World Stationery Day with Old English Company – Competition

*This post is in collaboration with Old English Company

As you may or may not know, it’s World Stationery Day on the 25th April.

I’ve always been a huge fan of stationery, ever since I was a child. Every day is World Stationery Day for me! So when Old English Company contacted me about their competition to celebrate the day, I had to share it with you.

Old English Company’s range of planners are minimalistic and gorgeous. Perfect for work, blogging or any project you have going on. I especially love that they don’t contain dates so you can fill them in yourself. Ideal for people like me who have a habit of picking up and putting down planners so before I know it, the year is gone and I’ve wasted half of it. Every damn year!

World Stationery Day - inside planner

The planners come in blush pink/gold, charcoal grey/gold, off white/copper and black/pearlescent. I can’t decide which one’s my favourite…

This competition allows you to win not just one but all four planners in the range! You can use them for different projects or even give them to your friends if you’re feeling generous. Click on this link to enter the competition. All you have to do to enter is pick your favourite item of stationery from the site and email them. It’s that simple. The competition closes at the end of 25th April and a winner will be chosen on the 26th.

World Stationery Day - planner range

Take a look around while you’re there too, Old English Company don’t just do stationery. I’ve personally fallen in love with all of their prints. And they make pins too as well as homewares, cards and other accessories. Perfect for gifts and for yourself. Because we all need a treat, right?

Do you love stationery as much as I do? 


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#VikingArtyParty – Manchester

A couple of months ago I got a super exciting email. Viking had invited me to their #VikingArtyParty – an afternoon of crafting, coffee and cakes. As soon as I saw the word stationery, I was sold! I RSVP’d immediately.

Finally, the day of the party rolled around last weekend and I headed to King Street Townhouse in Manchester. First things first, what a location!

#VikingArtyParty - room

#VikingArtyParty - goodybags


Just like practically every other blogger that arrived, I was drawn to the rooftop terrace where there were some amazing views of Manchester. Thank god it was a good day for weather!

#VikingArtyParty - roof terrace

#VikingArtyParty - town hall

#VikingArtyParty - Manchester

Even though I’m afraid of heights, I got right up to the edge of the glass balcony and got some gorgeous photos. Including the obligatory shoe shot of course. Otherwise how would you know how high up we were?

#VikingArtyParty - converse


We were given colours that would symbolise which group we were in and I was excited to find that my first workshop would be Calligraphy with Joyce from Artynibs. I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy and have been hoping to get some skills in time for my wedding.

#VikingArtyParty - calligraphy

One of the most important factors of calligraphy is your posture. Mine is atrocious so I was really put to the test!

#VikingArtyParty - calligraphy table

I dived in and promptly made a complete mess. High school flashbacks ensued.

#VikingArtyParty - what a mess

Once I’d cleaned myself up (baby wipes are a god send!) I quickly got the hang of the theory behind making shapes with the pen and ink. Unfortunately no matter how much my brain understood, my hand wouldn’t oblige. So I think it’s going to take quite a bit of practice before I can write the place cards for my wedding! I’m up to the challenge though. It was fun and I look forward to testing out the set we got to take home.

#VikingArtyParty - writing calligraphy

Notebook Customisation

After a break for lunch, the next workshop was notebook customisation with one of the ladies from The Crafty Hen.

#VikingArtyParty - notebook covering

We were all given a plain A4 notebook that we had to customise however we liked. The table was full of paper, washi tape (yas!), ribbon and so much more.

#VikingArtyParty - paper and ribbons

After making a snap decision on my patterned paper I ended up pairing it with some bright coloured paper. Paper that as it turns out are the colours of my bridesmaid dresses. Wedding brain, eh?

#VikingArtyParty - paper table

I’m really pleased with the result and can’t wait to use it!

#VikingArtyParty - my notebook

Block Printing

The final workshop was block printing with another of the ladies from The Crafty Hen. We were taught how to make our own stamps out of rubbers and then print on a lever arch file. I got excited as soon as I saw the tools as I got a flashback to when I did this in Textiles at college.

#VikingArtyParty - stamp table

After deciding on a button pattern, I set to work carving out the design on the rubber. Note: keep your design simple!

#VikingArtyParty - stamp making

It was another messy workshop and I loved every minute of it.

#VikingArtyParty - block printing table

Here’s my finished piece.

#VikingArtyParty - lever arch file

Take a look at all my finished creations!

#VikingArtyParty - my creations

I had such a great day and it was so nice to make things that you could take home. Thanks Viking!

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How I Set Up my Bullet Journal for the Month

Hello March!

Bullet Journal - Luna
Today I’m going to show you how I set up my bullet journal for the month. I’ve finally got the perfect routine for me which works great for my lifestyle. In the past I had things that weren’t relevant to me as well as missing out rather important things that I definitely need!

Tools I Use

Bullet journal - llama pen
I like to keep things simple but still make things look pretty so washi tape is a big player in that. I finally used my Paperchase voucher I got for Christmas and got myself some awesome washi tapes from the No Problama range. And I couldn’t help myself, I had to get this llama pen too. After spotting it on Instagram it had to be mine…even if it is a bit ridiculous!

Otherwise it’s just good old felt tips for me. I think colour makes a big difference without having to go out and buy a load of stickers. For everything else I have a biro, pencil and ruler for my tables.

March Set Up

Bullet Journal - things that happened
I start by making a blank page for me to fill in during the month of things that happened that I’d like to remember. It’s nice to look back on and it makes doing my year in review post in December a breeze! I include nice meals, films we went to see, fun activities and milestones met.

Bullet Journal - goals & month at a glance

Then it’s time to write down my goals. I completely failed mine for February so here’s hoping that March goes better! I think it’s just because February was such a short month. At least that’s what I’m going to blame it on. I like doing mini goals for the month so that I can refer back to them when I do my week and day to do lists.

The month at a glance is super important to me and I can’t believe I went for so many months without it. Definitely the reason why my year at a glance page was such a mess in my last bullet journal. This gives me plenty of space to write in everything from appointments to birthdays to events that I need to remember.

Bullet Journal - level 10 life

Level 10 Life is something I’ve done from the very beginning of using a bullet journal after seeing the idea on Pinterest. It’s where you split your life into 10 sections, make goals for each of them then track your progress on the chart by colouring in a section when you’ve done something that counts for that section.

It helps you see the balance in your life. I’ve found it interesting to see where I’m falling short in taking care of myself. Cough finances cough physical health cough.

Bullet Journal - habit & mood tracker

The habit tracker is another pivotal page for me. It’s been helping me take up new habits as well as tracking how often I do things like reach my step goal for the day and how many days I go without drinking water. Bad Diane. It’s been so useful for reminding me to do things as well like take my medication and that I’ve written in my line a day journal. I wouldn’t do without it.

The mood tracker is a new one that I’ve been using for the last couple of months. This is another idea I saw on Pinterest and thought it would be a good idea to help me know when I work best. I tend to go through phases of having no energy or feeling a bit down as well as other phases of being super motivated and getting loads done. So I wanted to see if there were any patterns that occurred. So far, findings have been interesting but I’ve only been doing it for 2 months so we’ll see.

Bullet Journal - Blog editorial calendar

Then finally it’s my blog editorial calendar. It’s been so much easier having everything in one place. Now that I only blog 3 times a week it’s also taken pressure off me to be producing so much content. As you can see, I had a bit of a special time trying to write out the days of the week that I post. Oops!

After putting down all the days that I post, I fill out my regular posts like my week and top picks then I fill in any posts that I already have the idea for. So far I have zip for March so fingers crossed that changes soon!

And that’s how I set up my bullet journal for the month.

Do you use a bullet journal? How do you set yours up for the month?

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Bullet Journal Adventures – My First Bullet Journal

Living on Pinterest for the last few years, I’ve always seen out of the corner of my eye articles and photos of Bullet Journals.

Curious, I would pin them and forget about them. Last week, I decided to take the plunge and make a bullet journal myself.

So, what is a bullet journal? Bullet journaling is a way of life. Imagine having everything in one place. All your thoughts, to-do lists, plans and dates to remember, it’s a way of planning with no boundaries.

As much as I love traditional planners and diaries, I’m not so keen on how confining the pages are. For example, what is it with most week planners that make Saturday and Sunday so small? That’s when I have the most plans!


The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can take as much or as little space as you need for each day and in whatever order you like. Fancy taking a full day for April 18th, and then following it with a list of books you want to read, then half a page for April 19th? Go for it. All you have to do is number your pages and use the first page as an index. That’s the main rule of a bullet journal, the index. It’s what holds the whole things together.

It’s great for people like me who feel confined by pre-determined pages and also for people like Topher’s sister Emma who likes to pick random pages and start scribbling lists. Plus this will save me having my office covered in post-it notes.

Using the notebook I got in my Blognix goody bag, I set up an index, numbered the pages and I was off. It’s a constant work in progress but I’m having so much fun so far. It’s so freeing!


At the moment I have a main Year at a glance calendar, which is great for the obvious reason of being able to see everything at once. The next page (not pictured) is for dates for next year, which are just in a basic list at the moment. So far it’s just got my wedding and my friends wedding on it. During the year though, it will become so much more useful.




As well as my usual general goal lists, I have added in pages specifically for my house DIY plans, my wedding checklist, honeymoon savings and books and films I have read. On each day, as well as having my to-do list, I also write down what food I’ve consumed so I can keep track for slimming world. I’ve also incorporated a graph and table of my weight loss.


Finally, I’ve been using my bullet journal for fulfilling things like the Level 10 Life Tracker. Side note: I didn’t have a compass so it’s super wobbly and only has 6 levels for each section – oops! Level 10 life is all about having a balanced life. Each section accounts for a part of your life like mental health, family & friends, career & purpose, hobbies & pure joy etc.



Though there’s no way I’ll be getting rid of all my notebooks – I will happily admit that I am a bullet journal convert!

Follow Nomad Seeks Home’s board Bullet journal on Pinterest.

pinterest bullet journal

Have you ever used a bullet journal?

Check out my other bullet journal posts here.


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Easter Gift Swap

When Belle du Brighton announced her Easter Gift Swap, I was all in. Give presents, get presents and good old fashioned snail mail – what’s not to love?

I was to send to Lucinda from Teacher to Mummy. She said she loved Cath Kidston so off I trotted to my nearest store and got a notebook and some beauty bits. I unfortunately didn’t take any photos as I was in such a rush to package it all before heading off on holiday. Hope you liked them Lucinda!

My package from Sophie in the Sticks arrived last week and I was so excited. 


Clockwise from left: Nail art sets, purse, notebooks, assortment of flavoured tea, notecards & a lovely card.
Well picked Sophie. I love stationary – I can never have enough notebooks. And these teas look so interesting – I’m particularly looking forward to trying the Chocolate Super Berry Burst! Plus I’m looking forward to making an inevitable mess with these caviar nail art sets. The purse is so pretty. Will be setting this aside for when my current one wears out. Logical 🙂
This was all nicely packaged in silver paper. I’d say quite well packaged, Sophie – you did a good job. Though I’m used to my boyfriend’s wrapping where he’s famous for stapling things…
Thanks again Lauren from Belle du Brighton & Sophie from Sophie in the Sticks. I would definitely participate in something like this again.
How was your Easter?


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