Our Wedding Day – 15/7/17

Our wedding day without a doubt was the best day ever!

So far we’ve only had sneak peek photos from the day but they were so awesome I couldn’t wait to share them. Prepared to be photobombed.

All photos by our amazing photographer Nikki Cooper who I highly recommend – it was like having another friend there with us on the day.

There’s a running joke that Topher can’t dress himself if it’s more fancy than jeans and a t-shirt so I had to laugh when I saw they included a photo of him trying to put on his cufflinks. Bless!

wedding day - cufflinks

I had both my hair and makeup done professionally and it was really nice to feel pampered.

wedding day - makeup

It was such a humid day so this was inevitable. I love my bridesmaids!

wedding day - fan

We got married at The Bowdon Rooms in Altrincham and the venue were amazing every step of the way. They made my vision come to life. I’ll be doing a separate post with all the DIY details next week so stay tuned.

wedding day - ceremony

I love this picture!

wedding day - confetti

wedding day - everyone

Of course I had to get a jumping photo in there. I definitely don’t have enough jumping photos in my life so this is a great start! Will be getting at least one in on the honeymoon.

wedding day - jump

wedding day - diane and topher

wedding day - woods

My dress was from The Case of The Curious Bride, the bouquet I made myself and the veil was a custom piece by Crown and Glory adapted from their Nebula Ombre Embellished Veil that they collaborated on with Rock n Roll Bride. I felt like a princess. One that had free movement and didn’t need any help in the bathroom!

wedding day - veil

wedding day - speeches

We didn’t have any entertainment, just a spotify playlist. We were worried but it turned out amazing. Since we made the playlist ourselves it was perfect – actually a little too perfect. We spent the whole night on the dance floor and had friends saying they needed the bathroom but didn’t want to miss a song! So lesson learned, throw in a few less loved songs.

wedding day - dance

All in all it was a perfect day. I loved having everyone we loved in the same room and I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos and also the video.

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Wedding Planning – The Groom’s Point of View

Hi, it’s Topher here.

Diane thought it would be fun (ie. She can’t think of anything to write about today and interrupted my nap time before my shift) for me to write about wedding planning from the groom’s point of view.

I’ve blogged on here about how I proposed so now I get to chat about wedding planning.

So here it goes.

Firstly, Diane is organising most of this as you would expect and it’s a good job she is. She is one of the most organised people I’ve met and I’m the complete opposite.

I have a fraction of things to worry about/organise alone and I’m struggling to keep that together.

The main thing as a groom that people seem to care about is your stag do. And I have no idea what I’m doing. 5 years ago I would have gone for a traditional crazy stag, hangover style. But these days, still wanting to have fun – I’m more bothered about where I’m sleeping after it’s all been done.

That’s the main thing for me. But I’ve also got to sort out suits, rings, and music I also tried to help with other big decisions when we’ve visited the venue for meetings.

Randomly, I’ve developed a weird obsession with the seating plan. I really don’t understand why I can’t start it now with only half the RSVP’s back…

After seeing Diane making flowers for the wedding, I decided to contribute yesterday and got her to show me how to make a flower. The initial idea was to possibly help out with the workload but despite the kind of success of my flower (see photo below), it will probably be my only one as I’m not an arts and crafts kind of person. It has given me a newfound appreciation and respect for Diane and all the work she has been putting into them.

grooms point of view - flower

It is important to remember that you’re a team.

Diane has been trying to accommodate everyone while I’m more ruthless. It’s our day and ultimately it’s our decision. So luckily we balance each other out.

As much as I like having an input, I’m glad I don’t have full control of it as it looks like we’ll have a lovely wedding that all our guests and we will enjoy. Otherwise we would have ended up with a gimmicky black metal, Lord of the Rings themed wedding, which only a handful of people would have appreciated.

So to finish up, all that matters is that in 95 days I get to marry the woman I love and my best friend.


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My Week #31 – Food, gifts and birthdays

my week 31 - 2

*Topher’s work Christmas do * Pickles being a little person

*Meal at Gino D’Acampo *Got some new festive wrapping paper

*Bullet journal *Topher’s birthday meal

*Topher’s birthday cake *Luna and her box


9 days to go! As of about an hour ago I finished my Christmas (and multiple birthday) shopping. Phew! So there’s been a lot going on in the last couple of weeks. At Slimming World I put on 3 and a half pounds in one week then promptly lost it the next week. It’s a funny time of year where there’s all of the food around. I’m being good but treats are not being denied.

My parent’s came to visit and we went to Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant in the Corn Exchange in Manchester. I had the seafood spaghetti and it was delicious. Topher and I also split a chocolate fondant cake which was pure heaven. Another meal out was for Topher’s birthday meal. We went to Red’s True Barbecue which I can only describe in one word as “meat”. Definitely not a vegetarian friendly place! It was really nice but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It was pretty much my fault due to my eyes being forever bigger than my stomach. Oh well! Lesson learned yet again. The rest of his birthday was pretty chilled. He just wanted to play his new Final Fantasy game so I just let him get on with it. And of course there was cake.

We went to Topher’s work Christmas do which was interesting to say the least. Let’s put it this way, it was in a snooker hall which is based in the car park of his work. Enough said! I’ve actually got a couple of Christmas do’s myself which I totally wasn’t expecting being freelance. But the Freelance Friday co-working meetup I go to most weeks is having both a meal next week and drinks tonight. Score! I can’t say enough how happy I am that I found this group back in April. It’s been the key form of support I’ve had this year where I’ve met amazing people and I now have an awesome career path.

How was your fortnight?

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Say Something Tasty at Morse Toad

It’s that time of year! Gift season is upon us and that especially reigns true in my household. Topher, his sister and my mum all have their birthdays this month so that means lots of shopping. As well as the Final Fantasy game promised for his, I wanted to get Topher a little something extra. So teaming up with Morse Toad’s messaging service, I managed to get him the perfect add on.

Morse toad 6

As much fun as it is receiving cards, it’s way more fun when you can eat them! Morse Toad is all about sending better post. Their chocolate cards allow you to personalise your message to a loved one that is spelled out in blocks of chocolate. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Not only that but you can add a photo and your own message on the back and they ship it right out in a box that fits through your letterbox.

Morse Toad 5

The most difficult bit of the process was trying to decide on a funny message that would fit as there are limits. 8 years of in-jokes gave me plenty to pick one for Topher – my goal was to make him laugh. I went with a newer one that definitely did the trick. If you can’t think of anything witty though, Morse Toad even have suggestions so there’s never anything left unsaid!

Morse toad 1

He started laughing straight away when he saw it. We went for a meal a couple of months ago where I took this photo of him and put it on Facebook. His friends took the piss out of his sultry stare which he found hilarious and it lead me to adding, “Much sexy, so wow!” as we’re both big fans of Doge.

Morsetoad 4

There’s so many options on their site and you can use these cards for all sorts of things for occasions and random happy mail, right up to wedding favours. They’re great for the festive season too – perfect for secret Santa’s and stocking fillers. Morse Toad have kindly given my readers the use the discount code: HappyToadmas for 10% off your order. It expires on Christmas day so place your orders soon!

Morse toad 2

*Disclaimer: I received this item for free but as always, all opinions are my own. 

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My Week #18 – Hen Parties and Country Living

my week #18 - 2

*My uni friend Nich’s hen party. *The cottage we stayed in for it.

*Into the woods! *Topher and I posing for a rare selfie.

*Exeter Cathedral *Topher and his half sister – yes she is tugging his beard. Emma and I told her to!

*Emma and I at a museum in Exeter *Back home with Pickles

So I’m back from the West Country. It’s been a busy couple of weeks but I’ve had fun and had lots of food. The scales were not happy to see me at all when I returned!

First off the hen party. Now I haven’t been to many hen parties in my time but I have to say that hands down this was the best one I’ve ever been to. The usual image of hen parties in this country always used to strike up the same image of women completely off their faces stumbling around the city waving various forms of penis related paraphernalia. Not my idea of a good night out.

But from the beginning you could see this one was different. With just over 20 of us staying in 2 semi detached cottages somewhere near Buxton, there were plenty of laughs, games and food & drink. The chief bridesmaid (the bride’s sister) had organised everything with help from the other bridesmaids and the mother of the bride from the accommodation and food, right down to all the fun games we played. The highlight was a scavenger hunt in the nearby village where we all wore 1920s outfits.

After that weekend, it was time to pack my bags again and head down to Devon with Topher and Emma to visit their grandparents and for me to meet their dad and half sister. I’ll do a full post on the holiday next week but I’ll just throw in that I’m so proud I only put on 1 and a half pounds that week. Especially with all the tasty food I ate!

As much as I enjoy holidays, I always look forward to coming home. Especially since we got the cats. I really missed Pickles and Luna and it was so great to get them back in the house with us. Anyway, it’s back to work and back to life. Have a great weekend!

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