Top Picks #19

top picks

1. Dress, £48 – Sugarhill Boutique

I know this dress isn’t exactly colourful but I can’t help but be drawn to stripes! It looks like holiday.

2. Scarf, £25 – Accessorize

I don’t usually wear scarves but was immediately drawn to the colours and pattern.

3. Dress, $59.99 – Modcloth

Very simple, but it would fit into my wardrobe perfectly.

4. Shoes, £25 – ASOS

How sweet are these flats? I’ve been looking for a replacement pair for my current ones…

5. Dress, £1300 – Dolce & Gabana

If someone could give me the money needed for this dress, it would be greatly appreciated!

6. Mug, £11.95 – Bombay Duck

After seeing this all over Instagram, I fell in love. It’s just so fancy!

7. Bag, £38 – ASOS

I have absolutely no idea when I would use this clutch bag but it’s so pretty.

8. Dress, £34.99 – Lindy Bop

This dress is made for twirling!

9. Earrings, £6 – Ji Ji Kiki

Because who doesn’t want to wear biscuits on their ears? So cute.

10. Necklace, £10 – Ginger Pickle

I don’t know what it is about hot air balloons that I love. How sweet is this necklace?

What’s on your wish list this week?


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