Wadi Rum

Part 2 of my Jordan Holiday.

If you’re a fan of gorgeous landscapes, then I highly recommend visiting Wadi Rum. I can’t believe that even my Jordanian dad has never been before! It’s a funny thing being a tourist in a country you visit every year. I like it.

We stayed in the Bait Ali camp which is a mix of tents and chalets for those who don’t fancy full on camping (myself included!).

After settling in, we set out to explore Wadi Rum. You can hire drivers to drive you around the desert and look at the amazing landscapes so we hopped onto the back of this Bedouin’s pick up truck and were speeding off. Wind in my hair, I felt like a total badass. What an adventure!
The sky was so incredibly blue this day which contrasted amazingly with the red rocks. Beautiful!
One of our stops was this massive sand dune which you can see above. It didn’t look that big at first so we immediately decided to climb it. 
This thing was STEEP! Half way up, huffing and puffing we exclaimed “I’ve made a terrible mistake!” but continued to make our way to the top. I have a fear of heights so the steepness really sunk in when at we reached our goal. This thing was around 100ft so pretty scary.
The way down was a lot easier!
My desert boots got quite a good testing. Never have I had so much sand in my shoes!
Next it was my favourite; a massive crack between two rocks that you could climb inside. 
Mother nature is awesome.
As the sun started to set, we drove onwards and climbed to higher ground to catch a better view.
DSC01271 2
I found a pretty decent armchair. But my oh my was it windy!
Isn’t nature amazing?

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