My Week #41 – Passports, Snow & Indian Food

*Wedding Fair at our venue *I smell snow

*Goodbye passport *Bundobust

The snow came and went.

As much as I like to look at it, I’m not a big fan of snow. It’s just too damn cold. Luckily we only had it for a day so fingers crossed that’s it. Bring on Spring!

Last weekend we got to go visit our wedding venue as there was a wedding fair on that day. We’ve only seen it as just a big empty room so far so it was so nice to see it with people inside. I can’t believe it’s just over 4 months to go! Yikes. Luckily thanks to my spreadsheet we’re keeping track of everything.

In other news Topher started a part time position at a school so that was really exciting for him. Since we were celebrating that as well as it being 1 year since we moved into our house we decided to have a meal at Bundobust. I wrote about it this week along with some other Manchester restaurants and decided to visit it first. My oh my was the food delicious! It was just as I expected and we will definitely be heading back.

Pancake day came and went. 

We went over to his mum’s to try out our flipping skills and to watch a film. I will never tire of pancakes! So it’s pretty unsurprising that I put on weight at Slimming World this week. 3 pounds. Yowza. Annoying but completely deserved. But on the bright side, every time I’ve put on this much weight in a week I’ve managed to lose it all the next so here’s hoping I can repeat that. I’m so close to seeing 10 stone 13lbs on the scales and I really want to get there.

Topher and I went to the cinema to see Hidden Figures which was awesome and we’re planning on going again next week to see Lego Batman and Logan. What film have you seen recently that’s blown you away?

Pickles says hi. 

my week #41 - pickles

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