Top Picks #27

  1. Shoes, $39.99 – ModclothThese are perfect for summer!
  2. Notebook, £8 – PaperchaseI love this whole new range in Paperchase but this notebook is definitely my favourite. A girl always needs a new notebook right?
  3. Jumper, £45 – Sugarhill BoutiqueThis cat sweater is just ridiculously cute. I am cat lady hear me roar.
  4. Mug, £2.50 – TescoI spotted this mug while doing my food shop and it is so cute. I love the texture of it.
  5. Dress, £49 – JoyThe shape of this dress is lovely.
  6. Vest, £16 – Dorothy PerkinsThis vest looks like it would be so versatile!
  7. Cushion, £35 – Nikki McWilliams Words cannot describe how cool this cushion is.
  8. Shoes, £22 – ASOSPossible wedding shoes? I’m getting flats either way!
  9. Desk Tray, £14 – Pygmy Cloud @EtsyThis desk tray would be perfect for my office.
  10. Dress, $64.99 – ModclothI don’t usually go for green but there’s something about this dress that I love.

What’s on your wishlist this week?

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