The Inevitable Christmas Party: Outfit post

Dress: House of Fraser, Necklace: Reborn

Whether you work in a 9-5, a shop, a warehouse or whatever, there will be the inevitable Christmas party. I will never be one of those people too cool to attend. I just love people watching too much. 

For my first party with my new company back in Manchester, it was much more of a lavish do then what I’m used to. There’s only so many times a girl can wear a dress that’s only fit for black tie. What happened to all the balls in the world?

So tonight we set our scene at the Lowry in Salford Quays. For those out of towners, that’s the posh bit of Salford where the new Media city and BBC reside. And the Lowry is a theatre that also has rooms you can stick a couple hundred people in to party. The below view is from the Holiday Inn where we were staying. Wow!
After sitting at my company’s table, getting settled and staring around in wonder at all the pretty lights, my thoughts turned to food. I love a good three course meal! I had some kind of vegetable soup to start.
Salmon, mashed potato and vegetables for the main course.
And chocolate mousse with raspberries for dessert. Delicious!
Of course with it being a party, it wasn’t long until people were on the dance floor. You’ve got to dance when there’s pure cheese coming out of the speakers. As the night goes on, you get the usual antics. There’s the guy who thinks he can dance to Single Ladies.

And this guy.
Three guesses to what song is on…
Then after crackers have been pulled, shoes have been broken and drinks have been drank, there’s the inevitable walk back to the hotel.
And playing Good Samaritan to the man too drunk to find his room.

Did you have any good Christmas parties?

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