Top Picks #41

  1. Top, £34 – Sugarhill Boutique

Another take on the Breton top style that I love so much. The embroidery detail is so cute and I would seriously consider getting this in both the red seen here and the navy it also comes in.

  1. Binder, £8 – Paperchase

I don’t think I’ve ever put a binder on one of my top picks before but isn’t it pretty? Hopefully an addition for my soon to be pretty office.

  1. Skirt, £27 – PicknMix @ Etsy

The pattern on this skirt is amazing – so pretty. And yes I’m still definitely well and truly into celestial themed products apparently!

  1. Mug, £12 – Urban Outfitters

This cactus mug is so fun! Love it.

  1. Shirt, £30 – Topshop*

Simply because OMG pandas. End of.

  1. Watch, £107 – ASOS*

As much as I love my current Kate Spade watch, this one is seriously pretty and it’s black which I’m really into at the moment. I also love that the rose gold features would also go rather nicely with my engagement ring.

  1. Vinyl Sticker, £2.88 – Sleepy Mountain @Etsy

Topher and I both love The Office so this sticker needs to be in our home somewhere. Now if only this shop had a Stanley waffle day sticker – then we would be all set!

  1. Cushion, £3.99 – H&M

This would look awesome in my office once it’s decorated next month. (Can’t wait!)

  1. Shirt, $59.99 – Modcloth*

The detailing on this shirt is so damn cute and happy it makes me smile. It just screams spring and reminds me that there are warmer days to come!

  1. Pinafore, £15 – ASOS*

I’ve been getting to thinking about a capsule wardrobe recently and when I came across this Pinafore, I thought it would be the perfect addition. Imagine the sheer amount of items it would go with and how you can dress it up or down. Plus, how great is the price?

What’s on your imaginary shopping list at the moment?

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Top Picks #34

1. Dress, $139.99 – Modcloth

This dress is just awesome. Period. It gives me a serious case of wanderlust every time I look at it.

2. Necklace, £19.51 – Antler and Blooms @ Etsy

This origami necklace is so sweet!

3. Jacket, £48 – Topshop*

I can’t believe that I’ve still not owned a leather jacket. This seriously needs to be rectified. This one is faux leather but it still looks really nice.

4. Ankle boots, £24.99 – New Look*

I need new winter boots again. Annoyingly there don’t appear to be many biker boots around anymore but these Chelsea boots are pretty nice. I was never a fan of Chelsea boots in the past because I believed they looked too plain but I like the buckle detail on these ones.

5. Pyjamas, £28 – ASOS*

I love the print of these pyjamas! Plus they look super comfortable and not too tight fitting.

6. Notebook, £10 – Accessorize

Of course I don’t need another notebook. But that doesn’t stop me from looking right? I love the navy/gold combo.

7. Shoes, £7.99 – New Look*

My current pair of ballet flats are dying on me so these are the perfect replacements. Plus the price is awesome and they’re wide fit too – an added bonus. It’s nice to see leather and faux leather around since suede shoes seem to be everywhere. Nice but so not practical since I live in Manchester with all the rain.

8. Bag, £34 – Disaster Designs @ Lisa Angel

There’s something so fairytale about this bag – I love it. I originally saw it on a girl at the train station and almost immediately knew it was a Disaster Designs bag. That’s such an awesome thing for a brand to have; identity.

9. Ring, £12 – Accessorize

I haven’t been wearing any rings since I got engaged but this one is so sweet. And it’s rose gold so it’s the same as my engagement ring. Question that may seem a little silly: Do those that have wedding rings/engagement rings wear other rings too?

10. Skirt, £32 – Oasis*

Once again I fall for a polka dot print. Surprise, surprise. This one looks super comfy and a good length.

What’s caught your eye this week?

Please be noted that any items marked with * are affiliate links.

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Top Picks #33

1. Dress, £165 – Warehouse*

This dress is beyond beautiful. I have nowhere to wear it, I don’t know if it would even suit me and I certainly can’t afford it but I want it!

2. Sleep Mask, £15.05 – Naomilingerie @ Etsy

I don’t really wear sleep masks but this one is too cute for words. It looks like something Audrey Hepburn would wear. Another one for the cat lady basket.

3. Dress, £24.99 – New Look*

I love the versatility of this pinafore dress. Plus I need a new denim dress as I sold my old one on ebay! Though I’ve already gone into two different branches of New Look and this dress has been nowhere to be found. Sigh.

4. Bag, £48 – Topshop*

I haven’t bought a shopper style bag for quite awhile but I really like the embossed detail of this one. It would go with everything and looks like it has loads of room to hold all my junk.

5. Journal, £8 – Paperchase

I’m totally in love with the ombre of this journal. So pretty! Plus it’s 100% recycled so technically I’m helping save the planet. They also have similar designs in pink and blue. I want them all.

6. Brooch, $12 – Kate Gabrielle

This brooch just cracks me up. I love Fred Astaire (particularly his partnership with Ginger Rogers) and this brooch is perfect.

7. Mug, £10 – Urban Outfitters*

This mug is too cute. Truly a cat lady through and through!

8. T-shirt, £26 – Oasis*

I really feel like I need more pretty t-shirts in my life. This one is just the ticket. I love the colour and the lace detail on the sleeves.

9. Earring set, $19.99 – Modcloth

These earrings seriously make me want to pierce my ears again! I’ve always loved a kitsch pair of stud earrings.

10. Cardigan, $54.99 – Modcloth

I’d pair this with a bright coloured cami and skinny jeans. Looks like it could easily dress up an outfit, taking it from day to night.

What’s on your wishlist?

Please be noted that any items marked with * are affiliate links.

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Top Picks #30

  1. Vase, $17.99 – Modcloth* – We don’t tend to keep flowers in the house but this vase would definitely give us a good excuse!
  2. Top, £25.99 – Zara – I love the simplicity of this top.
  3. Shirt, £30 – Topshop* – Yet another print I’ve fallen in love with.
  4. Pencil case, £9 – Kikki-K – This pencil case is too cute!
  5. Keyring, £5 – Paperchase – My house keys are still naked so this keyring would definitely brighten them up.
  6. Phone case, £35.55 – Zazzle – Cat lady through and through!
  7. Keyboard stickers, £10.65 – Keyshorts @Etsy – I’ve wanted keyboard stickers for years and these are so pretty. One day.
  8. Dress, £50 – ASOS* – This dress just makes me want summer to come all the quicker.
  9. Dress, £75 – Emily and Fin – I have fallen head over heels for the print of this dress. And the silhouette is perfect for me.
  10. Dress, £45 – ASOS* – And now I just need a picnic to attend!

What’s on your wish list?

Please be noted that any items marked with * contain affiliate links. As always, I chose my top picks based on items I love and would buy myself.

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Top Picks #29

1. Yumi Women’s Cactus Print Floral Skirt*

I am in LOVE with this print! It also comes in a dress version but I definitely prefer the skirt!

2. Shoes, £62 – ASOS*

These shoes are so cute! And the fact that they’re plastic will make them ideal for Manchester weather. No more soaked/ruined shoes.

3. Dress, £85 – Oasis*

I’ve been looking for something for my engagement party and this is definitely a contender. I love that it has straps.

4. Planner, £25.92 – Karma Paper Co. @Etsy

Be still my heart. I will forever love polkadots and stationery and this is a perfect image of the two. I could use another planner, right?

5. Planter, £18 – Sea and Asters @Etsy

This planter will match my dream office décor perfectly.

6. Necklace, £26 – Little Moose @

It’s been awhile since I got a great novelty necklace but this one is awesome!

7. Dress, £54 – Sugarhill Boutique

The quirky print of this dress would be perfect for summer.

8. Stapler, £12.50 – Paperchase

I’ve always wanted an insane stapler. This is amazing!

9. Sandals, $114.99 – Modcloth*

Aren’t these sandals the sweetest?

10. Midi Skirt, £55 – Topshop*

I love the drama of this midi skirt. Another contender for the engagement party if I pair it with a formal top.

What’s caught your eye this week?

Please be noted that any items marked with * contain affiliate links. As always, I chose my top picks based on items I love and would buy myself.


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