Wedding Planning – The Groom’s Point of View

Hi, it’s Topher here.

Diane thought it would be fun (ie. She can’t think of anything to write about today and interrupted my nap time before my shift) for me to write about wedding planning from the groom’s point of view.

I’ve blogged on here about how I proposed so now I get to chat about wedding planning.

So here it goes.

Firstly, Diane is organising most of this as you would expect and it’s a good job she is. She is one of the most organised people I’ve met and I’m the complete opposite.

I have a fraction of things to worry about/organise alone and I’m struggling to keep that together.

The main thing as a groom that people seem to care about is your stag do. And I have no idea what I’m doing. 5 years ago I would have gone for a traditional crazy stag, hangover style. But these days, still wanting to have fun – I’m more bothered about where I’m sleeping after it’s all been done.

That’s the main thing for me. But I’ve also got to sort out suits, rings, and music I also tried to help with other big decisions when we’ve visited the venue for meetings.

Randomly, I’ve developed a weird obsession with the seating plan. I really don’t understand why I can’t start it now with only half the RSVP’s back…

After seeing Diane making flowers for the wedding, I decided to contribute yesterday and got her to show me how to make a flower. The initial idea was to possibly help out with the workload but despite the kind of success of my flower (see photo below), it will probably be my only one as I’m not an arts and crafts kind of person. It has given me a newfound appreciation and respect for Diane and all the work she has been putting into them.

grooms point of view - flower

It is important to remember that you’re a team.

Diane has been trying to accommodate everyone while I’m more ruthless. It’s our day and ultimately it’s our decision. So luckily we balance each other out.

As much as I like having an input, I’m glad I don’t have full control of it as it looks like we’ll have a lovely wedding that all our guests and we will enjoy. Otherwise we would have ended up with a gimmicky black metal, Lord of the Rings themed wedding, which only a handful of people would have appreciated.

So to finish up, all that matters is that in 95 days I get to marry the woman I love and my best friend.


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