Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Stop two on our tourist adventure of Jordan was Wadi Rum. In arabic, wadi means valley and sand means rum so you may be able to guess the kind of landscape we’re dealing with here. If you happened to see the film, The Martian, this may look a little familiar.

I’ve been to Wadi Rum once before back in 2014 so check out my photo diary of that here. This time we stayed somewhere different and as much as I liked the last place, this was even better.

wadi rum - valley

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp is a new camp that only just opened in April this year. You can either spend a night in the desert in a junior tent that would make Aladdin jealous or a panoramic tent so you can sleep under the stars and watch the sunrise.

wadi rum - camp

We opted for the junior tents; Emma & I, and Topher & my brother in twins and my parents in a double. How pretty is it? Plus the AC was very welcome in the scorching August heat. There’s a hidden red light around the headboard so Emma and I enjoyed singing “Roxanne” when we found it.

wadi rum - tent

So in true Wadi Rum fashion, you can’t see the place without getting either a camel or a pick up truck to take you around so we again opted for the latter. Much quicker and you can pretend you’re in an action movie.

wadi rum - camels

wadi rum - landscape

First stop was a very familiar giant sand dune that I swear got steeper since the last time I visited. Or it might be the extra 4 years and extra couple of stone. Possibly. It’s a hell of a lot higher and steeper then it looks in the photos. I had to make about three stops to catch my breath on the way up.

wadi rum - hill up

This is about the best photo I can get to show how high up it is. See how small that big bedouin tent is?

wadi rum - hill down

Pause for blogger pose.

wadi rum - blogger pose

We then ran down and had some bedouin tea at the bottom. Topher, Emma and I literally ran which you’ll be able to see when I finish my Jordan video.

The next stop was also a spot I’d visited before. Perfect as I’d chickened out and hadn’t gone all the way to the top of this rock formation so this time I was determined to make it.

wadi rum - view

So this bridge you see below is a lot higher up than it looks. I refused to step on this bridge last time so I actually made it. Woop! Screw you fear of heights.

wadi rum - bridge

Once again pausing for a blogger pose. Kinda regretting not putting my arms up a la Leo Di’Caprio. Never fear the cheese.

wadi rum - queen of the world

We only had time to stop and catch our breaths for a minute before we had to hop back onto the truck and head to our final destination for the sunset.

wadi rum - three amigos

Time was definitely against us but our driver put his foot down and got us there just in time!

wadi rum - sunset

After that it was back to the camp to have dinner in this amazing giant panoramic tent before sitting outside and star gazing before bed.

wadi rum - dining hall

I would definitely recommend this camp and making a visit to Wadi Rum if you’re ever in Jordan.

Next stop, Petra!

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#BEDM Day 15: Photography

Now I’m by no means a photographer. I just like to point and shoot. But every so often I get a picture that every time I look at it makes me smile & transports me right back to the moment I took it. So here are a few of my favourites.

My cousin’s wedding in Jordan. This shot is of my parents, my auntie & uncle and my cousin and her husband.
Cousin & husband’s first dance taken with my trusty iPhone
Wadi Rum, Jordan
Petra, Jordan
Agra, India
Agra, India
Jaipur, India
Japanese Garden, Cornwall
Japanese Garden, Cornwall
Japanese Garden, Cornwall
Chester Zoo
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Manchester, UK
Do you like taking photos?


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Wadi Rum

Part 2 of my Jordan Holiday.

If you’re a fan of gorgeous landscapes, then I highly recommend visiting Wadi Rum. I can’t believe that even my Jordanian dad has never been before! It’s a funny thing being a tourist in a country you visit every year. I like it.

We stayed in the Bait Ali camp which is a mix of tents and chalets for those who don’t fancy full on camping (myself included!).

After settling in, we set out to explore Wadi Rum. You can hire drivers to drive you around the desert and look at the amazing landscapes so we hopped onto the back of this Bedouin’s pick up truck and were speeding off. Wind in my hair, I felt like a total badass. What an adventure!
The sky was so incredibly blue this day which contrasted amazingly with the red rocks. Beautiful!
One of our stops was this massive sand dune which you can see above. It didn’t look that big at first so we immediately decided to climb it. 
This thing was STEEP! Half way up, huffing and puffing we exclaimed “I’ve made a terrible mistake!” but continued to make our way to the top. I have a fear of heights so the steepness really sunk in when at we reached our goal. This thing was around 100ft so pretty scary.
The way down was a lot easier!
My desert boots got quite a good testing. Never have I had so much sand in my shoes!
Next it was my favourite; a massive crack between two rocks that you could climb inside. 
Mother nature is awesome.
As the sun started to set, we drove onwards and climbed to higher ground to catch a better view.
DSC01271 2
I found a pretty decent armchair. But my oh my was it windy!
Isn’t nature amazing?
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