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*Post in collaboration with 1Wall
Now that I’m settled into my new house in Manchester (ignoring the mini mountain of boxes I still need to unpack…) I get to finally share a rather large new addition to my wall. 
Since I was little nomad, I have always wanted a giant map on my wall so when 1Wall got in touch, I naturally gravitated towards the vintage map design on their website. Though I was quite close to choosing the forest scene so Topher could connect with his hobbit self! Another time perhaps.
I was happy to find that when the mural arrived, it came with it’s own paste ready to mix and in four large pieces so that it would be easier to put up. I was just relieved as I was imagining myself struggling with one massive piece and making a mess. 
We decided to put it up on our landing as it’s such a large space with high ceilings and seemed so plain before. I definitely recommend getting someone to help you put it up, even if you’re not as height challenged as myself. It means there’s someone there to share the laugh at least! 
In terms of the level of difficulty putting it up, you have to think of it as wallpaper only with less pieces to deal with. The only tricky bit is making sure it all matches up at the edges but I think Topher and I did a good job. Once it was up, it was time for a cup of tea so we could sit back and admire our work. I love it and it makes me smile every time I walk past it. 
If you’re not a giant map kind of person then there are plenty of other murals on 1Wall that would take your fancy whether it be scenes from nature, cityscapes, your kids favourite cartoon characters or your celebrity crush – there’s something for everyone. They also do door wallpaper, wall stickers, art and even furnishing like lamps and mirrors. Remember it’s coming up to Christmas – the countdown begins!

What’s on your wall?

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