Top picks: week 13

A slightly belated top picks this week but I blame the technology gods for this one. In honour of me and my friends finding a house (whoop!), I have made this post into a top picks of homeware. I’m so excited. 


I have loved this style of bed frame for years! Though yes it would be cheaper to cut down a tree and make one yourself out of real wood. But so pretty! Now if someone could please point me in the direction of a lumberjack. 
I love lamp, I love teapot, therefore I love teapot lamp.
I’ve seen a few of these at vintage fairs I’ve been to recently. I just love the little feet!
I seem to have a thing with bicycles at the moment
Now I know what you’re thinking. Yes I know, so tacky but it’s got a kitsch charm that I find funny. Plus I could hang necklaces off it! For those of you who don’t think it’s tacky enough – check out the pale pink ones with gold glitter antlers. I shouldn’t admit it but I think they’re pretty awesome too!
Me and my friends say this a lot so I think it’s quite fitting.
Very subtle, but very pretty. Continues with my pretending I live in a forest theme. Oh lumberjack?
Do you like homeware shopping?

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