Back Home – A Catchup

I’m currently huddled under a blanket and thinking it’s nice to be back home. Topher and I had a great time at Disneyland Paris last week, despite the cold and him coming down with the flu. We took it easy and still got to do everything we wanted. Result.

I love being in a holiday bubble. It just feels so comforting and you don’t have to think about grown up things apart from making sure you feed yourself.  But I never mind having to come home as I like the change of pace. If that makes any sense? It feels like everything is reset.

However then that comes with having to adult again. Work, booking appointments and generally having to keep yourself alive. I’m getting there. The fridge is stocked with healthy food again as I’ve put on far too much weight over the last few months and i don’t feel like myself. Luckily, I’m craving fruit and veg.

I had a list of stuff to do this morning before I tackled work – find a garage to fix the cosmetic damage on my car, book a smear test (yuck) and throw some clothes in to wash.

But then the snow came. I remember how much snow used to delight me as a child. There were never snow days as I lived in Scotland and they are much better at handling it – but it did mean getting to spend break times building snowmen and having a great time.

Even my first year of freelancing I enjoyed the snow as I didn’t have to go anywhere. So now that I take Topher to work every morning, I have the same hatred for snow as a lot of working people do. Fuck the snow.

It would help if this country knew how to handle the snow. I don’t understand why everyone’s surprised every year when it arrives. It’s the same with summer – it comes every year, people. My estate never gets gritted so I’m used to having to drive on snow now. A word of advice to people who aren’t – your brakes don’t work! Please don’t drive normally and try to use them. They won’t work.

Can you see where this ramble is going?

I’d just dropped Topher off at school and I was waiting stationary at the edge of a non gritted road for a break in traffic so I could join the main road. All of a sudden, bang. Someone bumps into the back of me. I now have even more cosmetic damage on my car. Poor car. Luckily, as it wasn’t my fault it doesn’t affect my insurance and I don’t have to pay to get it fixed so that’s something.  But I am trying to sell this car so having more stuff to fix is frustrating. Ah well, such is life.

So yeah, I just felt like a moan. I promise the next post will be all about my Disney trip! For now, I’ll leave you with this. I fucking hate snow.

Which camp are you in? Snow lover or snow hater?

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Life Lately

Hello there, remember me? Exactly 1 month later here I am. In a nut shell, I needed a break.
So what have I been up to? Not a lot. Just over a week ago I closed my shop in Afflecks. It was a good run but a combination of the rent being too high and the traffic being too low lead me to decide that I’m better off sticking to an online and fair presence only. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to give it a go as I would have definitely regretted not taking that leap. 
I took the entire of last week to just rest. It’s been a long time since I gave myself a break and I felt my motivation disappear over the last month before I closed my shop. Sometimes you just need a break.  
Now I feel recharged and fresh – ready to start again. 

life lately

How have you been?
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My week: 40 & 41

Week 40


Image copy-3

*The library
*Polystyrene fight
*Re-watched season 4 of Ugly Betty
*Birthday celebrations of a friend at The Pub in Manchester
*Vintage Village Valentino fair
*My rail
*Yummy maple syrup pancake cupcake!
Week 41

Image copy 3

Image copy 2

*Pancake day – lazy style
*The good one
*New necklaces for the shop
*Raspberry Mojito at Chiquitos with the parents
*Sunday lunch at the Horse and Jockey in Chorlton
*Managed to win 3 different games 5 times! This NEVER happens 🙂
How was your week? 
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