Top Picks #48

  1. Embroidery Hoop, £24 – Stitching Business @ Etsy

I really like the design of this embroidery hoop. I wish they had a few more options with different designs and colours of houses though.

2.  Sandals, £29 – Accessorize*

I really like the star cut out detail on these sandals. They look like they’d be perfect for a city break paired with skinny jeans and a laid back tee.

3. Sundress, £40 – Joanie

And they’ve done it again. Joanie have brought out another sundress I am in love with. So much love for this one.

4. Notebook, £27.50 – Paperchase

I know it’s awhile until I need another bullet journal but when that time does come, this one is definitely a contender. It has grid pages which I think will make doing layouts a whole lot simpler. It’s leather too, which gives it a luxury feel.

5. Swimsuit, £28 – Joanie

Joanie has a swimwear range! I don’t really see the straps being particularly supportive on this particular suit but I love the print.

6. Brooch, £60 – Tatty Devine

This brooch is awesome! So cute. Apparently it has a view finder that you can really look through – how cool is that?

7. Dress, $584.99 – Modcloth*

I’m not usually one for strapless dresses but the print on this one is way too eye-catching to ignore. It makes me want to go somewhere sunny and hot like Cuba. I didn’t realise it was by Anna Sui straight away but after I did, I wasn’t surprised that I picked it. I used to idolize Anna Sui as a teenager. She made me want to be a fashion designer.

8. Earrings, £22 – From My Bear Hands @Etsy

These earrings are so sparkly and lovely! I can’t wait until my ears are healed and I can start wearing other earrings.

9. Shoes, £35 – Dorothy Perkins*

I’m in love with these shoes. It’s a shame I don’t wear heals though. I wish they did them in a flat sandal design. They do have them in a flat mule design but I don’t really like mules. For a klutz like me they’re recipe for disaster!

10. Dress, £34 – Minimum Mouse

This print is awesome! Unfortunately it’s out of stock at the moment but here’s hoping it comes back soon.


What are your top picks this week? 

Note that items marked with * are affiliate links. 

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Primark Haul – Totally Addicted to Stripes

As promised, here’s a look at my Primark haul as well as a couple of other purchases from New Look and H&M.

I’m properly thinking ahead now to my honeymoon and what I’ll be needing on the trip. After all, by the time it comes around in September, all the summery stuff would have disappeared from the high street.

While I was taking these photos in my office, Luna acted as my “assistant” so please excuse her need to sniff everything in a few of the shots! How can I say no to this face? Such a curious one!

Primark Haul - Luna


So beginning with my stripes addiction head on, I had to laugh at myself when I picked up not one, not two but five stopped tops. I think I might have a problem! I definitely won’t be wearing all of these on the honeymoon but I was also thinking about my capsule wardrobe for when I get to my target weight. These will go with quite a few things already in my wardrobe and also with the pinafore I bought below.

Looks like I found my new uniform! Plus they were only £3 each so it was an easy decision. They’re all short sleeve apart from the red one which is long sleeves so that one is more for autumn/winter.

Primark Haul - striped shirt addiction

Primark Haul - striped shirts

Now moving on to something a little less stripy, I immediately fell in love with this lightweight watermelon print shirt. The fabric is really soft and they also had it in an anchor print which I would have bought if they had had it in my size (boo!). This would be perfect for San Francisco which I have heard can get a bit on the chilly side.

Primark Haul - watermelon shirt

Primark Haul - watermelon print

Yes I do realise I picked up yet another stripy top (the checkout girl must have thought I was mad!) but isn’t it pretty? It was refreshing to see a top like this that wasn’t elasticated at the bottom. Thank you Primark! And I love the detail on the sleeves – I like that I can choose to either wear as is or push them down my shoulders to wear in a bardot style.

Primark Haul - peasant top

Primark Haul - peasant top detail

I finally settled on a day bag for the honeymoon. After going on and on about getting a small rucksack, I completely changed my mind and went for a small cross body style instead. Mainly for the reason that I feel I’ll be less likely to be pick pocketed this way. Such a worrier! Better safe than sorry though.

I love compartments so this does the job nicely! And it’s big enough to fit my purse but not big enough to be feeling like I’m lugging the world around with me. We will be doing a lot of walking after all.

Primark Haul - bag

Primark Haul - bag detail

So next on the agenda that I was missing out of my current summer wardrobe was footwear. I prefer sandals as I can walk miles and miles in them. This black pair below I actually got after I bought some tan ones in New Look further down but I had to get these as they were practically the same but for almost half the cost. So now I have a pair of black sandals and also a pair of tan. Covering all bases!

Primark Haul - sandals

New Look

As I mentioned above, I got these tan sandals first. They fit in perfectly with the rest of my summer wardrobe and go with practically everything. Plus, they seem super comfy so far.

Primark Haul - New Look Sandals

I have sunglasses again! These were as close as I could find to my old pair that broke last summer and it’s great to have them back.

Primark Haul - New Look sunglasses


You may or may not remember this dungaree dress* from a certain top picks post I did a while back. I just haven’t been able to get it out of my head since then. It’s the perfect piece for my capsule wardrobe. It’s plain so it can be paired with anything and I could wear it all year round. Short sleeve tops and leggings in the summer, tights and long sleeve shirts in the winter. Cost per wear would be amazing!

Primark Haul - H&M dress

At the time of putting it on my wish list, I didn’t realise it was part of H&M’s Conscious range. It’s great to know that a piece I plan on wearing a lot is environmentally friendly.

Primark Haul - H&M dress closeup

Just a word of warning though, sizing in this dress runs small! After dithering for awhile on whether to get a 10 (my final dress size when I finish) or a 12 (what I am now), I’m so glad I went with a 12. When it arrived in the post, I tried it on and was surprised to find that I could only just get it on! It fits but I wouldn’t dare eat in it. No food babies allowed here. So it’s a relief to know that by the time I lose another stone it will fit better.

Primark Haul - H&M concious range

So that’s my haul. All sorted now I think!

Have you bought anything nice recently?

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Top Picks #15


1. Necklace, £125 – Kate Spade

I’m always a sucker for a scallop print!

I’m loving the shape of this vest. But it’s
a tad pricey for what it is…

This book looks beautiful inside! I love
books like this for inspiration.

4. Notebook, £5 – Paperchase

It feels like I have a million notebooks
but I can’t resist this print. Simple and cute and you can’t go wrong with a

I love that these sandals come in 6
different colours. They look super comfortable and would go with everything.

The beading on these sandals is so gorgeous and colourful – ideal for my upcoming holidays.
I have nowhere I would wear this dress but
isn’t it beautiful?

I can never have too many pyjamas


The watercolour pattern of this top is so

Whats on your wish list?


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Wardrobe updates


I have to admit I didn’t find as much as I wanted during my trip to the Trafford Centre. I found more macarons than new items for my new wardrobe. My journey to acquiring a colourful wardrobe was thwarted by the sea of monochrome in all my usual favourite shops, not to mention the pastels which don’t suit me. Oh well, the search continues. I’m happy with what I did buy.

Firstly, yes I did break my rule of colour only but you can’t argue with the facts. Wide leg? Check. Polka dots? Check. Loose fabric? Check? Pockets? Check. These wide leg beauties from Zara are officially my favourite pair of trousers ever! They are ridiculously comfortable and I’ve already worn them once to work (aka The Tropics). Even though Luna enjoys attacking my legs when I wear them, I really don’t care. They just feel amazing and I love that they show off my waist.

The next isn’t really for the summer but I’m happy to save it for the cooler months. Teal is a colour I love and it’s a knee length so perfect for me. It was only a tenner in the sale at Forever 21 so I couldn’t say no. The geo texture is also a fun touch so it isn’t too plain. 
And lastly, after seeing these F21 sandals online for only £7 and in an array of colours I had to check them out in store to see if they were as good in person. The only colour they had in my size (not even really my size, I’m usually a size 7 but they were tiny so I advise you size up) was brown. But I got them because the pleather was really soft and they fit so I figure I’ll get the other colours I like online at a later date. Summer footwear sorted!
I think I’ll head to the Northern Quarter for my next shopping trip. Maybe I’ll find more colour there. Where are your favourite shops for bright colours?


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Top picks: week 10

In honour of the heatwave that has hit the UK for the week, I decided to concentrate on sandals for my top picks this week. I actually decided to do sandals for this week just under a week ago not knowing a thing about the coming weather. Psychic no?


So after the demise of my tan sandals last year, I need a new pair to live in this summer. I already have a black pair that survived, but I need something lighter that will go with more. As much as I loved my tan sandals last year, I must try and avoid full on gladiators as when I went on holiday to Portugal I came back with “tiger feet”. Pretty funny, but not so much two years in a row!
Yes I know the Aldo ones won’t go with everything but aren’t they pretty? I just adore the contrasting colours. I’ve been seeing them everywhere the last 6 months and the only two things that were stopping me were the price (though they are on sale now!) and the fact that the style may be too simple for my size 7 man feet. Ah well, I’ll just look and sigh.
I had to pick the Miss Selfridge ones even though they’re technically more of a pump then a sandal – I just love the detail. They look so classic and the colour would go with all my summer dresses. I literally live in sundresses all summer.
The winner for me is definitely the ASOS leather sandals. They just tick all the boxes. The colour, the style and the fact that they look just like a flat version of a pair of wedges I have. My feet are kinda wide though and since it’s ASOS I would have to take a gamble and hope they fit properly. I guess I could always return them, right?
What is your “go to” sandal style?
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