My Week #44 – Painting, Cake and Conferences

*A sneak peek at my redecorated office *Afternoon tea at Annie’s

*WeBlogMcr conference *Yoghurt bark

What a busy week!

It all started with Claire’s birthday/hen party on Saturday. We had an awesome afternoon tea at Annie’s in Manchester. I’d never been before and I’d definitely go again. The food was great and the staff were so nice. They even decorated the table for the occasion.

I attended the WeBlogMcr conference. 

Once again it was awesome. I learned lots, met some nice people and we also all worked on our photography skills. What do you think of my efforts?

my week #44 - cake

If you’re ever able to get to Manchester, I would definitely recommend going to a WeBlogMcr event. Everyone is so nice!

Straight after the conference I headed over to Ashton to see Beauty and the Beast. It was awesome! I certainly didn’t mind going again to see it with Topher on Tuesday. If you haven’t seen it yet then get yourself to the cinema!

I put on a pound at Slimming World.

Unsurprisingly after all the food I consumed this week I put on weight. I definitely deserve it but I really really need to get my ass in gear now. I’ve been hovering around the same weight for the last few months and it’s really bothering me now. I’m running out of time and I’m on it for this week.

Yes I did have a lot on this last week but there were plenty of places where I could make better choices and I also let the bad habits slip in at home too. So even though I’ve got a wedding and two meals out this week, I’m going to make sure I stay to plan the rest of the time. They’re only 3 meals out of 21 after all!

I finished painting at the weekend.

Now I’ve just got to arrange to pick up my new bookshelves and I can start moving all my stuff back into the office. Exciting! I can’t wait to sit at a desk again, my back has not been enjoying the combo of the dining room table, the sofa and our bed. Here’s hoping it’s all sorted by the end of the month.

I went to a wedding this morning!

My friends, Claire and Steve are getting married tomorrow but they had to do a legal ceremony at the registry office today. There were only 5 of us and we were dressed super casual so must have looked very interesting to the staff there! It was short, sweet and so them. Topher and I are super happy for them both. I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow!

How was your week?

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