in it!

And finally in other news I got my first freelance VA role, woo hoo! It’s a only a few hours a month but it’s a start!

How was your week?

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My Florida Holiday Planner

So it may be a badly kept secret amongst my friends but I’m a planner. I freaking love it. Since I’m going to Florida in October with 6 other people, I need to plan and that requires a planner. I’ve been plenty of times but never with this many people.

I want it to be pretty as well as functional so I just got a sketchbook from Paperchase and went nuts. The tabs are for the different sections like itinerary and budget and I haven’t filled in much at all yet. I will go nuts when I get back from Jordan.


I’ve been using a combo of stuff I got at Hobby Craft along with bits from my A Beautiful Mess subscriptions (both messy box and happy mail!) I can’t wait until I’ve filled it. Though I’m definitely enjoying making it!


I know some people like to go with the flow but I like to make an itinerary of which day is allocated to which park. I cross reference it with websites like touring plans so that we go to each park on the quietest day for it. Because who wants to waste their holiday standing in queues?

Florida Holiday Planner - itinerary

I’m filling it with park maps as well so I can show my travel buddies what they’re in for. Half of them have never been! I love looking at maps beforehand and even figuring out a provisional route/direction. Maybe a bit too planny but let’s face it, who enjoys zig-zagging across a massive park because they have no clue where they’re going.

Florida Holiday Planner - map

I will do another post in a month or two when I filled it, I just wanted to show the beginnings of what I have so far (not a lot!).

Florida Holiday Planner - going back to bed

Have you ever made a planner for a holiday?

Check out the video from our Florida holiday here.


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