Top picks #8

top picks

Quite a few things from Modcloth this time but I think they all warrant a mention. I can’t decide what I’m more in love with. The hexagon map necklace or the cat bag. I’m always a fan of a map print and this necklace just fulfils my summer necklace needs, if such a thing exists. And anything with cats is a winner with me. It’s cute and subtle which I like – not so in your face. 
The yellow dress fits quite nicely into my USA road trip fantasy where I’m taking photos in the dessert of cacti. I do realise that this wouldn’t be the most practical of outfits but let me dream – maybe I can wear it at some kitsch road side attraction…or at Disney World, it fits in with both scenarios. 
These watermelon earrings from Onetenzeroseven just scream summer. Really craving some watermelon right now. Sophie, who runs the shop is a fellow blogger and has an amazing range of jewellery that you should seriously check out.  Plus my stationary senses are buzzing – she’s just unveiled a new collection!
Now I know it’s not quite autumn yet but these wedges seriously need to get in my wardrobe. Have you noticed the autumn clothing starting to come through yet? I’ve noticed. It’s sneaking in bit by bit and before you know it, you’ll be wrapped up in your winter coat again. Scary stuff. Another autumn piece which I will probably have to catch in the sale is this amazing jumper from Sugarhill Boutique. I love a cloud print and this whimsical number is something I just adore. Someone buy me it!
What’s on your wish list?

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