My Week #26 – Halloween & Afternoon Tea

*My Halloween Costume *Spider Cake

*Afternoon Tea *Luna being somewhere she shouldn’t

Cold is almost gone now – woo hoo! Well Halloween has come and gone and our party was a success. Everyone made an effort with costumes and the food went down a treat. The only problem was that there was way too much of it. Resulting in┬áme spending the week trying to finish up all the leftovers and forgetting what fruit and vegetables look like. Therefore I put on 1 and 1/2lbs at Slimming World. Oops! Oh well, fun times.

My parents came over to see the wedding dress that I fell in love with and they liked it too so we put down the deposit for it. Woo hoo I have a wedding dress! So excited now. Afterwards, we went to Sugar Junction in Altrincham for afternoon tea that my mum especially was really looking forward to after our last visit. I didn’t enjoy it as much as last time but that’s definitely down to the amount of junk I’d consumed in the week so wasn’t really feeling up to too many more sweet things. On the bright side, the lovely folks at Sugar Junction let you take home a doggy bag so nothing gets wasted and you can enjoy things later on.

In other news, I’ve been hard at work and trying to get some healthy food in me again. How I missed you fruit! At Slimming World I was nominated for Miss Slinky which was so lovely! I didn’t win but was really happy just to be nominated. As part of it I had to bring along some photos of myself at the beginning of my journey which was a great reminder on how far I’ve come. Those pictures are now on my fridge. I’m determined to lose the weight I put on this week and a little bit more because I’m so close to achieving my Club 10 award. It’s for when you’ve lost 10% of your body weight which is a big deal when you’re trying to improve your health.

How was your week?

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